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  1. Amazing work on the model but... Seriously how has no-one commented that the name (Imperial II) is wrong? From the Wook: The Executor-class Star Dreadnought, colloquially known as the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, Executor-class Star Destroyer or simply Super Star Destroyer... Any of the above names are acceptable, although I don't know when it started being a "dreadnaught". Darth Vader's Executor is the first ship in the class so it shares names with the class. This practice is copied from real world navies.
  2. Clearly the Feedback is all variants of: Where is Kyle Katarn, beard of the Jedi? It's pronounced Jan Ors not Jyn Urso. Needs more HWK.
  3. I was seriously going to post my predictions for wave 9 tonight and before I logged into the forums this news dropped. My prediction was a three ship wave, leaving room for the rogue one ships: TIE/sf (correct) Fang fighter (Correct) Shadow caster (I thought it would be rebel) So I didn't do too bad, The real surprise was the ARC-170, I really would prefer separate republic/confederacy factions not shoehorning them into the GCW factions... For me as a casual player; thematically this is one of the more disappointing waves, the shadow caster holds no interest for me, the ARC-170 as a rebel ship I am not interested in either. The Mandalorians haven't been explored enough in the new canon to be excited to fly them, I may bite though. The TIE/sf I will definitely be buying, but I still think it is a lazy design and will only get one. I am always excited to see new ships, but I don't think my wallet is in danger this wave.
  4. Too my knowledge there isn't a release date for season 3, but season 1 and 2 of rebels started in October (With some bonus stuff before hand), so October seems like a safe bet. There is no mention of rogue one ships on that list. There is no way we aren't getting a U-Wing and TIE-Striker in time for the new movie, I am pretty sure FFG is contractually obligated to do so (Based on the rushed TFA ships). I'm calling that one fake, but then again I thought rebel ARC-170s were fake for sure too...
  5. We actually have 8 (counting the Striker): TIE Fighter TIE Interceptor TIE Bomber TIE FO TIE SF TIE Defender TIE Striker TIE Advanced A bit slow replying, but by this "time period" I mean 1-2 years before A New Hope. So in this time period we currently have 3-4 depending one how you count, each with distinct roles: TIE Fighter TIE Bomber TIE Advanced Prototype/TIE Advanced My point was the Striker needs to do something the above fighters do not, that would explain why we didn't see them at any other point in the OT. When I think of it as the next gen Y-wing, it looks alright to me. When I think of it as a troop transport....I dunno. Maybe it can do both? I kind of like it as a fast torpedo boat, personally. This concept art image (Which is sharper than most of the others I have seen) seems to quite clearly show the U-wing carrying troops.
  6. I'm not a big fan of the U-wing concept art, but I think the actual ship has potential to look better. A common rebel landing craft was sorely needed in the EU. The two large prongs at the front reminds me of the Bantha-class assault shuttle, which was the rebel lander in the X-Wing comics.If the assumption that this is a lander is true we really need a new mechanic in the game for transport ships, as ~50% of the new ships for TFA and rogue one are transports. For now I am holding my judgement. The TIE-Striker however I feel is really unnecessary, we have 4 canon TIE variants in this time period.It isn't a particularly bad design, it is 10x better than the FO an SF. But like every EU TIE it has the same(ish) cockpit, with slightly different wings. My hope is this is an ISB issue star fighter hence why we have never seen it before. Other non-ship musings: There is a new type of storm trooper next to the death troopers with what I am guessing is a flame thrower. I am sad that the didn't use one of the existing names for the black armoured storm troopers; shadow trooper, dark trooper, storm commando. The capped imperial is listed as the Director of the imperial military. I think it is more likely he is the director of the ISB based on his uniform.
  7. General UnCo

    TR-8R crew

    How about something that attacks "traitors"; mirror matches or cross faction ships. •FN-2199 First order only When attacking a ship of the same ship type you may increase you attack value by 1. 1 Point Only 1 point because it is so situational, but a potential hard counter to shuttle lists.
  8. One more page and we get the gunboat right? ...right?....Please?
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