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  1. yeah i understand, but its not just about wounds, its about survivability. Agility already offers better damage mitigation and at the same time, grants other effects. Toughness only increases damage mitigation and does it badly. If you globally buff wounds, you end up with the same problem, toughness still sucks. Is it bad to have exponential wound gain? for the same xp, one player gets dodge +30 and 50 agility while the other has 16 more wounds, at this point, 16 wounds translates into two hits pretty much, so four rounds of combat.... seems pretty balanced to me.
  2. The problem i am afraid is a bit more problematic, it isn't just simply wounds it is a curve of defensive capability vs offensive capability. At the start of the game, it is very quick for you to run undamageable, getting carapace armour is not hard when compared to the difficulty of getting weaponry that can damage it. Thus in the first few session you have the situation where autoguns and swords are trying to deal damage to people in 4 or 5 pts of armour. As the game progresses, armour rates are incredibly stagnant, toughness bonuses are likely very static, only evasion sees a rapid increase. On the offence side, ther is a steady consistent rise in bothdamage and Pen, until you reach the point that no armour matters anymore you may aswell fight naked because all weapons over pen armour. At the same time, damage values quickly rise to surpass toughness values. If we compare scarce weapons to their very rare equivalents we see an average rise of 3 damage and 3 penetration, whilst we only see an increase of 3 armour. Futhermore, talents allow for an increase of a further 3 damage very cheaply, compare do the xp required for a similar increase in toughness. So overall we see a rough increase of 5 damage per shot that connects. (the comparison between shotgun and melta gun was ignored because it skews the figures way too much). At the start of the game the lasgun that was doing D10 damage after all modifiers were taken into account, is now a plasma gun doing D10+5. 2 hits from a lasgun was unlikely to cause critical damage, 2 hits off a plasmagun is liable to kill you. So you can see, you actually need gain around 10 wounds at the point you are running around with very rare gear to be as survivable. Okay sounds bad right? it gets worse. You actually get hit a lot more often as the game goes on, enemies ballistic skill increases faster than your evasion avoids attacks. So whilst i see you are tyring to do a bit here and there to buff sound consitution, you fall somehwat short of the required buff. My suggestion would be to keep it simple, players may buy sound constitution upto toughness bonus times, and each one grants them wounds equal to their toughness bonus awarded retroactively with increases to toughness. This would mean chars who choose to focus on Toughness actually have the option of defending themselves.
  3. Thought i would read your stuff, the writing is excellent and the presentation amazing, but balance wise its a little on the suspect side. When you are developing a system such as this, you need to work with spheres of influence. At what point can a psyker Detect, affect and destroy. Normally in power systems these will go in this order. if you read throught the DH2 rulebook you get the following Detect upper limit is in km per psy (psyniscience, scry) Affect upper limit is 20m per psy (enfeeble, misfortune) Destroy upper limit is 20m per psy (smite, sunburst) The implications for breaking these upper limits are pretty gross, you allow the psyker to start doing things to which there is no response and the game becomes exceptionally hard to run. You want the psyker to interact with the rest of the system, not simply avoid it, the reason for this is the untouchable assasin to the face. In the end, if you are able to act without consequence, then the ultimate consequence has to be invoked, char death. The goal when writing a system is to avoid things ever getting that far, and is why everything is limited. Next up lets look at scope of power. Psykers have a few things they do well, they offer different avenues of investigation. They should not therefore, just get better at all investigation via psychic powers. Powers that buff dicerolls, and allow rerolls should be very sparingly given, because they are terrible for a rpg. likewise, the psyker should steer well away from duplicating the effects of skills that already exist, focussing instead on new affects. Try to have one power do one very definite thing then no other powers that do anything like that. There are several total duplicate powers running around that just copy one another (Invisibility and See me Not, Puppet Master, Dominate and Mind Exchange as examples) See Me Not is the far cooler power in description and feel for mental control, but it is grossly overpowered would need a massive nerf to be even remotely playable. Finally the punishments for being a psyker need to remain in place, it is not a blessing to be a psyker it is a curse, they are eradicated on mass because end of the day they are daemon attracting beacons that threaten the safety of everyone. Keep the rules harsh for psychic phenomena or you risk psykers just becoming wizards which you can play in a dozen different games.
  4. Mechanically if you do this you make characters far far weaker than standard genned chars. You are trading the ability to get anything for one price, for the ability to buy specialist areas cheaply. In rpg there is a place for generalists, but they are always always weaker than their more focussed brethern. Due to the low chances of succeeding that make DH what it is in the early game, you are absolutely crucifying the players chance at success. Take a look at xp expenditure for a while and you will see a massive trend for players to buff the things that they identify in their char, they become excellent in a single field, and because the stat they are based off has other skills attached become quite good at that too. Now look at what you can buy if you are buying things with 2 aptitudes vs the cost with 1. Characteristic Early advancement is over twice as expensive. Skill Skills are twice as expensive Talents are just under twice as expensive the average character will spend over 75% of it's first 2000xp on things that it is already good at, you don't need to be a mathematician to know that buying two skills is better than buying one. As the game continues this will eventually even out, but by making everything a flat cost, the PC's will be substantially weaker than standard gen chars. it is quite possible to spend 8k of your first 10k xp on advancements that yo have two aptitudes for. Furthermore psykers who sit outside the normal xp rules become massively buffed. Whilst everyone else sees a net increase in the cost of improving their stats, the psyker stays pretty much the same, slight cost increase in willpower So you basically need to buff xp by 25-50% (prolly a decreasing curve, say 50% for the first 2k xp dropping to 25% after that and increase the cost of Psychic powers and psy rating by 25%.
  5. The powerblade is perfectly fine for them to get, it's about as small an upgrade to a chainsword as is possible to get (it's actually a worse weapon in most situations). Contriving reasons to stop them getting it (whether it be needing to inspect it cos its daemonic to oh it broke when he dropped it) just diminish the game. Preparation is the key, if you think just a little before putting items into the game you never come across these issues. A couple of guidelines: No NPC should have equipment that it doesn't have either the personal (ws bs) or temporal (influence) power to defend. An Apex-Prince may have a Plasma Pistol, because the wrath of an entire noble house will fall upon anyone trying to part him from it (43 influence), though he himself sucks. (34 WS 29 BS) An Eversor Assasin may have an Executor Pistol because who is gonna take it off him? (WS 70 BS 75) Any NPC with equipment the players aren't allowed, should be willing and capable of killing the PC's if they are dumb The Inquisitor has a rosarius and power fist and wears master crafted carapace armour, if the PC's attack him the games over and they know it. If in doubt buff the NPC and give it worse gear It's easy to just give an NPC 10 extra Str or toughness if you want a ganger with a bit more oomph, rather than giving him a better weapon buff his stats instead.
  6. My apologies to whoever worked on the rules for the whip, but they clearly had no idea what they were doing. The flavour of what they have tried to create is fine, but the rules are very far off. this is what the rules represent: A whip, which upon striking it's victim, entwines them in wire so sharp and so strong, that it is nigh on impossible to escape from without dying. In addition, the whip does more damage than a 2 handed sword. if that wasn't bad enough, ensnaring its victims requires no expenditure of resources, the whip may happily create enough barbs to ensnare an army, which then leaves the problem that the whip has now generated so much of this material that is better than anything else, that you can use it to build well i dunno really, but smelt it down and build a tank or something. This is the rules i would use to represent the flail are stolen from the harlequins kiss in rogue trader. D10+8 dmg, the whip does NOT get a strength bonus (no whip should, doesn't matter how strong you are, the ends moving at the speed of sound anyway), and you think we got this much pen without it being mono? it can't be modded. But guess what, even at that it is simply still too powerful, and it still creates infinite wire. So we add in, that the whips owner may relinquish it to have its other effects. Ta da, now we got ourselves a sensible balanced weapon that is still cool. assuming strength 3 it is still a D10+5 damage weapon which is well, yeah super high, (3 higher than a chainsword) but we cover that with the rarity leaving at it's current stats, it would need to be extremely rare. Edit: Oh other option would be to give it the toxic rules, but make them test strength instead of toughness, and tone down its damage greatly, d10+3 or 4 tops if you want str bonus) amusing as hell but you can mod toxic onto this weapon at the moment, nothing can withstand its power~
  7. The influence system is fantastic, take these different chars: 1. An Adeptus Mechanicus obsessed with becoming a machine 2. A noble inquisitor wannabe 3. A rogue traders heir, who must walk the line between personal power to fend off assasinations, and temporal power to ensure the continuation of the dynasty he will soon inherit. 4. A possibly scribe....armsdealer-ish thing.... The tech priest has little concern with influence, it treats all cybernetics as two degrees easier to find, so 11 influence is enough to have a 1% chance to get a very rare cybernetic, spends its d5 influence and yay cybernetics! it spends it as fast as it gets it until it is....more machine now than man. pretty soon it has all the cybernetics :*( But! then it can just raise influence to 31 and swap them all for good quality ones!!!! hoorah! The inquisitor simple refuses to spend any. She's taken a look at the penalty for failing a requisition test, popped a few points in fellowship and picked up some peer inquisition talents (handy for an inquisitor anyway!) and just refuses to roll if there is a chance of losing influence. At the start of the game things sort of suck, the inquisition has no clue who she is, her influence is a mere 40 (hey, she has high hopes it SEEMS low to her!), and her fellowship is even worse. The only items she dare ask for are abundant anyway. As the game prgoresses, she stops calling everyone heretics learns a little tact, and starts to impress an interrogator. With 50 influence and 40 fellowship and the approval of her peers, Average items are now all hers! Marked for ascension, into the upper eschlons, she wears her title of interrogator proudly, (2 peer talents) wields vast influence (60) and knows when to keep her mouth shut (50 fellowship). no one asks questions if she requires very rare items, it is simply a matter of whether she has the time to obtain them. The rogue trader's heir just walks the line between the two, he spends a bit of influence here and there to equip himself with a few vital pieces of equipment (refractor field, power sword) and a few favours here and there to the right regimental commander, you know, after all father did save your life back during that awful to do last decade..oh? two decades ago? time does fly doesn't it anyway, if you could just see to using this particular continent on this particular planet to practice your urban warfare would be of real help to me. Finally we have the scribe. She is the fantasy of every NRA activist. She doesnt want a big gun, she wants -all- the guns. From start to finish the character is nothing more than a method to accumulate the most amount of stuff possible. Influence is merely a resource to get more stuff. Fellowship and commerce through the roof, not an iota of xp is spared, what social skills she has are simply whatever her fellowship score is -20, likely still higher than any other PC's. Whilst at the start of the game her commerce skills of next to no use (npc's commerce scores are brutally high, fair, but still high). it will take but a few sessions before she is running the kind of blackmarket set up others can only dream of. With her contact network, her ability to treat every item as one level less rare, and her astronomically high fellowship and commerce, her only problem is locating a trader....A ha! no! for a single fate point she can find out who exactly has what and where thanks to her seeker training! Basically indestructible in combat due to her power armour and forcefield, the only saving grace for the poor gm confronted by this suprisingly delightful abomination (that fellowship has some use then) is thus! a) her other skills are so low that even with her targeter custom grip and red dot laser sight she rarely hits anything with her graviton gun. b) her pathetic strength toughness agility and willpower mean she is likely as not, on fire, poisoned, and running in terror. Though the way she is leafing through the section on tanks and asking if there are more tanks in that imperial guard book is somewhat worrying. Oh where was I? oh ya influence. She dun care, she can easily acquire near unique items and has little interest in using influence for anything its just a stat on her sheet that does nothing maybe use it to get one of them grey knights ooh or own personal cannoness! only 3 influence per adventure! Fellowship 40 > 60 (1600xp), Int 40 > 50 (350xp), Commerce +30 (900xp), peer(underworld) *2 (400xp) 30% to get a unique item, modified by a commerce roll, which will generally end up 30-60% depending if fate points are used. I realise this was a somewhat silly, way of showing how the two influence rules can vastly impact the influence levels between characters and how those differing influence levels affect the character in how they are perceived and how they behave. But hopefully it shows you what the system can do. The rules i'll recap quick are on page 269. The scribe uses rules from all over the place. 1. You may spend D5 to automatically pass a requisition test as long as a test could be made. 2. You lose influence on a failed influence roll if the DoF are higher than your Fellowship bonus. This loss is equal to the difference between your DoF and your fellowship bonus.
  8. my first reply was no, why should they get Psyniscience they already got enough, it's like finding out your best friend is screwing your daughter, and instead of punching them, telling them your away next week why don't you see if the wife wants some company? Then i thought on it a bit, and realised, what does it matter? it's a silly talent, that just causes endless headaches that should never have been in the book. it's flat out unfair. You can't just give one player 2000xp and not the others, so you have to make up equally silly talents for every other player and hope they are something close to balanced. If you ask a player if they still want to become an inquisitor even though they can't get those talents and they answer no, they should never have been an inquisitor anyway, and if they answer yes, then super. I enjoy the flavour it's a cool idea, but it would have been -way- better implemented as a spend a fate point to have X skill. Right now the talents just laughable. Rpg games work by creating niches that people can enjoy can as a GM you can use to shine a spotlight hopefully making sure each player gets a fair share of the light, whilst at the same time allowing most players to participate in each action 9which DH already does super well, theres only a handful of things in the game a player can't attempt).
  9. You need to break this all down into more bitesize chunks, instead of looking at the whole overwatch rules as a whole you just want a quick Q and A on the overwatch rules. Q. Can you shoot more than once in overwatch? A. Yes you can these are all special actions, that continue to be granted until you use a reaction or an action to do something. (we can deduce this because there are rules for running out of ammo, which would be a complete waste of space if you weren't going to fire more than once). Q. What triggers can you use for overwatch? A. Anything sensible that should be based around the actions people take. Delay covers almost all circumstances of the "if he does X then i do Y" like reaching for his gun, or trying to scream. Overwatch should trigger only on people moving around, for example if they just stand there and shoot you, well tough, you had every opportunity to just shoot them when it was your turn. The rules are to replicate "a see movement, check if enemy, fire" situation. if you allow overwatch against other actions, you get in one turn kill situations, when each character repeatedly sets off the others overwatch, If your players think this is the way it should be simply tell them "the guy sets overwatch on if a raindrop hits you and continues to hold his breath". It will quickly become apparent to said player that perhaps the decision he made is not the wisest. Any situation that would mean two characters on opposite sides would shoot each other repeatedly until they ran out of ammo or died is a no go as a condition. Q. If my enemy starts in full cover and ends his move in full cover do i get to shoot him? A. Yes, you are likely as not going to miss and he will still have to check for pinning, but you get to fire. Q. If an enemy has enough movement to engage me in melee and I have lower agility do I still get to shoot? A. No. Stand further away next time or set overwatch with a pistol. Q. Can i dual wield? A. No. Q. Can i shoot the same person twice? A. Yes, the most obvious way this can happen is if your initative order changes someone may well act twice before you get your next action. less obvious circumstances can occur with forced movement and displacer fields. terrain may force a person to enter and exit your kill zone several times, in which case pity them, but only for as long as it takes you to pull the trigger. Q. is it fair? A. yes. It is the application of a lot of military training brought to bare againt 9:10 inadequately educated morons. A bunch of hive gangers is meant to get cut down if they decide to charge an emplaced poition. Q. What can i do to counter my players doing it all the time. A. Smarten up your bad guys, smoke grenade their killzone then run through it, if you can't limit visibility, make short runs between large pieces of cover, they will almost certainly not hit and if they do, then the cover will absorb a lot of the damage. If player X always sets up in overwatch and sends in the rest of his team, wait til they are seperated and drop and assasin/thief melee thing on them from stealth, -30 awareness for being on overwatch is not unfair. (note this should be -30 for stuff out the killzone, prolly a bonus to notice stuff in it).
  10. Psykers don't convert at all. In DH1 they massively buff the party vs fear whilst flying around and one shotting almost any enemy with soul killer and ripping the secrets out of the minds of enemies whilst their combination of minor power defences make them all but unkillable. Their power level compared to other PC's is astronomically high. Converting them into DH2 with a far more balanced Psyker system means they are completely incapable of their former achievements. Everything else converts just fine.
  11. These are the rules I would use. Pg 115 Sleight of Hand "Sleight of Hand also allows a character to conceal his actions while in plain sight, such as hiding weapons from someone searching his person." Pg 100 Awareness "Awareness is used when trying to spot items or individuals that are either hidden or not easy to notice" Pg 138 table 4-6 Size "Puny (2) Bolt pistol +20 Stealth" Pg 170 Concealed Holster "Attempts to detect such a weapon suffer a -20 penalty" Pg 177 Monotask Servo-Skull - Augur "The character gains the benefits of an auspex" Pg 175 Auspex "A character using an auspex gains a +20 bonus to Awareness tests" Awareness(+0) Overall the Holster grants a -20 to the awareness test, the Auspex grants a +20 so there it is no modifier in the end. vs Sleight of Hand(+20) the las pistol is a puny weapon (smaller than a bolt pistol but not small enough for a knife) so easy to conceal. Servo Skulls are in the rogue trader book pg 375 Per 35 Awareness +10 however rogue trader is far higher power level than Dark Heresy so drop it to 30 perception, awareness rank 1. I like the argument to use stealth, but i think where possible it is best to avoid making the skills that are already excellent like stealth, even better by allowing them to do things that other less useful skills do. Using the size modifications is nessecary to counter out the many easily gained awareness bonuses, and also, to show players the difference between trying to hide a pistol and an autogun.
  12. A more factual statement would be, when you dual wield if you start the round within agb in meters you double the amount of damage you can do with single handed weapons. with the investment of between 1000 and 10000xp depending on choice of role and attributes. Other than the xp investment, and the minor loss of damage vs tough opponents, there is no disadvantage. It is excellent game design, Dark Heresy is a brutal setting, barring some very specialist cases, offence trumps defence. What ever method you choose to deal damage will deal large amounts and whilst at a cursory glance dual wield appears to be the best method of fighting, a closer inspection shows it is far from clear. I did further analysis of the xp costs of dual wielding, my preivious stats assumed using a point buy system, however that seems to be a best case scenario, rolling your stats, the xp cost of dual wield rises dramatically. Dual wielding master has a pre requisite of 45 agility, There is only a 1% (2.8% Hiveworld) of starting wih 40agi. Using the more experienced characters rules, this rises, to 21% (40.6% Hiveworld). Therefore it would be wise to assume that when rolling your char stats, you will require at least 2 agi advances to get to agi 45. Furthermore, there is a 45% (15.6% Hiveworld), if using heroic characters a 10% (1.1% Hiveworld), that your char has 29 or less agility thus requiring 4 agility advances to be able to buy the final dual wield talent. And a 10%(1.1%) chance you require all 5 advances. Factor this back into the xp requirements and how does this all change? Desperado assassin and Warrior are okay still, they can happily take hiveworld as their homeworld, and whilst their xp costs rise due to requiring the additional agi upgrades, it is important to note, that the xp costs of everybody in the game doing anything also rise so there should be very little noticeable difference. All of the rest will be missing the agility aptitude and in worst cases, be unable to take the hiveworld as homeworld due to lacking the perception aptitude. The XP costs for dual wielding climb by upto 2000xp and by an average of 1000xp. Whilst the statement that you may aswell dual wield is fine if it is only costing 1500xp and you have because you have the aptitudes already. When it costs you 5000xp to dual wield in addition to the 1500xp for exprtise in WS and you now have only 3500xp left to actually use on finding the **** heretics in the first place..... All that said couple of caveats, i forgot to factor in imperial tarot and the ability to reroll one stat into the percentages, this would have a minor effect on the overall results, slightly lessening the xp costs but further widening the gap in xp between dual wield specialists, and those splashing into it from another class. I doubt you find a GM that allows this, the indications are that its probably not possible. At only 5kg weight the sniper rifle is not allowed to be dual wielded, grenade launchers are 12kg a piece. Whilst not strictly prohibited by the rules, it just to me seems like a no chance thing.
  13. I have issue with the not uncommon thing, its roughly 35% chance of happening on a round where you start the turn within agi bonus meters of your opponent. It's this overstatement of the effectiveness of dual wield that confuses the issue, it's basically only viable for assassins and desperado's and at a cost of basically all your xp. Furthermore, no overwatch, which is actually the most damage you can do 5-7 hits is not comparable to your ammo in hits. So anyway, here are some other fighting styles with their pros and cons, and you decide if dual wield really is the "only option". 1) Flamers Plus points: xp cost is just 300 for flame weapon training, it requires absolutely zero stats not even ballistic skill. They are incredibly accurate at the start of the game, and boast higher than average damage, with the addition of a crowd control effect and extra damage for the following rounds. Minus points: they do not scale at all, in the end your investment in flamers is utterly useless because nothing you are fighting is hurt by them anymore. They have horrendously short range. 2) Long Las/Sniper Rifle Plus points: Ridiculously accurate and incredibly high damage, Out range everything but heavy weapons. In most encounters you will be getting the +10 short range bonus to every attack, combined with the +20 for a half action aim, +10 for a standard attack and optional red dot laser sight for another +10 you have as much as +50 BS to each shot. Damage stays viable until the end game. almost zero xp cost, only a few people lack one of the required talents. Excellent overwatch. Minus Points: You cannot move and fire without losing massive damage output unless you somehow manage a MIU interface. Very little scaling after buying the inescapable attacks talent. Best quality weapon does nothing, and improving ballistic skill has an incredibly small impact on the damage output. Most BS talents have a neglible effect on the damage output (+2 to +3 dmg for a tier 3 talent doesn't matter much when you already do 3d10). Lack of subtlety, it is very hard to hide a sniper rifle without making it compact. 3) Heavy Weapons Plus points: Damage is incredible and scales really really well. Cheap XP costs (300-600xp for the weapon training all that is needed). Scales well with xp and influence allowing more weapon upgrades until it reaches its zenith with auto cannon/multi laser at BS 65 and +15 from weapon mods giving you a 90% chance to hit (short range counters semi auto) so you are on 90% chance for 1 hit, 89% chance for 2 and 69% for 3. Each hit is 3d10+11 pen 6. Minus points: The only thing less subtle is driving a tank around. Unnatural Agility means any succesful dodge will negate your entire attack. They are -so- heavy, even with suspensors you need a lod of str or toughness (toughness is ofc good anyway so not the worst draw back.) 4) Missile Launcher (Technically a heavy weapon, but so good it deserves its own mention) Plus points: Xp cost is 600xp max. Surprisingly accurate (+20 for standard attack and short range). By default, its attacks are all but undodgable. Blast 5 requires an agility bonus of 5 to allow dodging in the first place. Option to use Krak missiles instead for silly damage vs tougher targets however 2d10+2 pen 2 is not exactly bad int he first place, and you might hit multiple targets. Upgrade options are a lot of fun, with Backpack ammo supply letting you overwatch for high explosive fun, and a free +10 to hit for aiming instead of reloading. Minus Points: No subtelty, it's very easy to dodge, 1 success is enough. Massive reload time early game. Not many enemies really need to be shot with a rocket its somewhat overkill and may give you a bad name. (a slight note here, the actual game rules state that a blast weapon scatters d5 meters on a failed BS attempt, however with a blast 5 weapons this becomes very silly because it means it hits, opening up some rather stupid char combinations, such as the scribe with 25 BS no talents in heavy or launcher weapons, and not even bracing it, able to fire the missile at -60 to hit watch them scatter less than 5 meters and still hit the target. A simple ruling of them scattering d5 meters per degree of failure makes this a lot more sensible, but if your GM is totally by the book then you go for it with the silliness of the missile launcher) 5) A defensive play style Plus points: Your risk of death is far less. It's incredibly low on xp, Armour monger and dodge/parry skills the only expenditure required. (it's possible to create a starting char adeptus mechanicus that has a TB of 5 and 9 armour, enough to bounce most weapons, notice that it has enough to require a powersword to have strength 5 to do more than a d10 damage, at 10k xp, armour 20 chest and TB 6 which leaves a powersword requiring a SB of 4 to deal 1 damage if it rolls a 10. 40% of attacks negated since they strike the super heavy chest armour, another 35% negated by the forcefield. Sister of battle with cyberware and armourmonger not to be messed with. End game you have a displacer field which negates all additional hits from a melee attack (they have to be assigned to someone in range and after the first succesful displace you move 3d10 meters away, which will almost certainly be more than agi bonus range so no more dual wields for the combat, all you can do is charge) Minus points: So much gear needed. Special attacks are a real problem, those that target willpower or agility, as they will quickly overcome your defences at a rate far faster than you are able to counter. 6) Psyker Plus points: Assail early game is highly effective crowd control+dmg option (59% chance to knock target d5 yds away and prone if psy 2 +10 if psy 3), 5000xp gets you psy 5 and a choice of psy powers that well are generally terminal for your enemy in someway, be it controlling their actions or causing 2d10+15 Blast 5 flame damage, 10000xp puts you in the realms of force weapon attacks for 5d10+10 dmg Minus points: On average 500 power uses will either a) kill you, or b) be so crippling you will wish you died. Its about the only drawback of being a psyker but its a ge one. 7) Drive a tank Plus points: you obliterate everything in your path with little concern for your safety. Minus points: none. Tanks are amazing.
  14. Hmmm there is a load of material out there on the web about the sisters of battle, my knowledge is a little out of date (i stopped playing the warhammer 40k 15 years ago) and there has certainly been a lot of softening on what the sisters of battle are, but basically, they were the brides of the emperor(i note this is change to daughters now), what else they are depends a bit on what lore you read, either filled with holy calling, or chemically neutered and indoctrinated, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but the same things remain, they are so full of the love of the emperor they don't need men for companionship, they have no sexual desire and they have no desire to reproduce (if they are even capable of it). Being female is not the only requirement of being Adepta Sororitas it is just one of them, actually getting all the lore and rules to govern all this stuff into the book would have been all but impossible. The reason they are immune to corruption, is that the emperor protects them, they are bonded to him, and this is the benefit they gain. There is no reason you couldn't use the background to create some other char with a bond to the emperor (or interestingly a bond to a Daemon, under the justification that the daemon is the only one allowed to corrupt you and protects you from the other chaos powers) you'd have to work it out with your gm though. And trust me, sister of battle are like pyskers, they really don't have to worry much about corruption, those high WP scores bounce so many fear checks that it doesn't matter much they just don't gain it very quickly, whether its too OP or not won't actually come into question since by the time a sister of battle is going insane, everyone else is on their 3rd char for the same reason, stacking anti corruption stuff for them is pretty pointless. The talent is sister of battle only, it requires you to be buying an elite advance that has a prerequisite of 50 influence first and costs 750xp, at the same time you get given bolter training and a bolter. It requires you to have a ton of ballistic skill hardly conducive to flamer usage, it makes your flamer twice as likely to jam, and toughness does reduce fire damage so by the time you are picking up this talent, you really need all the help you can get if you are using a flamer. Because as you say, it is clearly stretching the rules, and it is so obviously utterly abusable, 1 dmg to get +10 bonus on any test? utterly unbalanced its like having as many fate points as you have wounds, pretty ludicrous. Oh wait forgot you can use your actual fate points to heal back the damage, so it would turn into ~ 3d5 +10's on a skill check per session, so eerrrr well thats all the skill checks in a session really. It is an excellent bonus as it is, it doesn't need to be improved further. Basic just means it has no real recoil nor needs any special training to use. It weighs 40kg because it was forged from iron, instead of whatever high tech ceramics and alloys are used by the imperium in the 41st century. It is a feudal world weapon, worlds that are kept deliberately low tech and it is the pinnacle of their engineering. Spray applies any BS penalty as a bonus modifier on the agility test to dodge the attack. Untrained -20 BS turns into +20. Unbraced normally a -30 penalty turns into a +30 modifier. It's pretty easy to extrapolate from that the -30 penalty from suppression would translate into a +30 bonus. Also why i pointed out it is far better to just use the suppression rules instead, since you will just miss all the flame attacks if you give them +30 to dodge, and it gives you a chance for your flamer to actually hit an eldar and even if it doesn't you have a chance to pin. As mentioned before, it all sounds incredible, but in an actual game use its nearly worthless, enemies fall into two categories, 1) those who die in a ball of fire because their agility and toughness suck and 2) those who you can't hit in the first place, or simply can't be hurt by flamers. By the time you can acquire this weapon, you guessed it, everyone is in category 2. You may be right, they may simply have intended you get 2 sprays per turn and that's all, as i said before everyone will have their own take, i just choose to look at it in the best possible light, being able to use a flamer for suppressive fire, and using the rules and BS tests. And it is an incredibly effective weapon vs starting bad guys, however it isn't as effective as a Heavy Flamer vs starting bad guys, but maybe it can be of some use vs the harder ones.
  15. My advice to anyone creating an acolyte for the first time is imagine all the really cool stuff you want to get, well you are gonna get it, you get 400xp a session, but, well, sorry, but at the start you sorta kinda totally suck. Starting acolytes have excellent gear, masses of potential, but overall in the world they have very bad stats, and few skills. You can just about if you sink all your xp into it, fail every single commerce roll vs a merchant,you can have better combat than a thief, but it is unlikely that you have better stealth, you aren't a match for a ship rating in stats, so don't imagine you were some imperial guard bad ass. The concepts that will get you far are street urchin that got caught... imperial guard conscript...adeptus arbites record keeper....even minor npc char types have more char points than chars, often running around with stats at 45+ and multiple +10 if not +20 skills. Concepts that work well, are ambitious ones, those who want to be great, those who think they already are great will have a hard time, since early on the game you will quickly realise you are very reliant on gear for an advantage (you genrally have better armour and weapons) but you are rather reliant on fate points to spot things. Once you adopt that view of things you will find it easier to come up with all sorts of of chars that you can very quickly see how they work. Dark Heresy is not the place for a sherlock esque char, sherlocks got int 50 or 60 with logic + 30 to go with it, he is the end game, the very best, you are more likely the char who made an intuitive leap to solve a single murder, that the inquisitor sees the seed of greatness in, and well, oh well, he has another 40 acolytes if you die (which is the fate of 70% of acolytes, another 25% become corrupt or insane, and the final 5% make it!).
  16. Just read the splat about Weapon training and the comparisons to tech use and the trade armourer skills. The omnissiah exists as an actual fact, and actual machine spirits do live in your gun. Looking after your weapon is not just about keeping it clean, its about appeasing the machine spirit within, forming a bond so that weapon and man become more than the sum of their parts. It is therefore pretty easy to conclude that the whopping -20 penalty is something of an indication -just- how hard it is to learn to look after different types of weapons, that the Spirits bound within a flamer seek nothing more to spill forth their holy fire to envelop everything around them, and looking after such a weapon is a constant struggle lest it find a way to ignite anything it is left nearby, Las weapons conversely are quiessent, calm, almost laconic and must be coaxed into service. The wielder must be ever wary lest the charge of the las pistol just dissipate away into the ether. How many people have you met in their travels that account tales of self inflicted wounds caused by over revved chain swords? mere coincidence? or do the spirits that reside in these weapons desire to plunge into flesh at any opportunity? is the oil you apply simply to grease the mechanisms within, or valium for the spirit within? If you know the answer to any of these many questions, please report to room 14 floor D of the ordo heritcus corrections facility. Basically, just stop all your real world comparisons of how technology works, in Dark Heresey, magic makes the cogs spin. Magic that can be studied, that scientific analysis can be drawn on, that is predictable and dependable, but it is still magic. Edit: typing errors
  17. Dual wielding is awesome, but here's 5 reasons why its not always quite that awesome. 1) Range. Dual wiedling your range is limited to 30m, that means you are getting shot at at least once by anyone who isn't dual wielding, and in some cases can be taking as many as 4 rounds of shots as you run to close the distance. Whilst many other facets of play allow you to start an encounter at close range, such as stealth. However you must assume, that your single weapon foe has at least equivalent skills and thus theres a 50% chance you start in melee range and 50% chance you start in a field with no cover. No matter what stage of xp you have in the game, you are going to be outranged by at least 3 times. Someone just suppressing with an autogun will genrally be enough that you can't get close. 2) Damage. Dual wielding allows you to clear out the trash, but there is a curve of damage, as toughness and armour rise, dual wieldings damage drops off, until it is is doing less than a single well placed sniper shot, and then continues to drop off until it is incapable of doing any damage except hoping for a righteous fury to do a lil crit dmg. It may require two hands, but an autocannon does not lack for damage. Xp for xp, a dual wielding character will -never- have the damage output of a heavy weapon or a psyker using a force weapon. 3) Gear. Your weapon is your life, it decides so much of your characters capabilities, and its a pretty simple case here, dual wielding, you need two of them. What ever power level you are playing at, this means inevitably that the person who just single wields, has another super tasty item to match up with it. You have two chain swords, they have an autogun and frag grenades, you have a bolt pistol and plasma pistol, they have an autocannon and chameoline cloak. You have two storm bolters, modded for one handed use with recoil gloves, inferno shells, they have a force staff and a chimera with a power field. (Psyker with a tank!!! Hey GM what's our subtlety rating at....). 4) Experience Assuming that you start with 40 Agi, and 40 in either WS or BS the following are the costs per role of dual wielding, not starting with agilty 40, is going to cost you 250-750xp: Assassin: 1300xp (300xp cheaper if Adeptus Arbites + Hiveworld Offence + WS/BS) Chirugeon: 3000xp (1150xp cheaper if Adeptus Arbites + Feral or Forge Offence + WS/BS) Desperado: 1300xp (300xp cheaper Adeptus Arbites + Noble Offence+WS) Hierophant: 2400xp (800xp cheaper from many combos of WS+Agi) Mystic: 3000xp (1150xp cheaper if Adeptus Arbites + Forge, Void, Shrine, Hive Offence + WS/BS) Sage: 2600xp (1050xp cheaper if Adeptus Arbites + Forge, Void, Shrine, Hive Offence + WS/BS) Seeker: 3000xp (1150xp cheaper if Adeptus Arbites + Forge, Void, Noble, Hive Offence + WS/BS) Warrior: 1750xp (250xp cheaper if Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Astra Telepathica Agi) (if you have Enemies Within Book, Adeptus Soriatus can substitute for Adeptus Arbites, and most the new homeworlds can be used to give WS or BS, so more char gen options, but the xp costs stand) 1000-3000xp and forced agility 40. (agi 35 adds 250-750xp, agi 30 adds 750-1750xp, agi 25 adds 1500-2550xp) 5) Character This is the most important thing of all, the aesethic of a character may not be conducive to dual wielding. It is cool, but loads of other things are cool too So in conclusion, its got a lot of drawbacks, but it does let you do pretty good damage, it's certainly viable and looks cool, but it is somewhat lack lustre compared to sniper and heavy weapons for ranged combat, and puts you in a bit of a gear deficit against single wielding melee.
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