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  1. Even though it will be a little inconvenient that we'll have to look up points costs, I'd rather do that then not get to use some of the minis I own. Can't wait to try out the T-47!
  2. My mat from Frontline Gaming came in! Can't wait for the clone wars to come out!
  3. I've been a bit out of the loop. Is Demolisher still the ultimate OP ship it used to be? Because I would change its rule. Also, I would increase the front arc angle of the nebulon b.
  4. The goal in making my terrain was first and foremost to make something easy to play on. That means, no hills for miniatures to fall over on, no sand that crumbles when you handle it, no super tall things that fall over, etc. I also want to walk the fine line between durability and looks. I think I found a happy medium. All this stuff is super robust and I tried to give some tactical variety: Height 2 rockwalls Heavy cover Light cover Difficult terrain More line of sight blocking Here it all is. I wonder if that meets the quota of "enough terrain" for competitive play. I might add some more line of sight blocking 3d printed spires (gotta stop those snipers!)
  5. This piece was an afterthought but the Facebook pages really seemed to like it haha. I almost didn't make it. I used some Geonosian warriors as statues. I think I'm finished with everything now. I'm just waiting for my mars mat to arrive in the mail. If I need some more I might pick up some 3d printed spires for more line of sight blocking terrain. And here are the finished starfighters. It took some work not getting paint on the original paint jobs.
  6. More updates! The blackened burned areas are made from graphite powder. I used a heat gun to mangle up the wing into the rock. After repainting it, i made sure to seal it with some Rustoleum Matte clear spray. I'm really happy with the results. Should be good to block line of sight with.
  7. Some updates. I have to wait a few days for the paper mache to fully dry out. Then I'll get to painting the crashed ships. I'm hoping this will be enough terrain. I might make a few more pieces but I want leave some room for new ideas instead of making more of the same stuff.
  8. I would love to know if they will do this for phase 2 clones
  9. These have been turning out great
  10. Finished up a couple more pieces. The sun was setting so they look kinda orange. Also, I found that Rustoleum Clear Matte spray is a great sealant. I sprayed on three coats for each piece. Next up will be the crashed droid starfighters and Republic Gunship wing.
  11. I find it interesting that they used phase 1 armor for Rex. I wonder if phase 1 will be the standard for things like Cody, ARC troopers, etc. It would be good to know so that I can plan out if I want my army to look like Attack of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith. It's also interesting that the phase 2 clones have one without a helmet. I guess the more options, the better. I'm hoping for kamas and pauldrons for customization options. Regardless, I'm super stoked!
  12. Some more additions. I think I'm good as far as light and difficult terrain goes. Now I'm working on more line of sight blocking terrain. Gotta stop those snipers!
  13. Built some Spires using the youtube video linked in the first post. I covered the cork board in Spackle first before sanding and painting.
  14. I redid the colors and I'm way happier with them. Instead of using spray paint I painted everything with Craft Smart French Wine (like I originally did). Then I did a heavy drybrush with Liquitex Rex Oxide (basically a burnt orange color) and then a light drybrush using Liquitex Naples Yellow Hue (A tan/yellow color). After all the trial and error I'm happy to continue with these colors. I also hot glued on some rocks onto the Sintra basing. Then I used spackle to blend the rocks into the board. Next I mixed sand, water, and glue and smeared it all over the base. I colored it using the above method.
  15. Finally got to spray paint it
  16. PM me for info on this guy: Also check out these options: officer caps and another officer from Shapeways
  17. I made some progress. This is my "test piece" where I make my first piece and see if I like the colors and overall look. I'll have to wait 3 days for the undercoat paint to cure before adding spray paint so that the foam doesn't soften. I'm planning on spray painting it a brown/orange and then some light tan for highlights. I brushed on some premium Craft Smart "French Wine." I find the premium paint is worth the extra 20 cents per bottle. By the way, get this foam cutter from Amazon. It has both a wire cutter and a tool that easily makes the grooves in the spires. I just bought it and it's totally worth it. I sculpted some instant paper mache I found at Michaels and used a wooden dowel for the small pillar. I filled the gaps with some spackle from Home Depot. I then mixed some sand with watered down Elmer's glue and spread it around the model. Everything was glued together using rubber cement. By the way, I finally found some "EPVC" commonly known as Sintra. It really is perfect and I got the 3mm thickness. In a few days once the undercoat cures I'll try out these colors. (Patience is hard!)
  18. Just got back from some supply errands. I finally found the "Expanded pvc." It's commonly known as Sintra and I got the 3mm thickness. It was $30 for a 4ft X 8ft sheet.
  19. Thanks for the pics! I ordered a gunship wing. Looks like I'll have to hack it up in pieces for rubble.
  20. Just found a video on how to do the spires!
  21. After seeing the FFG Clone Wars demo, I fell in love with the Geonosis terrain. Does anyone have any thoughts on how they did the spires? I'm creating this thread to get some see what people have in mind for making a Geonosis battlefield. Here are some idea starters for me: The FFG live stream Creating red martian rocks Blast wreckage Rock spires Cheap and easy stalagmites (not as good as the FFG ones, I'd still like to find out how they made those) For area terrain basing, apparently EPVC is the way to go. I've used partical board in the past, but I live in an apartment now and cant' be sawing things all day. Does anyone know where to find EPVC? It's mentioned here (time stamp) as well as in the red martian rocks video. I'm also looking at getting some old Hasbro toys to use as wreckage. Feel free to post more ideas. I'll be updating this with anything I find.
  22. Thanks to Skull Forge Studios for making my favorite character, Admiral "Raddish"
  23. This was the most advanced miniature I've ever painted. It used about half of every paint variety I own. The flames are from a HeroClix miniature named "Gizmo" if you're interested.
  24. This is what I originally thought of with the announcement of "Legion."
  25. My hope is for movie scenarios, or better yet, movie campaigns. For example, a 5 part Endor campaign starting with rebel infiltration and ending in an all out battle to destroy the shield generator.
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