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  1. We are due a Leonx rider however I don't anticipate anything new honestly as they have been shown without any Latari only upgrades.
  2. Why is her command upgrade 10 poiints compared to Hawthorne's 22. x.x
  3. We have a thread about the mouse droid and one advertising mafia.
  4. Not the first time they got the order wrong imo. The new addition makes Black Blue even with Blue Black.
  5. Here is my build. It got 4th in a San Antonio regional. http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/print_text_export.php?token=125489
  6. @jmswood the CR-90 was Liberator not Liberty.
  7. 4 VT-49s Dengar Valen.
  8. @CaribbeanNinja So how bout them new Destiny dice/deck binders!
  9. I may be that person.
  10. Until the Darnati release I don't see getting a second command expansion worth it as your archers are gonna be small formations or a big one. I would get 2 deepwood archers, one leonx rider, one Scion to start with the command and Maegan. Assuming one box. Also later grab 2 Darnati. They can hit pretty hard.
  11. At least we aren't the poor sobs waiting for Ghost of Dathomir for the force RPG.
  12. I would love to play that CR90 swarm with my Victory list.
  13. Tempered Steel is in the spearmen box along with raven tabard. Both good for oathsworn.
  14. Master crafted weapons aren't good on oathsworn. Use tempered steel instead.
  15. Yes. Tempered Steel with a 4x1 can do 8-12 damage consistently.