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  1. Congratulations, Barry! A ship with lots of personality. Amazing plasticard work: you have created a very interesting ship from an ugly one . Are you going to paint some reflections in the cockpit glass?
  2. Amazing work, as always! I like the colour scheme and the blaster shots. Well done! Happy New Year!
  3. Nice ideas, ianmiddy. Thanks! I'm still looking for suitable bits for the freighter. I only have two big engines, a Phantom cockpit and... a lot of ideas .
  4. Thanks, ianmiddy! That one is a good option, it reminds me of other YTs, like the YT 1760... http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:YT1760.jpg I need something different. This other freighter was my first option: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/AG-37's_freighter But I'm looking for something...asymmetric , like this :
  5. Thanks for your comments, Barry! I don't like the Phantom. The only reason I bought it was becouse it was part of a lot... Anyway the wings looks great... as part of another fighter . Are you reading my mind ? The Phantom cockpit is perfect to build a custom light freighter. I'm looking for inspiration to do so, becouse I want a different look, but still recogniseable as a SW's universe ship. Merry Christmas! Nacho
  6. An "easy" and cheap mod to make that CR-90 docking clamps: cut the round sections on the sides and replace it with these wall plugs, drilling a hole if necessary to adjust. Paint the plug fronts: Hope it helps!
  7. Your X-Wing and T-70 are amazing! Good colour choice, and I like the cockpits too . Congratulations! Regards
  8. Nice paint job on that YT, Piscopas. Congratulations! Regards
  9. Nice squad, Barry. Congratulations! I like your Lancer conversion and paint job. Well done! Regards
  10. Wow! Amazing work, as always! I like this ARC more than the other, perhaps due to the windows colour contrast and the engine's weathering. Congratulations for Hera's A-Wing too . Regards!
  11. Thanks for your comments, MtnWook! Both ships have parts from 1/35 WWII weapons sprue (including the Z-95 cannon). This is a cheap source for parts at this scale . Hope it helps
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