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  1. TallGiraffe

    My DMed Campaign Experiences!

    After establishing a base of Operations in a new sector, our Rebels have been moving to disrupt Imperial forces nearby. First order of business is a good ol fashion convoy raid for resources. Two Gozantis and a Raider were engaged by half of our band of Rebels fleet with a Pelta, Hammerhead, CR-90, and Arquitens. Madine lead the charge dealing with the basic fighter screens of the Convoy. The Rebels pushed forward destroying one of the flotillas as a Quasar Carrier jumped in to aid deploying Interceptors, Bombers, and more basic TIE Fighters. While managing to knock out a Rebel Lancer and X-wing squadron, these reinforcements were quickly routed supplying the Rebels with much needed supplies. Meanwhile General Leia leads a small taskforce to raid a nearby Corellian shipyard. Docked at the stations were some much needed ships. A CR-90b, Nebulon B Escort Frigate, and Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette. However there are a number of TIE Fighters, a Gozanti Flotilla along with an Arquitens. Also defending this shipyard a new ship design in the form of the Vindicator Heavy Cruiser which proved very difficult for the Rebel fleet to crack. Leia's GR-75 moved to board the stations to jump out the docked ships, however the Empire weren't going to just allow the Rebels to steal the ships. The Vindicator nearly destroyed a docked Hammerhead before it jumped out. Next the Nebulon, however the Rebels were quite quick managing to neutralize most of the Imperial Squadrons, even with a Gozanti deploying more fighters. The Rebel Nebulon jousted the Vindicator as they also repaired landing with a stalemate distracting the Cruiser as they steal the last ship there, a CR-90. The Rebels may have a larger fleet now, however Imperial forces are gathering and will bring more to bear on this experienced band of Rebels.
  2. TallGiraffe

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    So what makes the Mk I more star wars looking?
  3. TallGiraffe

    MC75 ordnance cruiser OP?

    Take a look at these two blogs. They are informative. http://www.steelstrategy.com/?m=1 http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/?m=1 https://armadaihaveyounow.blogspot.no/?m=1
  4. TallGiraffe

    MC75 ordnance cruiser OP?

    If he is first player then yea you can activate Profundity. The MC75 needs double arcs to bring all of the firepower to bear and Raddus helps with this. The fact you were using it on a slow Victory makes it seem more powerful than it actually is. Against more maneuverable targets you will find a bit tougher to lock down. And tougher targets, your cruiser most likely will be destroyed or nearly.
  5. TallGiraffe

    Let's play a game. Upgrade cards.

    3. Guidance Jammers 4 pts Fleet Support/Experimental Retrofit. At the start of a Round you may exhaust this card. If you do, squadrons at distance 1-2 of you lose bomber.
  6. The Interdictor we have kinda fits the role already.
  7. Like the Vindicator #TeamVindicator
  8. TallGiraffe

    Let's play a game. Upgrade cards.

    What if Phantoms had swarm?
  9. TallGiraffe

    Let's play a game. Upgrade cards.

    I still believe sloane should still only work with swarm squadrons only. She is a very good admiral. But yea I feel like if they just make Yavaris only work on one squadron in addition to the current Nerfs, Rieekan wouldn't be too bad.
  10. TallGiraffe

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    Even a Liberty can down them in a single shot if you aren't Lucky.
  11. James Earl Jones is my first choice. Cause dat voice. Mark Lewis Jones my second choice. Say what you will about The Last Jedi, I enjoyed his role as Captain Canady.
  12. Yea, but my Dreadnought design has 1 - 1,1
  13. TallGiraffe

    Campaign Squadron Ideas

    Yea. It is a TIE fighter Ace. Your not going to want to take damage. Maybe an Advanced Ace would be more funny.