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  1. My buddy just told me about this. I was greatly looking forward to dropping lots of little purple plastic Tyranid miniatures and copious amounts of reinforcement tokens (I envisioned the 'nids being heavily focused on reinforcement token generation) onto the board. Needless to say I'm extremely bummed.
  2. I'm thinking of house ruling the Raid special order token to make it a more tempting use of a star. I'm thinking a change from "can raid Defense orders" to "always count as pillaging" would do just the trick. What do you guys think? Would such a change see an increased use of the Raid special order token without disrupting balance?
  3. All I'm wanting out of an expansion is a Tyranid faction. Just make them terrible individually, but capable of amassing huge swarms capable of overwhelming anyone. Toss in enough plastic purple pieces to accommodate such a play style and I'll call it a win.
  4. As I'm not yet experienced enough to speak intelligently on questions 1 and 3, I'm only going to adress question 2. The only race I'd like to see added to the game are Tyranids. - I'm make their game pieces purple. - I'd give them a massive pool of tier 0 troops, with plenty of ways to get them into play fast and cheap. - I'd give them a very limited pool of tiers 1+. - I'd have combat cards key on higher-tier troops to grant bonuses to tier 0 troops to reflect synposis. - I'd give them ways to easily generate tons and tons of reinforcement tokens. - With so many ways to generate cheap or free tier 0 troops and reinforcment tokens, I'd consider having them be automatically destroyed if routed. - I'd consider giving them an alterante win condition (such as take over any four planets containing an opponet's buildings) if it could at all be balanced.
  5. I don't know if FF has plans to one day add House Arryn (I'd like to see them do so just for the graphic design and artwork the cards would bring us), but if they even wanted to, are there any mechanics and/or playstyles not yet covered by one of the eight existing factions that could fit thematically into a hypothetical House Arryn?
  6. I doubt the answer is going to come back "yes", but I'm wondering if there are any online sites that sell single cards for FF's LCGs? I'd like to get my hands on a handful of the neutral cards (particularly Roseroad) to flesh out some preconstrcuted decks so my friends and I can grab-and-go whenever we want to play without having to worry about shuffling cards from this deck to that to make them a bit more playable.
  7. Sneak Attack says, "You cannot initaitive more than 1 challange during the challenges phase." Casterly Rock says, "You may initiative an additional intrigue challenge during the challenges phase." So takes precedence?
  8. I just grabbed one pack of each of the colored plastic gaming tokens offered by FF. They're nice tokens that can be used for a variety of games, and I'm happy with the purhcase, but I am surprised to see there aren't black tokens available. Surely black tokens are something they'll release at some point in the future, right?
  9. I picked up two Core Sets from GenCon. The idea is to build eight permanent decks (one for each faction) so that my friends and I can pick up and play quickly whenever the mood strikes us. We're content to play unsplashed-faction decks built using the cards from the Core Set. This means we're not customizing our pre-constructed decks and won't likely be buying upcoming Chapter Packs. But since the decks constructed from two Core Sets leave our decks 13 to 14 cards shy of the 60-card minimum required by the rules, I'll be picking up either another Core Set or the first Chapter Pack made available (depending on the card count and distrubution). A third Core Set would give each of the eight decks a second (and probably much-needed) copy of the suggested neutrals given in the back of the rulebook. That's going to leave room for seven more cards for the Stark and Greyjoy decks and five more for the other six. So my question to you guys is this: how should I go about fleshing out these decks? I've ruled out adding 3rd copies of any unique characters, attachments, or locations, and I'm thinking three more characters and two more events would probably be the best route to take. I haven't settled on the specific cards yet, so I'm open to whatever suggestions you guys have for rounding out each deck.
  10. I'm surprised to see that the Lannisters are goign to be the masters of Ambush. Thematically, I would have thought the Greyjoys, with their coastal raids, would have got that nod.
  11. And if it were "winner choses", then your opponent would be looking at the cards in your hand (that in itself is no small tactical advanatage in most card games) in addition to discarding the most valuable card in your hand. So to me, randomly discarding a card looks like it's the right way to go.
  12. This mechanic specifically? I don't understand; if it's the same as before, and you had a playgroup before, why would you be unable to bring them together again now? The implication appears to be that his old playgroup quit playing either in part or specifically because cards discarded becaues of lost Intrigue Challenges are chosen at random. I can't imagine why that would be the breaking point for a player, but I wouldn't presume to speak for anyone else.
  13. When I saw the cost of some of the more powerful characters (like Ned and Robb Stark) I incorrectly assumed gold would be carry over to the next game turn. But according to the new article on challenges, found here... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/5/18/battle-for-the-throne-1/ ...gold is still discarded at the end of the turn. "Finally, you must return all unspent gold to the bank and if your hand size exceeds your plot’s reserve, you must discard until you meet your reserve." That's going to make those 7-gold characters pretty pricy to get into play. I played the 1st edition of the game exactly once with my friends (who were huge fans of the game) years ago, and vaguely remember locations added gold to that generated by your Plot card in the 1st edition of the game. Am I misremembering things?
  14. As a guy who hasn't played 1st edition, is this an example of a melee card? Since it's text is useless unless either of the listed traits appear on an opponent's revealed Plot card, I'm guessing the more chances to guess right/get lucky the better. Through my inexperienced eyes, I'm not seeing anything on that card that warrants it being limited to one per Plot deck strictly within the scope of a joust.
  15. In 1st edition, did key words on Plot cards much of an impact? Obviously those on characters, locations, etc will, but I'm wondering how cards played from your draw deck would interact with key words on Plot cards.
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