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  1. Heya folks So this coming Sunday, a group of friends and myself are going to be taking our first steps into EotE. We haven't donr anything pen and paper for a good 20 years. Anyone have any tips or things they wished they knew before they started?
  2. Epic stuff. How many racer's per race would you recommend?
  3. I was after a CORSEC pilot, couldn't find one, so I did a quick and nasty photoshop.
  4. Ever thought of 'converting' some of the planets from SWTOR?
  5. Thanks. I need to go home and rethink my life
  6. I'm a little confused. In the 'Fly Casual' source books, it says you can choose 2 free skills from Piloting: Space/Planetary, Astrogation or Gunnery. But on the builder I only get to choose 1, and only between either Piloting. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. While i'm at it, i'm also aftrer green flight suit wearing x-wing pilots, aka Corran Horn.
  8. Ive been through the entire thread I was more after sleek combaty looking ones.
  9. Don't suppose anyone has some other swoop style pics?
  10. Barn

    Current Meta?

    I'm legally quadriplegic, and live in a nursing home about an hour and a half from my nearest gaming location. To go to play a game requires van hire, support worker etc. Its gets paid by an agency, but works out at around $800 for me to play around 3 hours.I don't care about winning, but I'd prefer not to spend all that for 3 hours of having my butt handed to me
  11. Barn

    Current Meta?

    Thanks folks. Regionals for me are a long way off lol So im reading either lots of pew pew (to tackle heavy shields) or bring heavy shields (to handle lots of pew pew). Sound about right?
  12. Barn

    Current Meta?

    I keep seeing people refer to the 'current metagame' but being a noob, I have no idea what this is. I mean, I know what it stands for, but what combos are currently considered meta?
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