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  1. Piece out the statement. First act- Deal damage with attached characters die(character or upgrade), after damage dealt regardless of absorbed by shields or damage to a character. After that is done you exhaust the upgrade to turn "A" die which is any die still in the die pool. Basically you use that to blank an opponents die.
  2. I don't believe a plot would be considered a character so i would say no you can't use the event on it.
  3. First you have to have the piloting skill NOT the pilot sub-type. Piloting is pretty straight forward, When you activate a character with Piloting ability you activate the character and declare which vehicle they are piloting and activate the vehicle as well. Just remember what vehicle is being piloted by who. In the case of Vader you can kill the character and defeat a vehicle they are piloting if conditions are met. It is basically an attempt to vehicle support cheat by getting its die in the pool sooner.
  4. For Biggs I would think they would errata him and drop the activating part so that he can only activate one vehicle but his effect is to re-roll the vehicles dice. Would straighten out things and stop the double vehicle activation while still giving him a special thing to do. Guess we wait and see.
  5. Shatterpoint doesn't work. Fortitude is an ability not a weapon or equipment.
  6. Nope. Not unique. Plus nothing on the card says you cant have two on one character.
  7. Yeah one of the FLGS does that with us. They will ask if anyone is interested and do a group buy. Its not a bad business move really. Gets a pre-order with the extras and if someone backs out you got a hot item to peddle to someone else.
  8. Yeah I can see Infinite being totally broke if they let Tie Pilot be able to Pilot a ship.. woooo chaos averted.. lol.
  9. "Deal 1 damage to an opponent’s character. If that damage was not blocked, you may move an equipment or weapon from that character to another one of that opponent’s characters." By the statement you as the one doing the damage get to pick the weapon or equipment to move and to what character it goes to. If the target already has their max upgrades the controller(Your opponent) chooses what gets discarded for the new upgrade. For Raikou the Blue upgrade is inly part of the "Play the card" part. So yes you could move that blue only lightsaber to a non blue character. I assume the design for this was to move gear to soon to die characters or to move the upgrades to a character who has already been activated thus not allowing the upgrade to be rolled in. Or to remove it from play if it was rolled in already.
  10. Simultaneously. I asked. This the other day with the rules guru in our group and he confirmed it was simultaneous.
  11. I am pretty sure Disney wouldn't allow this to happen. Considering the toxicity on the Magic Circuit I think Disney would prefer their Star Wars IP not get involved.
  12. I would say no. The plot is part of the character/team build not your playing deck.
  13. https://www.showclix.com/event/star-wars-destiny-2019-world-championship-general/pre-sale Try that one.
  14. If you look on the die itself, usually the one side that has the blank, it will have a number and symbol of the set it belongs to. It has been a long time so i cant tell you what might cross over between the two. If you are looking at any type of competitive play then you need to remember the rotation set up. The black boxed Rey and Ren sets are usable in infinite play play only. The two player set is good for standard and infinite play. Welcome to the destiny CCG. enjoy.
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