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    I would keep IO on Devastater so you can sacrifice your own tokens to vader.
  2. So, release date game....

    Hey they surprised us with the Armada release date.
  3. So, release date game....

    Well I don't 100 percent believe it either.
  4. So, release date game....

    Well the 1st IS a thursday and that is a release day for products.
  5. From now till release day

    Local store says 1st of Feb. But unsure.
  6. Has Anybody Tried Brunson Yet?

    Oh wait. I remembered the card wrong.
  7. Has Anybody Tried Brunson Yet?

    Also as a side note. I find Montferrat not too good cause if you ram the ship he dies essentially. He hates lovetaps.
  8. Has Anybody Tried Brunson Yet?

    I believe you can do it at the same time as evade. Is there a specific order on spending them? I mean you have to determine if you are bracing before resolving the evade effect right? Edit: What Snipafist said.
  9. Has Anybody Tried Brunson Yet?

    Brunson is used in the Spend Defense Token Step
  10. Has Anybody Tried Brunson Yet?

    Hand of Justice on the Needa Boat. And be smart and swap the redundant redirect for redundant evade.
  11. So, release date game....

    One of my local stores says boxes coming in one the 1st of February.
  12. Has Anybody Tried Brunson Yet?

    Arquitens. Firing at long range.
  13. Taskforce Armada Format! 200 pt 3x3 area

    I thought you had all the board for deployment? also @Blail Blerg is 225 points better or 200?
  14. Profundity Unboxing

    Hardened bulkheads?
  15. What will Wave 8 bring?

    I would make the Katana part a title that lowers the command value.