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  1. I am new to X-Wing and have just bought the Falcon 2nd edition. Apart from the large base, there is a small base in the set. What is this one used for?
  2. After tonight's game we have some rules questions. The Rebel Golan Turret removes two red dice. Is this before or after the limit of 5 dice. For example, we had three ISD's in battle. Do we roll 4 dice (6 red - 2) or only three (6 reduced to max 5 - 2)? If there are two Golan turrets in a system, do they combine the effect (- 4 red dice)? In a battle, what is the sequencing of retreat? Attacker first, or defender first? And when retreating, regardless of the answer on the previous question: can both sides retreat? When using the mission 'We're the bait', who is the attacker? What happens if the rebels plays the Rapid mobilization mission and there are no free planets? With the Popular support objective, do loyal but subjugated systems count for the requirement? And finally, when using the new combat cards: when playing you roll last-card. IS this only for the next round or for the complete (space or ground) battle? Thanks for you replies!
  3. What do you think the reaction of my opponent was ....
  4. In my last game, I had Vader on an ISD. Used it to remove Rapid Launch Bays on an MC80 before 4 B-wings could be launched...
  5. I have a few questions regarding the use of Raddus & Profundity: 1. Does your opponent has to declare the ships that are held off-board? 2. When are command dials assigned to that ship? At the beginning of the game or the turn they appear? 3 For activation: Can these ships be activated when they are off-board? 4 For tokens: Can these ships be activated when they are off-board and consequently gain command tokens? 5 Profundity can set aside a small ship. Does this include flotillas? 6. Can the distance of deploying be 'relayed'? For example: only Profundity is on board and at the start of the turn, 2 ships are placed. Do both have to be within distance 1 of Profundity or can one be at distance one of Profundity and the other distance one of the just placed ship?
  6. My order is available in FLGS. I am from Belgium
  7. Also, would you be able to also sell on shapeways? They print in Europe with following benefits: I can buy them! Shipping is way cheaper (and sometimes free) I can buy them! The shipment does not have to pass customs I can buy them! Would be very nice
  8. I really love this. I would buy them if they held sleeved cards. Also, as noted, having spaces for the aces tokens would be a big plus. Now I am using this, but these are way better.
  9. Hi SirWilli, Since I am a complete addict (and almost broke by now ) I was wondering if you could make a Size 3 of the Ship tuck box. My poor ship cards are feeling quite cramped. I would be most grateful!
  10. ... for making wave 5 available in Belgium at the same time as in the US of A! Previous waves, we had to wait a full month!!
  11. Sounds like an idea. Also, wireless tiny LCD-tags would be nice. Anyone has any experience or suggestions about products or so?
  12. And its fictional. Made up by a franchise that started almost before wargaming was invented and contributed to by many individuals over several decades to look good on film or sound impressive in a novel. Not quite. The first commercial successful wargame came out in 1953 with the game Tactics II. See wikipedia. And if you want to really define the start of wargaming, war games were first introduced as emulation games for the general staffs, starting from Kriegspiel in 1780. Miniature gaming (naval ships) started around 1898.
  13. We had a discussion today regarding Ackbar in conjunction with a CR90B. Why can shed light on the following When shooting at long range: 1. As the CR90B has no red dice, Ackbar (being an attack effect and no dice are gathered during the Roll Attack Dice step) will not apply and the CR90B cannot fire at long range --- OR ---- 2. Ackbar is added during the Roll Attack Dice step and consequently, the CR90B can fire Thx for helping us out!
  14. Hi all, Had my first game last week and there were some rules questions we had: Action and mission cards that have the image of Luke, do they also apply to Jedi Luke? And most important: the Empire has found the base and attacks it. The Rebels win the space battle, the empire the ground battle. Is the base captured or not? Thanks for you help, guys.
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