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  1. Chip LEDS are the same as SMDs (surface mount). They are designed to be mounted on a circuit board basically. They are the same LEDs used in my Vic II mod that we discussed. Some of those LEDs come pre-mounted, some don't. Perfect, because I bought a fair share of those for these projects.
  2. Absolutely beautiful. I'm still new to this LED thing but I have a bunch of supplies coming in the mail shortly. A few questions, what are chip LEDS? Were they used for the hanger bays? Do you have any pictures of the same kind of LEDs used that you could post? Really trying to understand all of this stuff. Thank you in advance.
  3. The stands are for having 2 or 3 lets say Corvettes on the FFG stand?
  4. Very very nice. How are people cleaning these fighters? They are tough to work with using a sharp X-acto blade and my files cut them like butter, what do you guys use?
  5. A simple but very effective upgrade in the paint job!
  6. Niiiice. People are starting to break out of the standard schemes a little more. These look great.
  7. Ahh, so they don't have anything to do with the Armada VSDs?
  8. Incredible, love the new Neb B.
  9. No, most of my stuff (this thread) is sliding scale to match the FFG sliding scale. But I am also working on a separate 1/7000 scale fleet. I've been meaning to post some 7000 scale stuff on shapeways. I'll go ahead and post the corvettes. How do those VSD parts work?
  10. I can do the 1/7000 Gladiator if Mel doesn't have time. I've already done it for other scales. Of course the ship design is slightly different than the FFG version... Wow, I see your Assault Frigate MkI is up! https://www.shapeways.com/product/UDEE3Z42V/arm-aslt-frig-mk-i-type-v?li=shop-results&optionId=56743186 Any chance you can offer it in WSF? FUD is a bit steep for my blood considering my cart already has over $100 worth of Armada ships in it! Yeah, I know the medium ships in FUD get expensive. If you want to try it in WSF I can put it up and you can select the "print anyway option"; not sure how well it will work because I design to FUD specifications. Or alternatively you can get if from me in resin in a couple weeks. Huh, I've never tried a "print anyways" model before. What kinds of failures happen? I'm not a fan of resin because of the cleanup work (I am so lazy), so I've found 3D printed ships where I can just prime and paint to be a real boon! I'm so opposite of that, I find the clean up with the printed stuff is just as hard but the material is less forgiving to my files. Even the slightest mold line or printer stepping gives me fits.
  11. How do you plan of distributing the resin ships, that's what I'm waiting on?
  12. True, but painting never takes me 2 hours. 20 is more realistic for some of my more involved 6mm scale tanks and mechs. So I'm shooting for anywhere between 4-10 hours for these ships. I will see how close I get when I can start painting again (getting ready for a big move right now).
  13. It almost seems to me that with this drastic reduction is size for some ships that they would only look "balanced" with 2-3 on a stand. Might be pretty darn cool looking.
  14. I wanted some thing I could in theory own for decades. As for the actual solder.......... whats the specs I should look for?
  15. Not sure how ready I am to jump in with both feet, so I'm going with a highly reviewed iron under the $50 price point here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000B5YIYS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Do you know what solder you use like the content eg: 60/40 with rosin core, and the diameter. After I get this part set up I will just need some LEDs, I'm almost there Thank you again for your help.
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