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  1. Our Store has not been selected to host a regional for any FFG products. How do we get this done. Our store has hosted high level events for Wizards and Wiz Kids for many years. We can currently seat over 100 players and after our remodel which should be done in September we can seat close to 200 players. We are centrally Located between the two major Metro Areas for Washington and Oregon. We are a prime location and yes I am Bias. What do we need to do to get FFG to Select Gabi's Olympic Cards and Comics for a regional event?
  2. Rivals is releasing December 15th..
  3. They are going to sell six packs? I would hate to be the one who misses out on those.
  4. One Store is using the 6 Rivals Draft Packs to run three events. Using the same packs for each event. That is what my store is planning as well based on the information we received.
  5. Two differents stores only getting 6 Rival Draft Packs. And they where told that they are not to be sold.
  6. How are your LGS handling the limited release of Rivals. 6 Draft Packs doesn't seem enough for a legitimate event. I was told that nether location can sell the packs.
  7. Looks Like it is intentional marketing from Lucas Film. Very similar to Force Friday Artwork.
  8. All the shields will synergize well with some of the recently spoiled cards.
  9. Well at least from the Looks all cards are Starter only this time so you don't have to worry about them diluting your Pack Pulls. I just wish they would make a fully tournament Legal Starter Set.
  10. Do we know how many Dice are in the box? Am I gonna be able to buy one Box and have elite characters?
  11. If they do it won't be much more than an ETA and maybe a set name.
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