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  1. Yeah just wanted be sure, so good but not great.
  2. And I recover 2 health either way
  3. Just to be sure. Smuggled supplies CC says: Use at the start of your activation to recover 2*, apply +1 surge results until the end of the round, or apply +1 evade to your defense results until the end of the round. So that would mean I would recover 2 health and pick 1 of the other 2 options to apply until the end of the round?
  4. Rich I would like to apologise from me and the entire team who was involved, hopefully I see you at the next Euros and may have something for you and the other guys who had to wait.
  5. You will soon, have just been in contact with Alec again, and made sure he got your info, so things should be looking up, when he is back in office.
  6. So you know for a fact that all the best players dont play it, impressive to have that kind of info. I will agree that playing the list badly dont give much reference of its power level, but I still think its beatable, and i the end it comes down to player level and some dice luck. Will agree that some matchups has an advantage on certain maps, but that is the name of the game.
  7. Stun will always be annoying, when you dont have an easy way to get rid of it, especially on melee models.
  8. Yup thats it, I am playing it with a small modification in the CC, and are still contemplating about changing EA for Unshakable.
  9. Well at the Nordics, there was 2 SC list out of 10 and they got smashed by Isaac`s Han -Rangers and Arvydas´ Vader, Palp, Thrawn list and didnt make top 4, so they can be beat, but yes they have an advantage on Tarkin I think as well, but hey thats life, just practice against them and find a way.
  10. Well that is just a **** situation, but the TO shouldnt try to punish the players because of his problems, He just shot himself in the foot.
  11. Sorry not, only got contact about this with the Euros stuff, due to being the TO/Judge for IA. But I can try to get them to pass the question along, so Pm me with details.
  12. Give it a second thought, I am in contact with the right guys, but due to a difficult week on my end havent been able to chase it up, will do tomorrow. Last info is the medal replacements are made, and if you havent heard anything, then something has gone amiss somewhere, I will get you some info next week, be a little more patient my friend.
  13. I have played the list a few times now, with a few changes to the CC, and I defeated my friends Vader, Thrawn, Tero, eJEt list lost vader and killed most of his stuff and cruised in for a big win. Have thought about changing EA for Unshakable, now that Set for stun is a thing. http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/138dada3a21a1a5ca98b0000000000e50f63dad67781cab6dd35e617392b
  14. Yes Arvydas is, sorry for missing him out. His list http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/138dada3a21a1a5ca98b0000000000e50b0f63da7781d5cab635e617392b
  15. Here is the full list http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/138dada3a21a1a5ca98b0000000000e50b0f63da7781d5cab635e617392b
  16. The winner of this years Nordics, is a Vader, Palp,Thrawn, EDT, DT, Imp Officer, EA Zillo, He lost 1 game in Swiss and then cleaned up in top 4.
  17. Hi all just got back from being TO for the Nordics 2018 and here are the results. swiss rounds result Rank Name Score SoS ext SoS 1 Isaac Cajo 4 0.56 0.515 2 Toby Rothenborg 3 0.56 0.532 3 Arvydas Ciegis 3 0.5 0.563 4 Jeppe Nybo Jørgensen 2 0.63 0.453 5 Greg Monson 2 0.56 0.483 6 Kevin Aabrink 2 0.44 0.518 7 Gil Alves 2 0.31 0.563 8 Mass Max Pedersen 1 0.56 0.453 9 Alfonso Ghislieri 1 0.38 0.515 10 Alistair Scott 0 0.5 0.407 Top 4 Matchups Isaac Cajo vs Jeppe Nybo Jørgensen at table 1 Toby Rothenborg vs Arvydas Ciegis at table 1 Final Arvydas Arvydas Čiegis vs Jeppe Nybo Jørgensen Champion Arvydas
  18. After having looked at OTL, you are mistaken, bacause OTL does not give movement points, but lets you interrupt to perfom a move, so it still works.
  19. Yeah off course, didnt think that through, well done for a Judge. Thats an obvious way to counteract OTL
  20. Why do you think He cant OTL against Hair trigger
  21. Send me a PM with your full name and email adress you want to be contacted on, and I will get Alec to contact you about getting a new one.
  22. I ahve now started the process for Rich, Stuart and Paul, havent gotten details for the last 3, so if they want the medal please contact me and I will sort it as fast as possible. You 3 guys should hear from Alec shortly about shipment of a replacement medal. Sorry for the mishap and wait guys. Gil
  23. Hi guys If you are one of the top 16 players who are missing the medal please contact me with and email adress. Gil Your friendly judge
  24. Due too GDPR we as organisers couldnt post it, and had to leave it up to the players.
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