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  1. And why the **** do I have to click a link in a post to get to the content?
  2. https://itsatraparmada.blogspot.com/p/way-too-early-republic-list.html Can you change the text boxs to be more easy on the eyes? @LMarty8
  3. Only if Horse Radish is an upgrade.
  4. What if I stacked my cards on top of each other until I needed them? Will FFG accommodate my play style with see through cards?
  5. Adding on to what Dras said, eventually you will get to the point where you HAVE to build a certain thing a certain way for it to work. It kinda removes choice in the matter. Being able to change points via Tournament PDFs is good for the game. Now FFG can't constantly print changed cards which is understandable. This box of upgrade cards is really generous for what it is. At least 1 copy of EVERY card in the game already out? Sign me up for that. It's not like people will force you to use the new cards either. Just keep the updated Tournament PDF on your phone or print it out. If you just play the game at home, then just use the cards you got.
  6. To be fair. You could get a deckbox for a few bucks then just put some dividers in there to sort them out.
  7. Where is @geek19 when we need him?
  8. Maybe it has an upgrade card. Heavy Prow Cannons or something.
  9. Seems like the Armed Consular has the Comms keyword too.
  10. Remember the time that we got an announcement for another announcement that was 6 months away? Pepperridge Farms remembers.
  11. Alright this thread isn't going anywhere. I will make my own thread if this continues.
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