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  1. TallGiraffe

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    I still got some of those lying around actually.
  2. TallGiraffe

    Generic vs Generic

    I feel like if you just want the bubble and a single command slot filled, the generic can be more useful at a cheaper price point.
  3. TallGiraffe

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    That would be a good replacement for my scout corvettes.
  4. TallGiraffe

    Armada trade thread

    @JadinED They are not official.
  5. TallGiraffe

    The “Hondo” operative thread

    He is the jack sparrow of Star Wars.
  6. TallGiraffe

    prediction time 2019

    I want some generic operatives for both sides ideally.
  7. TallGiraffe

    Rune golems

    I always thought they could use an extra wound in general along with some small adjustments to their dial and they would be fine.
  8. TallGiraffe

    Is there an event at Origins?

    I have no idea what Origins is.
  9. Not to mention we had a guy advertise SINGLE squadron stands for 15$. Just a single squadron stand.
  10. TallGiraffe

    New vehicles!

    Or the dish turret.
  11. TallGiraffe

    New vehicles!

    Fleets with impact grenades and a scattergun.
  12. TallGiraffe

    New vehicles!

    You know people saying the Rebels will struggle to do damage to the tank. It's like the Rebels don't have 2 support options with high impact.
  13. TallGiraffe

    New vehicles!

    Kinda expensive aren't they though?
  14. Obviously Crabbok has info he can't discuss. So that is a good sign.