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  1. ISD's are practical! Except for the bridge. And the shield/sensor domes. And the broadside guns on a triangular shape....So...nevermind..
  2. Thanks, I've looked into it but his kit only seems to replace part of the closed VSD-II wing leaving the angled front part in place. This looks a little odd to me. Does anyone happen to have a pic of how it looks on an actual VSD model?
  3. Just wondering if there are any shapeways or otherwise Victory-I class conversion kits available with the open missile 'wings' for the Armada VSD? Thanks!
  4. They are becoming rarer for sure. They must have reprints eventually though if they intend to continue supporting Armada. You can’t have certain ships being permanently unavailable. I picked up a good deal myself today, new SSD with light box damage discounted to 135€
  5. I liked Rogue One. Maybe it wasn't on Stanley Kubrick levels of genius but is was good for a StarWars movie nonetheless. I liked how they were brave enough to let the main characters die. Worst part for me was the unbelievable space scene where the hammerhead pushes a disabled ISD (because apparently a handful of Y-wings can completely disable an ISD with ease) into a second ISD, which is then decapitated. Because it makes sense that ship A pushes ship B but ship B doesn't push ship C but instead shears it in two. Also the incompetent imperial military at every level.
  6. I like the design. Also, the filthy Rebels put guns on anything, surely they can convert it into some sort of assault ship. It looks about 3 times the size of a CR-90, so maybe a medium ship?
  7. Won't that make for really boring games? I mean it's just based on your SSD's upgrade combo + luck of the dice rolls. Not much tactical maneuvering you can do.
  8. Well... there is Armada's Assault Frigate mkII which I personally somewhat dislike design-wise and is like the dreadnought only 'starwars' due to its prior depictions in old videogames. And the Raider may 'look' imperial in that its a triangle, but I find its design really uninspiring. I would have preferred the 'ugly' Lancer. As for your view on the Eclipse, the world is big enough for our two views to coexist! ☮️
  9. Not every starship design has to be a unique work of art. These are warships not fashion trinkets, even though they are fictional. I agree nostalgia plays a large part in the case of the dreadnought, but I honestly also just like the design. It looks rugged and reliable but also sluggish. Also the Assault Frigate Mk1 (rebel mod of the dreadnought) is one of the most beautiful ships in SW imho. Obviously a design such as the Eclipse SSD is aesthetically more pleasing than the Carrack or the Dreadnought, but one of the charms imho of SW ships is that the ships don't have to be beautiful. They just need to 'feel' starwars.
  10. I wish they would introduce some old favorites like the vindicator class, dreadnought class, Assault frigate mk-I, liberator-class, etc.. plenty of nice established ships to choose from. It's not that I don't like the Starhawk model, because I think it really does look fine. Its just that I don't associate it with Starwars. It could just as well be a Battlefleet Gothic or Battlestar Galactica ship to me. As for the pricing, it is a bit steep.
  11. I too would have preferred such a scale, where we would have actual "armada" battles rather than skirmishes.
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