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  1. JBar

    Skull Forge Stuff

    Wonderful job with Admiral "Raddish"!
  2. Thanks to Skull Forge Studios for making my favorite character, Admiral "Raddish"
  3. JBar

    Boba Fett with custom flames

    This was the most advanced miniature I've ever painted. It used about half of every paint variety I own. The flames are from a HeroClix miniature named "Gizmo" if you're interested.
  4. JBar

    A little off-topic... 10mm Star Wars!:)

    This is what I originally thought of with the announcement of "Legion."
  5. My hope is for movie scenarios, or better yet, movie campaigns. For example, a 5 part Endor campaign starting with rebel infiltration and ending in an all out battle to destroy the shield generator.
  6. JBar

    Skull Forge Stuff

    I know this was mentioned earlier but only plans for additional generic rebel officers? We have alternatives for imperials with Alternate Gaming Miniatures on the Facebook page but no rebels yet.
  7. JBar

    Where are premium bases?

    Yeah my entire army is still baseless since airport thought they would be here by now. At least it gave me time to paint them all.
  8. JBar

    Chewie article is up

    That was my problem with Warmachine. Way too many synergies for a new player to understand. However, this game is pretty thematic so as a casual player I'd naturally expect Chewy to be easily paired with the other heroes. I don't have to read over all the rules to know Chewy should pair well with others. It fits thematically this time, as long as you said, it doesn't get out of hand with future releases.
  9. JBar

    New FFG Legion Playmats

    These look waaaay better than the last ones IMO. However I'll personally still want to get 6x3 so there isn't a gap. There are lots of sites that sell those with similar designs.
  10. JBar

    New Operations Oct 15th

    What does OP mean? Over Powered? Where can I find an OP page?
  11. JBar

    My Endor Table

    Wow! How did you do the Ewok village? Also, which gaming mat is that?