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  1. So call it Cinematic Play then or something. No Epic points spent = not playing Epic. I'll admit, it's splitting hairs, but really the only thing that differentiates a really large dogfight from an Epic game is the huge ships. I don't think just changing the size of the play area is radical - if you up the points, you need to up the table size else things get ridiculously crowded. All that said, we all have in common the fact that we want to emphasize the non-100/6 much more and get it recognized as a 100% legitimate, and maybe even superior, way to play casually. Why limit ourselves to one vision of 'Epic', however we define it, and let it encompass everything from 300/12 to Huge Ships Required Epic and anything else we can think of, like HOTAC.
  2. As was stated before, if you're not using huge ships, you're not really playing Epic. At most it's Epic lite: just one calorie, not Epic enough. There should be a mandatory minimum on Epic points, even if it's only 1. Additionally, to really tweak some noses, what if you were only allowed to bring up to 50 pts of small-based ships for each Epic point in your list? Notice I only said small ships. Knock yourself out on large, but don't expect to be able to field a non-epic Epic list of 6 Defenders or whatever it was. It'll let you bring a CR90 or Raider and 150 pts of small ships, but you can't do a transport and swarms of smalls. I'd almost wish for Epic ships to be almost impervious to non-Epic primary and most secondary weapons because they should have powerful shields and good armor. Unfortunately, the Rebels show has pretty much shown us that nothing except the Ghost has shields that actually do anything, and they are apparently all unarmored as well. A single pass of firing standard TIE lasers is enough to sink a corvette. Of course, if you really think back on it, shields never really seemed to do anything in the movies anyway so maybe this isn't a change.
  3. I tell ya, it looks impressive on screen, but when you see it in person and realize just how small all those details are, it's mind blowing. Worth every penny to have it painted like that. If I had money trees all over my house, I'd commission the entire Mane 6 from that artist.
  4. Happy Friday! Unfortunately no, the immediate family isn't interested in X-Wing. I tried real hard, even commissioned a MLP Rainbow Dash A-Wing for my daughter, which she absolutely loved, for a while, but she only seems interested in playing when friends are over and we're playing. As for the wife, while she's happy to buy me Star Wars shirts and let me indulge my fandom in low-dollar increments, she's not interested in the game. Or games in general, I think. I believe the term she used is "dorky."
  5. Kharnvor

    Epic-sode IV

    Ok, first: Special Edition. Every astromech is R2-D2, the X-wings are all either Red 2 or Red 5, and the Y-Wings are all the same ship. Still, point taken we see 30 ships on the way. After that, though, we don't see the rest of them outside a handful. All we see of Gold squadron is Tiree, Dutch, and Pops until the end when one is seen flying away. I think it's safe to say Red squadron is 12, because that's who responds to "All wings report in." My point was that we don't have a similar establishing shot of all the TIEs launched by the Death Star. I think we see one shot of 4 or 5, and from that point on it's single TIEs outside of Vader's group. We can't just assume that the only TIEs out there are the ones we see, else how did the rest of the Rebel ships get shot down? Did they all plow into the Death Star on their own, or let turbo lasers blow them up like Porkins? Anyway, as you guys have all said, we now have Blue and Green squadrons that can conceivably be there thanks to Rogue One. Maybe the Death Star picked up some TIEs from Scarif since their base, the shield gate, was destroyed, and they had plenty to launch against the Rebels at Yavin. Regardless, it'd be awesome to see 30 Rebel ships and a similar number of TIEs on the table all at once. Truly Epic.
  6. That's fine, if it's too hard to read or you don't feel like giving it the effort, then ignore it. Don't then take the time to find some snarky pic to drop in without comment or actual contribution to the thread.
  7. Kharnvor

    Epic-sode IV

    I find it hard to believe there were only 8 (or other equally small number) of TIEs. True, we only see a few on screen at once, but we also only see a few Y-Wings and X-Wings, and never anywhere near the 30 claimed by the Death Star officer. I find it reasonable (granted, I haven't read anything related to the battle that might be a secondary canon source, or even legends) to assume that the Death Star launched at least as many TIEs as there were Rebels.
  8. I did want to say that although your OP could have used a bit of paragraph structure, I do generally agree with your points. If one has not actually played with the ships/squads in question, one should try to avoid posting as if they are an authority or expert on the subject.
  9. Yup, though it's not the worst offender on these boards. That's fairly rude to have just done the drive-by pic posting. And clearly my play on the poster's username was far too subtle.
  10. I was about to ask you what you were referring to and how it was relevant to the discussion, but decided I'll come back to it later.
  11. Couldn't resist. Looking forward to Rebels II: The Rebeling.
  12. That may be another one. What I'm thinking of definitely was about every story ever having been told. Maybe it was Stanley Kubrick who said it, though my memory is hazy.
  13. Kharnvor

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday! Looking forward to an evening full of Epic X-Wing tonight. I wish I played all my ships more. While I'm part of a group that plays at the FLGS every week, my feelings when I went were that it was very meta-centric and that's not my bag baby. Been having fun with HOTAC, not sure if they'd be up to it, though. They always seem to be gearing up for the latest tournament.
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