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  1. Your problem is surface energy. Getting a good wash depends on a relatively smooth surface that the wash can slide off of. If I were you, I'd go at it with a micron pen or mechanical pencil. That way, rather than depending on surface energy, you're using your eye-ball to tell you where the lines really should go.
  2. I stand corrected! Hopefully they actually shoot at each other and there isn't a strange "Wait! I'll settle this in a one-on-one duel with ye isntead!" moment
  3. Wow. I thought the T-70 was a little ugly, but the T-85 looks like b-movie scifi.
  4. It looks to me like a CGI dump. That's why there's three+MC-75's (3d model made for Rogue One) and not a single MC80A, MC80B, or MC80L, though from what we know about Endor they ought to have been a lot more prevalent. Several of the ships are recolors but exactly the same render, down to the camera angle (saves money for the CGI artists). These will likely have little to no import in the battle to come- it's a sloppy, hasty shot meant to be impressive and we'll never see them again. No biggie, this was done in RotJ too, pre CG of course (just take a look at how many exactly the same MC-80A's and Nebulon-B there are in some of the composited shots- I think there's like 9 Neb-B's all with the exact same profile, scaled differently in one scene)
  5. Soooo just wondering here... If anyone has bought a more recent print of either the core set or rebel fighters I, what do the x-wings look like? Are they still misaligned in the back with horrible flash, like the first batches? Was thinking of picking up a few more fighters, but memories of fixing issues on x-wings gives me PTSD
  6. Seriously, though, if 1/5000 takes off with more detailed models, I may have to switch out my miniatures! Now if only Bandai can use that magic of theres to make some teeny-tiny 1/5000 fighters... (that falcon is awesome!)
  7. Should I give up hope on the wingless liberty? I'd love it as an alternate ship card and mini for the MC80 home one (so as not to crowd out the design space)... Also want the brahtok- definitely need this and the wingless to complete a respectable battle of endor! (and maybe some DSII rules somehow in a special mission...)
  8. Here's a possible problem I see, though it is pretty narrow: motti interdictor. I guess that has enough of its own penalty built in... you have to take a motti interdictor for this to work 😂
  9. My solution: Put all squadrons on x-wing bases. Assign all squadrons maneuver dials. Then replace all ships from the game with more squadrons and play a game of x-wing 😂. Joking aside, (and to be clear, I am an occasional, casual player that just likes star wars a lot...) I think redoing the squadron movement rules would make the game that much more appealing to play and that much easier to jump into. I just don't like how it works right now- I like almost every other aspect of how fighters work, as you get a lot of the "flavor" of each fighter type without excessive amounts of unique rules. I love how they interact with ship command dials and how the game is almost at that perfect place where if you can "hit that opening" on an undefended ship, fighters can be really punishing, but they are not auto-win tools and CAP is a thing. I don't know exactly how to make it better without ruining that feel (maybe it can't be?), but there are a lot of really good ideas in this topic. Maybe a maneuver dial and templates really might help after all...
  10. Just some food for thought here. Bandai's 1/5000 ISD-II release is coming up soon and at least I personally am wondering if other ships in this scale might be released at that level of quality (acknowledging the YT-1300 and CR-90 that come with the kit, of course) and there are already shapeways folks who are trying to catch that wave with 1/5000 versions of other classic ships. Anyone else thinking of jumping on this band wagon? (If someone can make some discernable, not-little-booger tie fighters and x-wings at 1/5000, I think I might be sold)
  11. For windex water, I use something like 1:10. For ox gall, its very similar. I don't personally use alcohol, so I don't really know about that. The other thing to keep i mind i that if you're doing a wash on a matte coat, the surface of your paint is actually pitted on a micro level so the wash isn't going to want to flow off of that. If you want to keep the panels clean, i recommend doing a gloss coat first (I prefer future acrylic floor wax shot straight out of an airbrush)
  12. I'm actually most looking forward to how 600 point sector fleet plays vs standard games- the decreased squad ratio/increased ship density in particular I think will spice things up all on its own
  13. Aside from the Nebulon B and x-wings, the miniature quality is top-notch: worth getting into just for the ships, even, IMHO. Sharp casting, pre-painted if you're lazy, but they really shine when you paint them yourself- minimal mold lines and assembly gaps in my experience. Panel lines are a touch too big on some ships, but it's manageable. Also, as a long time miniatures/board game player (40k, full thrust, battletech, dirtside, b5 wars, ACTA, etc.) this is definitely my favorite system of the bunch. People who say the game takes too long should have tried 40k 2e imperial guard vs orks.... that was always 4 hours at a minimum .
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