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  1. This happened in my store as well this weekend the guy needed a 10-0 and got it and his MV was 456 for one game the guys who won 3 games had 3 close games they never face each other in the tournament. The 3-0 guy was ok he said but he is a good sport. He needed a 7-3 to make it so he got first but both players out thought each other and it took 5 turns before dice were even rolled. Hopefully next month this won't happen again.
  2. I have had my local store owner tell me he dislikes the potential of someone winning 3 games and not winning the tournament but I just shut him out saying the FFG tournament rules are sleek and easy and more then fair and it's true the rules are more then fair. That said out of the 4 events I have run we have never had a Tie after the final round. Infact we had two guys tie a game they killed nothing not even fighters no bonus points or anything but by the rules second player won so it was a 5-5 split
  3. So I'm sure we will see this class and I'm sure it will be bigger then a ISD but not much bigger it will still be a large base now I also expect to see a SSD at some point and that will be this games epic scale. That said it would have a anti-Squadron dice of black and blue.
  4. My local group has only talked about point balance when it comes to things like ACM but we have not changed anything and don't intend on changing anything as we feel the rules are Balanced. We had two guys play 1000 points on Friday and they never want to play anything that huge again.
  5. I would expect something around the 18th as well if they post anything at all. I would expect a FO Star Destroyer / MC80 Librity/ for large ships. The interdictor for a medium ship as well as an assault friget mk 1 (not to familiar with EU ships for rebels) the small imperial cruiser from rebels. Another small ship for the rebels and for a fighter pack I would expect things like the T-70 and the Kwing and the E wing. Also I would think FO ties and the inquisitors tie tie phantom or defender. At least those are what I feel We are most likely to see in the next wave.
  6. Oh never mind it was released in June there website is just messed up
  7. Hey if you ordered the 6x3 battle mat from them it's still on preorder it has not been released yet so no worries dude
  8. It should come with a squadron of tie fighters. Maybe it has the squadron command built in to it as well. As far as armorments go it might be a little lite 2 maybe 3 squadron dice 1 blue anti ship 8 hull it will have double brace the character one will be the imperial Agent from rebels.
  9. I just read this while being bored and waiting for wave 2 and my god I have seen some pointless arguments but this is right up there. I can't believe people really care about what the real size is 3 or 100 to each there own but all you got is those little figures on a stand with 1-6 hull on it and that my friends is all that matters so stay safe have fun chill out and enjoy wave two
  10. I think we will 100% see FO ISD and the Winged mc80. That said there are a lot more large ships for the rebels in EU and imperials get a lot more medium and small ships. They could also go back and do the clone wars era ships or even old republic. They don't have to stick with Galactic civil war.
  11. Thanks man this goes with what my local store has been hearing for the past two weeks although they were told the 20th was an option as well but I guess this seals it two more weeks of waiting also crap Black Friday we are going to be lucky if we see it in our store that week at all due to thanksgiving.
  12. So after reading GWs press Release yes they are rereleaseing these games but it seems like they will be whole new ranges of the games and new rules for them.
  13. Yeah but let's see what the cost of the new ships will be.
  14. That really sucks my local store is ramping up with wave two so close and we are getting ready for more events. (Since armada tournaments are so **** easy to run ty FFG)
  15. Strange my local store was told with in two weeks on Tuesday. I really hope it's not the 20th as I wanted to run a tournament on the 21st and was hopping for at least a week with the wave two ships before the event. but I guess nothing I can do but wait and see.
  16. Ouch our store was waiting till Friday to get our Massing of Sullust prizes (do to a mix up by the store) our plan was if they didn't come in we would hold it the following week or next free weekend we could. But we got our stuff and everyone had a blast two imperial players faced off in round 4 and took the two imperial ships. I laughed cuz the person in 3rd place was rebels and freaked out that he got home one. Four place took rogues and villains and I was the T.O so I got the little frigate I was not expecting to get the frigate so now I need to build a rebel force lol.
  17. So I'm the T.O for my store so I won't be able to win the Star Destroyer but that's ok I really wanted to run this for my friends. But our tournament kit was running late do to rebel activity but our brave imperial Agents got it to the store. But tomorrow at noon we start round one we have about 10 local players showing up not counting anyone that read my posts about the event here and on the Reddit. But I will say this the pictures of the ISD do not do it justice not at all I'm really really looking forward to round four tomorrow to see the new ships in action.
  18. Local game store got the word from one of the Distributors to expect it around the 16th. Now this might be the earliest date for wave 2 and it seems like a good date for me most prerelease events happen a week or two before normal release. Also seeing as the next wave of Xwing is due out in November so odds are they don't want to overlap releases.
  19. Hopefully it won't be 6 weeks my thought is that wave two have been on the boat since last week and they didn't update. Also seeing as the next wave of Xwing is rumored to come out by the end if November I'm thinking it's been done for a few weeks now.
  20. My understanding is not a lot of stores got approved you have to have enough play space to hold it so small stores are hurt by it. Like in my state I'm pretty sure my local store is the only one holding it.
  21. having a large mega battle can be fun but I would want to do it all the time half the fun is building the list and trying to work with in the points allowed.
  22. I would buy it like if we got 3 of each upgrade in it four like $8.99 - $10 I would be all over that.
  23. I will be buying it at my local store I will be buying two ISD Two raiders and 1 of the rogue and villains pack I'm hoping they will cut me a discount if I pre pay if not then odds are I will be buying my stuff online cu I feel wave two will be out the week I'm away.
  24. Hello everyone The Game Castle in LondonDerry New Hampshire will be running Massing at Sullust on October 3 sign in is 11am first round starts at 12pm entree fee is $10 to cover the cost of the kit if there is extra money there will be extra Prizes supplied by the store. If you have questions feel free to PM me and I will do my best to awsner them. We hope to see you at the Event. The store address is Crossroads Mall Shopping Center, 123 Nashua Rd ,Londonderry, NH 03053 Phone Number is 1-603-425-7400
  25. Thank you Very much GAthraawn the store owners were very confused on if they needed to buy it or not but I will Relay the message to them later today. Again thank you to everyone who replied
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