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  1. Lord Tareq

    New Bandai star destroyer

    Pre-painted? Brr.... Slightly too large for Armada unfortunately, at 33cm. I mean, I suppose it could work. But at 75/120 dollar per kit it'll be an expensive option.
  2. Lord Tareq

    Limited Edition Ships

    If its just alternative paint schemes, sure. If its actual alternative ship models (VSD-I version with the flaps, things like that) then that would be a big no-no.
  3. Lord Tareq

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Yes, finally I'll be able to field 9 Imperial Star Destroyers!!
  4. Yes, a constant danger these days.
  5. Lord Tareq

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    Coconut shells with bamboo skewers?
  6. Lord Tareq

    Was this move....legal

    It doesn't bypass (most) defense tokens. The 'contain' defense token that ISD's have has no effect on APT since that only works on normal crits, but that's not relevant in your situation with a VSD.
  7. Lord Tareq

    Was this move....legal

    You will make it legal! All seems legit except for the fact that you can only resolve 1 crit effect per attack. So either APT or a normal crit, you don't get the APT crit and a normal crit. APT's use is that you can crit through shields with it.
  8. Lord Tareq

    Armada 2.0

    I think they made a mistake when they decided to make 'Armada' a small skirmish game with micromanagement in the form of uncountable upgrades per ship and a ton of squadrons with special rules. As an Imperial player you only need 2 ISD's or 1 ISD and 2 or 3 support ships. Imagine a ruleset where we could field 4-6 Star Destroyers + numerous support vessels. They would have tripled their sales.
  9. I think armada would have done better if they made the ships a tad smaller & cheaper to buy, and the ruleset was more aimed at larger fleet battles with 8-12 ships per side rather than the 2-5 ship skirmishes that we got. But that might be my own bias.
  10. Lord Tareq

    Mandator IV Mobile Cannon Arc

    The ship is ridiculous. Ships that size should have thousands of small anti-squadron lasers scattered all over its hull, not 6 or so gigantic turrets that can apparently easily be taken out by a single fighter. Then there is the obvious issue with the very exposed and thus vulnerable mega-cannons that do not have any firing arc to enemy vessels being above the massive superstructure at closer ranges, and they are not exactly rapid-firing either. They also seem to fire fairly slow projectiles meaning enemy ships can dodge them at long range. In fact what does this ship actually do that a bunch of normal ISD's for half the cost cannot do? I mean the impacts on the rebel base were not that impressive, for the size of the ship and the cannons I'd have expected continent-sized shockwaves or something.
  11. This is getting out of hand. Now there are two live action starwars series.
  12. Lord Tareq

    Artillery Style Missile Boats

    If it was more elongated I think I could like it.
  13. Lord Tareq

    Artillery Style Missile Boats

    You want Battlefleet Gothic torpedoes, essentially. I think it would be a nice mechanic in Armada. The problem would be the ships. The Broadside & Marauder were used in a computer game this way, but it has no basis in any star war movies or even books afaik. The Marauder especially does not have the size and looks of a super heavy bombardment ship, and the Broadside I personally just don't like the design of. The Dreadnought from the last SW movie would be a good candidate for sure, would be a nice way to represent those cannons without making them overpowered. edit: Perhaps better would just be an ordnance upgrade card i.e. "Diamond Boron Missiles" that has these torpedo mechanics.
  14. Lord Tareq

    What Ship Do You Want Most Of All?

    The Vindicator & the Immobilizer (Based on the same superstructure)