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  1. sappidus

    Unofficial Official Rulings thread

    This one is courtesy of Ian from Tales from the Cards, who asked whether a Keys of Orthanc granted Doomed 1 via Gríma could thus trigger itself…
  2. sappidus

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Tactics Boromir would be a good friend for this Saruman indeed.
  3. sappidus

    Unofficial Official Rulings thread

    If I am playing true solo, and Lightless Grotto is the active location with only 1 progress needed to explore it, what happens if I commit to the quest a character holding a Map of Rhovanion? Does the Forced on the Grotto trigger before the Response on the Map? Or are the timing triggers (worded subtly differently) not truly simultaneous?
  4. Reference ruling: Of ancillary interest, as I do not believe this has been reproduced on the forum before (this was shared on Discord in 10/2017):
  5. This is incorrect. RR Lasting Effects covers the relevant rules. Essentially, anything with an "until" creates a lasting effect that is independent of its source, and the event thus goes to the discard pile right away (rather than sticking around as you posit).
  6. There is an official ruling on this—as pointed out above, the card leaves your discard pile while it is being played via a Record:
  7. There is a lot to say about Thranduil, but I will mainly address just this point… The following Silvan allies are generally better played in the combat phase instead of planning: * Greenwood Archer (more choices of heroes to ready) * Galadhon Archer (more likely to have an enemy to apply effect to, or at least have full information about board state to decide) * Marksman of Lórien (ditto) * Rumil (ditto) Also interesting is that, on top of the resource smoothing, he lets you delay your decision on how to spend your resources on allies until later in the turn. Want to play a Silvan Tracker but worried you might need that Marksman in your hand this turn instead? Wait for the reveal, and if you don't need to shore up your attack power, go ahead and play the Tracker instead. Such flexibility should not be underestimated.
  8. sappidus

    Forest Grove / Athelas Timing

    The FAQ entry is quite the opposite, heh.
  9. sappidus

    Forest Grove / Athelas Timing

    Side note: Guarded fires only on the card being revealed… but (post-Wilds of Rhovanion) Guarded (X) fires on the card entering play via any means. Go figure.
  10. sappidus

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Archery is assigned simultaneously, which means you would not go, "Assign 1 point here; cancel with Mithril Shirt. Assign 1 point here; cancel with Mithril Shirt…" ad nauseum. Instead, you assign it all at once (up to the HP of the character, which is one of the more frequently asked questions that is curiously omitted from the current FAQ), at which point you could then use the Shirt to do whatever it is it's going to do. I agree that reducing "to 1" would be OP. Even outside of the huge effect on boss fights, you could just throw the shirt on Gloin (or if you don't want to be so greedy, even, say, Galadriel), take 3 undefended attacks of arbitrary strength, then heal the damage with one trigger of Ioreth…? Seems silly.
  11. I think this is precisely the heart of the issue: "may" in the RR is not necessarily the same as may in card text. This applies to all words—another example is "reveal"/reveal. In RR Staging, "reveal" shows up in the RR as part of the explanation of Staging step #1 to denote the simple act of turning the card face-up. But this is a slightly different use than when reveal shows up in card text, which is also defined in the RR. Confusing at times, but probably inevitable when you're using English words to explain rules text which is also in English. (Your play with Ithilien Lookout is indeed how the card is intended to work.)
  12. I think for sanity's sake, the "may" in the Search entry can be read as follows: the entry is providing an algorithm for executing the search instruction. "If the player finds a card that matches… the player may add…" is saying: add said card to the set of valid ways to resolve the effect, but you can keep searching. (Thus the "may", which prevents the player from being forced to resolve the effect using the first card found.) Once you have searched all the relevant areas, though, you still must resolve the effect, if possible.
  13. sappidus

    Unofficial Official Rulings thread

    This is a wild one… For Lost in the Wild (WoR 26), what happens if you try to... put it into your deck with ally Gildor? (Can a card with an encounter card back enter your deck?) use Message from Elrond to send it to another player? (Does Lost trigger after it has changed hands? For whom? I am thinking of Rider of the Mark here. And at the end of the round, if it's still in hand, is it shuffled into the encounter deck?) Thanks!
  14. sappidus

    FIre in the Night and Quest Points

    @dalestephenson has certainly got it, but just to mention, as the same question has arisen on Discord several times… Shadow and Flame similarly has a win condition printed on a quest card, and a quest point requirement that nevertheless does not have to be met to win: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/12104824#12104824 Another parallel example is winning by destroying the Stormcaller in Flight of the Stormcaller. (This win condition is printed on the Stormcaller itself, not the quest card, but it makes little material difference.)
  15. sappidus

    Time mechanic - Fords of Isen

    I've been wondering about this recently, so I got around to asking [spoiler: no, you do not carry over the progress]…