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  1. Got it. Didn't know if there would be any special rules for the Imperial version. Makes it easy then.
  2. Any plans for solo play rules?
  3. Well, I'd be primarily doing solo play so AI friendlies would be incredibly useful. I Don't nearly have enough parts to do a test game, not for a few days at least. Fortunately I've got both Heroes and Hunters downloaded and ready for use one all is lined up, with the basic stuff printed and ready to go. Edit: I just started playing X-Wing in the last month so supplies have not I. Fortunately there's a new Micromachine series that has B, X, and Y wings in scale, and a guy from my main forums has about two dozen bases sitting around that he's gonna let me have. D-d-d-d-double Edit: I would of course consider wingmen to be players, as to not imbalance things.
  4. Hell yes. Buy generic wingmen, use your XP to upgrade, they gain no experience. It'd allow them to match up to power creep of the late campaign, while being unable to get superfighters. I'm down for this. Combined with the AI unless at range 1 it'd make it not too powerful
  5. You know, I've been thinking pretty much the same thing. Having different numbers and types of NPC ships would allow missions to be more varied and allow each player ship type to shine, perhaps leading an NPC squad if it is of the same type of ship. It could possibly make scaling easier by keeping the enemy count the same and adding more NPCs with fewer players. And the mission structure could gradually increase in scope and culminate in an epic battle. I like the AI controlled unless at range 1 idea, but having wingmen that level up with you seems fun as hell. Maybe just have it so they are stuck in one of the four starter ships with heavy limits on upgrades? Maybe a cap on mod slots and EPTs?
  6. Personally I'd give Rexler XX23 Thread Tracers with that. Having every TIE with a target lock on a single unit could lead to some wonderful shenanigans.
  7. My haves are extremely limited. All I have is a pair of Defender expansions and Imp Vets. I'm using all the Defenders, so that leaves the bombers and some random upgrades. My want list is simple. A single small red base so Ryad can stand out even more. It sounds dumb and I have almost nothing of value, but let me know either way.
  8. Sorry, y'all, but Battletech is the superior game, and this is the superior video.
  9. We're kinda right to be jerks. He decided rather than to make a copy of the card, or draw one or whatever he could have done he instead wanted the world to conform to him. He felt that a massive multinational company should redo an entire aspect of their game for him, for casual, kitchen table play, where you could probably show up with photocopied ships and be good. Sometimes you've gotta be the bad guy, because there's someone out there that's worse. Also, I'm totally gonna head to a game store with photocopied Gladiators and a few hand drawn cards, just because I'm too **** poor to afford $70 worth of models. And nobody will give a **** because they understand my situation. Just like they would have understood his. Unrelated, I don't play X-wing. I'm waiting for the Imperial Veterans, because I love TIE Defenders more than I've loved a woman, and I want a triple defender list, **** it.
  10. He wanted the game changed radically to fit his needs. He plays casual. He could print up, hell even draw the card in crayon and few would complain. But instead he wants the game rewritten to fit his agenda. That mindset makes him the villain.
  11. Okay, I need that XQ station. Like, two weeks ago.
  12. Oh, what? Utar? Messaged you on Ebay I think it was about a Broadside.
  13. Technically it's an Immobilizer 418. But that's just semantics. Got a measurement on that, preferably in millimeters? Should be close to 90.
  14. Nuln Oil, Badab Black, and actual ink. Each one had a different color to it, and made a completely different look. It's since been dropped and lost both antenna. Whoops.
  15. Well ****. I was putting a clearcoat on and errant bristles decided to attach themselves to my ship. Chipped the hell out of the paint trying to remove them. So now I have this hunk of junk. So, should I do everything else like this, an old battered fleet Ala Battlestar?
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