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  1. "Deal 1 damage to an opponent’s character. If that damage was not blocked, you may move an equipment or weapon from that character to another one of that opponent’s characters." By the statement you as the one doing the damage get to pick the weapon or equipment to move and to what character it goes to. If the target already has their max upgrades the controller(Your opponent) chooses what gets discarded for the new upgrade. For Raikou the Blue upgrade is inly part of the "Play the card" part. So yes you could move that blue only lightsaber to a non blue character. I assume the design for this was to move gear to soon to die characters or to move the upgrades to a character who has already been activated thus not allowing the upgrade to be rolled in. Or to remove it from play if it was rolled in already.
  2. Simultaneously. I asked. This the other day with the rules guru in our group and he confirmed it was simultaneous.
  3. I am pretty sure Disney wouldn't allow this to happen. Considering the toxicity on the Magic Circuit I think Disney would prefer their Star Wars IP not get involved.
  4. I would say no. The plot is part of the character/team build not your playing deck.
  5. https://www.showclix.com/event/star-wars-destiny-2019-world-championship-general/pre-sale Try that one.
  6. If you look on the die itself, usually the one side that has the blank, it will have a number and symbol of the set it belongs to. It has been a long time so i cant tell you what might cross over between the two. If you are looking at any type of competitive play then you need to remember the rotation set up. The black boxed Rey and Ren sets are usable in infinite play play only. The two player set is good for standard and infinite play. Welcome to the destiny CCG. enjoy.
  7. Symbio you guys keep making them live videos. I find it way more enjoyable then the majority of the ones people using TTS. Your audio is always good and you guys provide great banter while playing.
  8. Yeah I am interested if they change the verbiage for rend and force rend. Would be nice to have multiple ways to remove downgrades.
  9. We had 66 people at our local regional in Milwaukee. Drew people from Minnesota, Illinois, Iwoa plus the Green Bay Area north of Milwaukee. Due to the cold weather all week we had a pin impromptu gathering Friday night and had 1-12 people show up to get reps in for the next day. Last months he Green Bay regional had 36+ people make it. The community around here has been solid.
  10. Being the holiday season kind of caused the dip in attendance. I know three people from my Wisconsin group could only make it. I could not make it myself. Locally in Jan. there will be another region in Green Bay. Three weeks later will be another in the Milwaukee area which I assume the folks from the Madison area plus Ill will go to it. Our local group fluxuates but things have been solid at least once a week.
  11. New Holocron updates are out. Snoke was dinged for a +1. Ciena's action is now a power action. Couple of other things as well. Long Con was gutted like a dead fish.
  12. I think Best Buy may have it for $5 right now. But yeah starting with the two player sets is a great starting point. Picking up the Boba or Luke starter sets is good as well since they are part of the whote box cycle and more balanced towards what FFG plans in the future of the game.
  13. It works cause at the moment you resolve it, it is a melee symbol. Like I mentioned before about Zeb's ability. The resolving it turns it melee which allows the card to work. The other cards state showing but not resolving. I am not a fan of it but I see why it works. This is also why you wont see an "Official" ruling from FFG as they already have ruled on Zeb's dice and it is the same thing in their eyes.
  14. I believe this fell under the same concept of Zeb when resolving his dice. So you resolve Luke's die as a melee and you can use Ataru strike. Just remember though you can not use Luke's die as the melee part of the Synchronicity combo.
  15. I don't think anything is coming. I'd suggest asking you LGS though. Last year it was more of a blind buy in for them to order. They didnt know what they were getting till it came in.
  16. I opened Eight boxes and still don't have any Fifth brother lightsabers. I also only got One Ezera Saber and one Cassian. just the luck of the draw. I remember having to by Ashoka as singles instead of opening it. I opened like 7 Thrawns from the Empire set. Got four ancient sabers. And to boot I had one Empires booster box give me seven legendaries. Sorry you didn't get everything you wanted but it seems pretty random which is the design. One of the guys I play with opened like 7-8 Yodas. so who knows.
  17. Only two changes over all. Maul's saber is costs one resource to power action and running interference went the way of imperial disciple. Oh well, as much as I hate running interference they made plenty of way to wok around it or remove it out right. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/4/always-more-to-learn/
  18. How does this work with Plastiod Armor? I would assume the same thing happens.
  19. I think Awakenings was a week before but yeah I am going to think they'd be pushing to coincide with the new movie. hit while the anvil is hot.
  20. You will need to get that character in a second booster pack to be able to run them "Elite" which means have a second die to roll with them.
  21. You are caught in that quasi spot of not having all the cards but wanting to play and have fun. I suggest when you are sitting down to play let your opponent know you are not playing an optimized deck. So of those guys will have more experimental decks they may bust out to try. You'll probably stand a better chance then. Other wise spend a little more time in learning the synergy of your deck to get better results. Otherwise you are in that rut of having to get a full set of cards to open all options. You might want to try and put a list together of what you want to palya nd might be able to borrow some cards from people at the store. I know I will loan a few cards to the regulars at the store I play at. Of course that revolves around trust so it might not be as useful. Don't forget tabletop simulator has a mod as well. Not the same as playing in person but lets you see all the cards and work on being a better player.
  22. Skip the promo cards, I want the playmate they had on the show floor. Dang they were cool. Better then the ones they were selling. Tried to talk them into selling me one or two. I don't remember seeing them handing out the cards. Kind of bummed now. Visited the upstairs room each day. Met Lukas Saturday. Oh well.
  23. Is it me and my failing math but arent you building a deck of 27 cards there?
  24. I have enough jedi robes to stitch a blimp together.. Ugh..
  25. I'd rant and rave but with the scarcity of booster packs I don't blame them. Personally I wouldn't buy them. I would think it would discourage people from playing as well, which would be a bad thing if you wanted a new revenue stream..
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