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  1. This is what I use. https://www.homedepot.ca/product/husky-22-inch-rolling-cart-with-connect-system/1001043533 Most of my stuff is 3D printed so it's not breakable.
  2. The T-47 is immune to Blast & Melee.
  3. I was actually looking for this post, thank-you. It is very well done and a great resource. I would be interested in hearing what the Devs had to say about your #25. I will tell my paint balling friend to try this and see how it goes. =P
  4. RRG Page 8. "As a general rule, terrain that blocks line of sight to half or more of a mini provides cover, while terrain that blocks less than half of a mini does not. This means that trooper minis will frequently enjoy the benefits of cover, while vehicles often will not." I would say that ATRT does not have cover if you could see more then 50% of it.
  5. Can you use strategic to stack objective tokens on top of each other? (like fire lanes) Can you move them so they are overlapping a ship or squad?
  6. Must have missed it. Oh well, I am still happy! Besides, it SHOULD be on the front page right? =)
  7. The list I submitted used Konstantine and *gasp* a VIC II. I can't wait to try it.
  8. Topic for a new video on your you tube channel perhaps? Hmmmmmm what idea do you have? I have a few planned but I am working on getting some presentation things set up and I am getting a better camera and mic. Christmas is going to be a spending spree. . . Tips for flying an ISD successfully, perhaps even tips for flying against Ackbar. I have seen there are a lot of people having a hard time with this. (This thread is evidence of that)
  9. Topic for a new video on your you tube channel perhaps?
  10. Boy did it ever! This was suppose to be a happy time!
  11. Was just looking at the Upcoming page and noticed that wave 2 is at the printer! Yay!
  12. Own: 2 VSD 2 GSD 2 AFMK2 2 Neb-B 2 CR90 2 Rebel Fighter Packs 2 Imperial Fighter Packs 1 Dice Pack Pre-Ordered: Waiting to see what the point values are so I can create some lists. But likely 1-2 of everything.
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