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  1. Ran this last night and was a laser line away from ioning Dash off the board. So I killed him the old fashioned way. Ioned Poe after he K-turned into 3 range 1 shots. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/415203/cutlass-supreme# Lots of beef, and none of the missiles require you to spend the target lock, helping out with dice modification. The dial is a little rough, but no worse than a shuttle or HWK.
  2. If it keeps up, the site might go down thinking its a DoS attack.
  3. Howlrunner Scourge Epsilon Ace Omega Squadron Pilot - Comm Relay + Juke Wampa Academy Pilot Howlrunner makes everyone better, especially Wampa. Epsilon Ace is just fun. Scourge is nasty. The Omega is nice, because he's down the line and Juke pays off more when the tokens are gone. And the Academy is amazing at blocking.
  4. You take the IG 2000 title, but not Slave 1? Weak.
  5. The Rear Admiral changes a focus to a crit, not a hit to a crit.
  6. After the damage gets through. Calculation triggers after the hlc.
  7. I skipped the 50 mins of useless blather and it feels great.
  8. I prefer Outlaw Tech to K4 on the YV-666. There's a lot more red than green on the dial, and it's one point less.
  9. Since this is not reality, we don't know how much it costs. But thanks for presenting your supposition as fact!
  10. I've never once bought a ship for cards. I have 3 starvipers. Enjoy your 1-15 man revolution, I'll keep buying toys I love Loyalist
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