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  1. John Rainbow

    Cloak + Collision Detector

    Just a check here: decloak is a boost or barrel roll. Therefore collision detector allows you to decloak over obstacles. Am I correct?
  2. John Rainbow

    Keys to high quality Miranda play

    What else is in your list? If you don't have any other bombs I would suggest C3PO instead of Sabine for survivability as you will get more from that rather than Sabine.
  3. John Rainbow

    deciding between two lists

    I'm not sure of the value of tractor beam on Vessery here - will it really help enough with his second shot and the Nu?
  4. John Rainbow

    deciding between two lists

    List 2. List 1 is better off as the 3 boat variant you are seeing going around at the moment. List 2 has a lot more consistent offense I think.
  5. John Rainbow

    Showcase: M3-A Interceptor "Scyk"

    Tiger camo is badass!
  6. John Rainbow

    Quickdraw + Gunboats, a different take (maybe)

    I worry about you actually being able to do any damage... it they have more than 2 ships you are probably in trouble.
  7. John Rainbow

    Any indication of next X-Wing Wave?

    I hope its not another falcon. I need that like a hole in the head.
  8. Tournament data is exported to List Juggler. List Juggler does not connect to the tournament software itself. Only certain softwares can export to List Juggler in the right format (Cryodex being the main one) so it takes time for data to be uploaded because (a) it has to be done after the tournament and (b) the data might have be made up in other software or in the correct format if needed. As for the actual list data, it depends on whether the TO entered that themselves. As you can imagine, entering all the lists from a 128 player event takes a while... also with List Juggler you can add lists straight from some of the squad builders so a lot of TO's leave players to enter their own squads outside of say, the top 16.
  9. John Rainbow

    Are there cards in shorter supply than good generic astromechs?

    Do you really think you will need 3? It is a good upgrade but I am not sure it is that good! Maybe it will bring Wedge back but I can't see it being all that useful on anything else. Maybe the odd generic filler...
  10. John Rainbow

    The Mandalore System Open at PAX

    138 was the final count
  11. John Rainbow

    Need new mat. Please recommend your favorite and why.

    Bespin is still the best IMHO.
  12. John Rainbow


    Super pumped for this!
  13. John Rainbow

    Best Combo if you moved a pilot into a different ship

    Soontir in anything!
  14. John Rainbow

    How do you react to this situation

    Split them up and force them to come through the rocks while you circle.