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  1. I am appalled that you consider FFG is as bad as EA.
  2. Got any good stuff happening? Share it.
  3. That is an opinion though. I see negative stuff all the time and it puts me off.
  4. I got a team tournament this Sunday. I am excited to play and we got cross faction teams.
  5. This wasn't true rather a minor issue if you preordered and tried refunding close to launch.
  6. Unless I roll a blank and panic. or worse most of the time. And attacking means they won't armor up til 5.
  7. This seems cool and all. But..... My problem with Rune Golems is not comparing them to other siege units. Its the fact they are so fragile against most 2 threat units and many more units having ways to generate mortal strikes. Just comparing them to 1v1 to other siege units won't help when they will be put in game with multiple units and upgrades that can be thrown at them. Kinda wish they had a champion slot of Forged in Battle.
  8. Uhhhhhhhhhh
  9. I will be honest and say that I HATE skirmish mode for IA. The power creep in the campaign is off putting and I just don't like the command card system all that much.
  10. The thing about comparing Rune Golems and Carrion lancers 1v1 is poor. My problem is that most units with 2 threat won't have too much issue getting the 4 damage needed to get one wound. Same goes for Carrion lancers. Threat 3 units are more dangerous to lancers sure but the threat 2 units is what I am more emphasizing here. Not deathcaller disco or Waiqar. 2 threat units have the same potential to wound Golems as they do lancers. Lancers benefit from training slot too but that is me nitpicking. The biggest issues with golems for me is 2 wounds and that they are inconsistent.
  11. Just the regular Scouts.
  12. Swap the attack to blue yellow. Give the accuracy surges pierce. New ability scout shot: while attacking from 4 or more spaces away, you may replace a yellow dice for a blue. This attack gains piece 1.
  13. Yea I think the Interdictor is much bigger than 600m Edit: Also are we counting Wookiepedia as an official source now? Also how about the Quasar? I think I put it around 500m long. idk.
  14. What role do these troopers fill?
  15. All I want and think that Rune Golems need, is just one more wound. Getting 4 damage is not too hard and with all the Mortal Strike effects in the game, it makes them pretty squishy.