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  1. With a new setup thanks to our patrons I was finally able to record our games again. So here are 4 new videos for you
  2. Finally a new Episode of our Battlereports
  3. Final Round of Germany's biggest community tournament
  4. Round 5 of Germany's biggest community tournament
  5. Round 4 of Germany's biggest community tournament
  6. Round 3 of Germany's biggest community tournament
  7. Round 2 of Germany's biggest community tournament
  8. I streamed at Germany's biggest community tournament with 90 players. I'll upload the videos on YouTube starting (obviously) with Round 1
  9. X-Wing Battlereports is back with another episode: Boba Fenn vs. Inferno Swarm
  10. Hello everyone. You can watch the videos of our livestream of the Hyperspace trial Hanover on our YouTube Channel
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen! Germany's first ever Hyperspace Trial will be streamed live on Saturday and Sunday 9th & 10th of March starting at approx. 9:30 am CET on www.twitch.tv/xwingshg We will have live commentary in English and will do some giveaways in between rounds. We'll raffle off some FFG Promocards, Goldsquadron and Mynock Alt Arts, some of our Patreon Charge Token and some wonderful wooden dial covers made by scruffy looking LASER BRAIN and more. Hope you tune in!
  12. Another Tabletop Simulator match. I recorded two "regular" Battlereports yesterday, which will be released soon. Also check out www.twitch.tv/xwingshg , because this Saturday and Sunday we will be streaming Germany's first Hyperspace Trial with live commentary in English
  13. Next TTS game against my Podcast buddy. 'Regular' Battlereports are getting recorded next week and I'll upload them asap
  14. I started streaming my Tabletop Simulator matches and upload them to our YouTube Channel. I Don't have an overlay here, but one or two of you might find this interesting as well
  15. Thanks Your wish is my command No, but seriously, I´ll try to keep it diverse. There might be a time in the future (For example before a System Open or Hyperspace Trials) where there might be a week or two where you might see a little more meta-lists because people want to practice against one or two of the meta boogey-men. The good thing about my X-Wing Team is, that most of us try to build their own lists and try to avoid netlisting.
  16. Episode 6 is here. 3 named Fangs vs. Resistance Heroes
  17. You’re welcome. It’s a lot of fun to play and watch games with non-Meta lists. Hope there will be 2 episodes next week again. One candidate for recording is myself with Han + 5 Mining Guild TIEs. Let’s see how that works out ^^
  18. Thanks, glad to hear. Still trying to improve things. Hopefully next week for the next episode everything will work smoothly
  19. Episode 3 is here (Due to some technical issues no dicecam this time :/)
  20. Episode 2 with Tripple IGs vs. Poe, Nien & L'ulo
  21. Thanks! The Overlay is from www.tabletop.to/xwstream It’s really great and easy to use. You can export xws from yasb lists.
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