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  1. Here's a possible problem I see, though it is pretty narrow: motti interdictor. I guess that has enough of its own penalty built in... you have to take a motti interdictor for this to work 😂
  2. My solution: Put all squadrons on x-wing bases. Assign all squadrons maneuver dials. Then replace all ships from the game with more squadrons and play a game of x-wing 😂. Joking aside, (and to be clear, I am an occasional, casual player that just likes star wars a lot...) I think redoing the squadron movement rules would make the game that much more appealing to play and that much easier to jump into. I just don't like how it works right now- I like almost every other aspect of how fighters work, as you get a lot of the "flavor" of each fighter type without excessive amounts of unique rules. I love how they interact with ship command dials and how the game is almost at that perfect place where if you can "hit that opening" on an undefended ship, fighters can be really punishing, but they are not auto-win tools and CAP is a thing. I don't know exactly how to make it better without ruining that feel (maybe it can't be?), but there are a lot of really good ideas in this topic. Maybe a maneuver dial and templates really might help after all...
  3. Just some food for thought here. Bandai's 1/5000 ISD-II release is coming up soon and at least I personally am wondering if other ships in this scale might be released at that level of quality (acknowledging the YT-1300 and CR-90 that come with the kit, of course) and there are already shapeways folks who are trying to catch that wave with 1/5000 versions of other classic ships. Anyone else thinking of jumping on this band wagon? (If someone can make some discernable, not-little-booger tie fighters and x-wings at 1/5000, I think I might be sold)
  4. For windex water, I use something like 1:10. For ox gall, its very similar. I don't personally use alcohol, so I don't really know about that. The other thing to keep i mind i that if you're doing a wash on a matte coat, the surface of your paint is actually pitted on a micro level so the wash isn't going to want to flow off of that. If you want to keep the panels clean, i recommend doing a gloss coat first (I prefer future acrylic floor wax shot straight out of an airbrush)
  5. I'm actually most looking forward to how 600 point sector fleet plays vs standard games- the decreased squad ratio/increased ship density in particular I think will spice things up all on its own
  6. Aside from the Nebulon B and x-wings, the miniature quality is top-notch: worth getting into just for the ships, even, IMHO. Sharp casting, pre-painted if you're lazy, but they really shine when you paint them yourself- minimal mold lines and assembly gaps in my experience. Panel lines are a touch too big on some ships, but it's manageable. Also, as a long time miniatures/board game player (40k, full thrust, battletech, dirtside, b5 wars, ACTA, etc.) this is definitely my favorite system of the bunch. People who say the game takes too long should have tried 40k 2e imperial guard vs orks.... that was always 4 hours at a minimum .
  7. If you're using acrylic washes, one tip is to use "wet water" (water with an additive to break the surface tension). The surface tension is what causes washes to pool when you want them to flow. I like to use ox gall, but windex and alcohol also work. Have some wet water in a paint dispenser nearby. When you want the wash to get into the deep parts, first hit the area with straight wet water, then add the wash- you will find that instead of tinting, it gets sucked down. Of course, you can use that pooling to your advantage when you want shading over a larger area- it's a fine balance, so experiment a lot, and simple green is your friend for when you inevitably want to do a re-do! If you want to see that in action try searching youtube for vallejo wash tutorial or something like that. Alternatively, try water colors for your washes, as when they pool all you have to do is wipe it with a wet brush! That's how I made these (WIP):
  8. Wingless liberty is, IMO, definitely worth its own ship! (or at least a new model and title or something like Chimaera). It's very prominent in the Sullust jump scene and is one of my favorite designs! In terms of rules, what if it were an MC-80 title that added a weapons team
  9. FFG is great at developing mechanics that eliminate "fiddliness." I think the movement system for ships, the movement system in x-wing, runewars, and legion all demonstrate a lot of finesse and thoughtfulness. I want something like that for Armada fighters. I want to "make a series of interesting decisions," not test my dexterity in placing and removing circular bases on a mat that have trees of pointy poky fighters on them.
  10. They are skilled at bouncing the laser blasts off of one target and onto another that's close by. It's all richochets. With frikin lazers.
  11. Current squadron play can be soul-sapping. The measuring, the fiddliness... it really doesn't match with the rest of the game, IMHO. Don't get me wrong, I want them to be important, and I want them to stay in the game as more than a vague kind of ordnance, but the way they play is just draggy once you start having multiple overlapping "distance 1" effects and whatnot.
  12. Ohhh man... I loves me my little plastic spaceships. However, at least for myself, one of the reasons I like little plastic spaceships is that when I was growing up, success in more "mainstream" (for lack of a better word) activities was difficult for me due to a lack of social acumen. I wouldn't be surprised if some other gamers got their gaming start for similar reasons, including your tilter. I don't know what to say other than I sympathize with you, but I also sympathize with this antagonistic person as well. I once took my wife into a local gaming store so I could buy a bottle of paint: as I was chatting with one of the managers about the Armada scene she grabbed my arm and asked if we could leave. She got creeped out by what she called the "greasiness" of the store and the patrons: something about the decrepit folding chairs/tables, the smell of nachos, unkempt hair, and one too many too tight t-shirts revealing a little too much detail for not-the-most-in-shape dudes... but inside I was thinking, "that's me too though!" Speaking as someone who needed to "be helped"out of some pretty severe social anxiety, my main advice is that the level of confrontation you bring to a person should be proportional to the level of trust that person gives to you. Otherwise, you're probably not going to be heard. I wouldn't give up on this person, though- we all have our blind spots, we all have aspects of ourselves that we'd rather not have, and it's not so easy to get out of habits that may have been built up over years of practice (and in some cases, years of trauma).
  13. Dear FFG: Step 1: Release cheaper coreset Step 2: Rack in more players Step 3: Rejoicing of nerddom across dank folding tables and rusty metal chairs everywhere
  14. The first pics in the post are direct screen capture from Return of the Jedi. I guess I do want the ship model in the game officially, no mater if it's a home one variant a la chimaera expansion or what have you. I get the whole variation thing, but I prefer too many ISD's and MC80's than never seeing them at all (like the latter days of x-wing 1.0). Even back in wave 2 when all you could see were Firesprays and YT-2400's everywhere it kind of bugged me. I'm probably in the minority on this, but Armada for me is fa Star Wars Spaceship source that also happens to be a really fun game.
  15. I guess this is a poll of sorts: after the great Maus-ing, this ship appears to have been subsumed into the generic "MC80" label. Should this be represented by yet another Rebel Large or medium, or remain the domain of a custom mini from Mel's (engine-tech'd MC80 mini)? If it's a ship-of-it's own, what should it do?
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