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  1. I was thinking up some fleets for starting corellian conflict and thought up this silly thing, I actually want to see the look on the faces of those rebel scum if I were to set this up borrowing some pieces from the other players. I wondered what people here think about it. since its CC only 1 upgrade per ship, 400 points VSD-II Grand Admiral Thrawn seventh fleet star destroyer VSD-II seventh fleet star destroyer VSD-II seventh fleet star destroyer VSD-II seventh fleet star destroyer tie fighter 1x ( optional, 8 points were left)
  2. pick another legion product and include pictures and explain the situation and they will prolly hndle it fine. worked for me in star wars armada before.
  3. sounds like he did indeed not call any one of us a toddler he called EVERYONE a toddler.
  4. was looking for US or NA only tournaments that have the word world in it, 5th and 6th result on google re about shootings at videogame tournament world championship. can't say I was suprised there.
  5. and yet they are the same person... from another, no less certain, point of view.
  6. @Darth Matthew obviously yes but perhaps expand what you are looking for. do you have people to play with or tell us your area, for example the Netherlands has a facebook site for star wars armada players which has people located aound several cities planning tournaments and me and 3 others are starting corellian conflict around Den Bosch aswell though you are unlikely to be Dutch with a name such as Matthew, in fact with a name like that you are likely to be american probs WASP ( white anglo-saxon protestant). this map says midwest or upper eastcoast is most likely though it could still be anywhere christian being something you US folk are too much and too extremist in. theres also ~6/7% chance that your last name is one of he following 20, smith being most likely at 0.85% ( am I close on anything?) anyways that is all the deduction im willing to put into your location without you telling us anything s my advice is for you to: try to find a core set cheap and hold off on buying expansions that are not in stock untill the reprint happens likely around when the SSD comes out, I think they are trying to time it so the reprints and SSD are coming out at the same time.
  7. ... rebels need more medium and need gunships... medium bse flotilla? could it be? ...should it be?
  8. if one were to get the high ground the other still would likely not give up.
  9. playing in the open air on the beach. it could work.
  10. clone wars: force upgrade-> anakin only *places upgrade on vader*
  11. that is basically what I just posted 3d miniatures for.
  12. I've been watching this thread and am amazed none of you have found this yet: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2320484
  13. up there where someone said mandalorian supercomandos and someone else did jump troopers soooooo... they have been mentioned, you lied to me, and one day I will have my revenge.
  14. managed to find an image of the base and 2 upgraded versions^ @Derrault not battlefront, or movie... star wars galactic battlegrounds. @UnitOmega yeah these use flamers.
  15. they are going tp unleash the SSD while also flooding back all the older expansions hopefully bringing loads of new plyers into the game. then... clone wars.
  16. add some simple market stalls have it so vehicles moving onto/into them removes them from the board but they count as light cover for troops. helps you fill in some area. ... mmm I think I might make some myself now.
  17. yeah Im with @JediPartisan and @Lemmiwinks86 on this one, relaying an entourage order to something other than the death trooper does not mean you can issue another command to the death trooper via entourage to relay again.
  18. what are you saying? he looks like a kindly old man in all the holovids like you can see here where he is trying to help a misguided fanatic untill the fanatic breaks the equipment and rejects the path of goodness.
  19. he gave his life preventing the rebels from using their planetary core mining device on civilized imperial worlds. he was a true hero.
  20. what are you talking about? everyone would like to have them like that but we don't but the newer ones have more aliens. and you can get 3d printed alien heads so it's okay. I did not even know wookies could make so much whine.
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