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  1. The problem with making playtesting open is that people don't know what they want or what's good for the game. Every other day I hear people complain and crave a fix for the Tie Interceptor. The Tie Interceptor! Soontir F*****ng Fel! Now, the playtesters are in no means perfect but I'd say the problem lies more in FFGs dreadful internal testing, which has way more say over the direction of products than the playtesters do.
  2. Maybe I've missed something but... can't you just block them? The list usually flies in a pretty tight formation, right? Put a large ship in front of them, say a Bumpmaster, and without actions they doesn't get Low's extra evade and will probably shoot pretty poorly. Ping some shields of Biggs and finish him off the turn after. Somehow people are acting like if you don''t kill him in the first turn, it's game over. Just play for the long game.
  3. I've been tinkering around with this build: Thane Kyrell -Weapons Engineer -M9-G8 -Alliance Overhaul -Guidence Chips -Plasma Torpedo Pair him up with two high pilot skill X-wings(usually Wedge and Wes) and you have a fairly neat list. TL both your X-wings in the beginning of the game and they will have full mods when they shoot in the first round of combat. Then, when your opponent fires back you switch the 'locks to your opponents ships and reroll their dice. When it's Thane's turn he can launch his missile to finish the job. Taking it to a special tourney next weekend, I'll report on how it does.
  4. TLT-Kanan with tactician and Biggs destroys Dengaroo, and can even win a joust if you are clever enough. It seems strange to me that more people does not play that list. Its been my go to squad for a good while now, and seems strong against most lists.
  5. What about this as a fix, its boring as all hell but it does its job: Standardised Astromech -1p "This card has a negative squad cost value." In this way we buff the generics without making stuff like Poe overpowered.
  6. Great write-up. The community needs more pieces like this, showing that with some outside the box thinking and clever flying you can go far with an unconventional list.
  7. AlexiLux

    Sabine TIE builds

    Sabine with Intimidation, Intelligence Agent and Black Sun Slicer Tools. Cheap, dangerous blocker.
  8. Great thread, good to finaly see some positivity concerning the ARC and the rebel TIE. What about this list, super-blocker Sabine and two heavy hitters. Sabine 15 -Intimiadtion 2 -Int agent 1 -BMST 1 -Masterpiece 1 Corran 35 -VI 1 -FCS 2 -R2-D2 4 Norra Wexley 29 -PTL 3 -BB-8 2 -C3-P0 3 -Alliance Overhaul 0 Total 99
  9. I have used Manaroo as a modifier factory to great success. Run her mindlinked with a Mindlink Talonbane and a VI Zuckus and you can often blow up an imperial ace before it gets to fire. After or during the initial joust, Manaroo can act as a blocker as well. When Fenn hits the scene, he will take the place of Talonbane for more glorious scum-ace antics.
  10. If I am completely honest, this meta is starting to grow on me. I've played Mindlink-Brobots(C and B) almost exclusively for the last month or so and it's a really fun list. It has a solid chance against all the metas demons. I was very suprised when I faced double Jumpmaster lists at Naboo and found out that the matchup was quite favorable for me. Also, just saw the results from the Tatooine system open and Guri is in the top 8! Guri!
  11. Having some time to kill on a train on course to Naboo, I started thinking about X-Wing. I thought about what used to be my primary faction(until scum came along), rebels, and how to navigate the meta with them. This is what some tinkering conjured up: Warden Squadron Pilot — K-Wing 23 Extra Munitions 2 Conner Net 4 Advanced SLAM 2 Ship Total: 31 Green Squadron Pilot — A-Wing 19 Adaptability 0 Chardaan Refit -2 Crack Shot 1 Autothrusters 2 A-Wing Test Pilot 0 Ship Total: 20 Green Squadron Pilot — A-Wing 19 Adaptability 0 Chardaan Refit -2 Crack Shot 1 Autothrusters 2 A-Wing Test Pilot 0 Ship Total: 20 Red Squadron Veteran — T-70 X-Wing 26 Wired 1 R3-A2 2 Integrated Astromech 0 Ship Total: 29 A four ship rebel list with a few tricks up its sleeve. The K-wing has served me well before and has the blood of several axes on its hand through blocking or Conner netting'. The twenty point A-wings are also efficient blockers and can deal some damage with their crack shots. The T-70 is the ship I'm not sure of, the stressbot is powerful in the meta with all the Interceptors and Inquisitors running around but it might be too expensive for what it does. Anyway, I am definitely trying it out when I get back home, just wanted your thoughts on it.
  12. In response to the Starvipers supposed inability to fight, I love flying Guri with Predator and Sensor Jammer, comes in at a round 40 points with Autothrusthers. That is expensive, true, but not devastatingly so for a pretty survivable ship who can hold her own(with some support) against some other aces and absolutely slaughter generics. Throw her in a squad with Palob for possibly the most annoying combo you can imagine.
  13. Lost twice to a triple JumpMaster build during a store championship today. Guy who flew them went undefeated. I'm seriously a little concerned, he had this routine where he would basically just stay in a corner and wait for me to approach them, making me eat 3 torpedoes if I tried. I flew Poe and a few PS4 jousters and even with the pilot skill advantage I couldn't win. The only way to defeat them that I can think of is bringing an arc dodger, like an interceptor, inquisitor-ship or A-wing. Well, back to the drawing board...
  14. So what are you guys flying with Xizor? I like two Ion BTL Y-wings with R4 and a Z. Xizor got VI, FCS ATs and inertial dampeners(You can skip this for a initiative bid). Fun list to fly but I'm looking to try something new with the prince.
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