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  1. Zigil Miner with X-costed cards

    (Emphasis added.) By the transitive property of equality, I believe you to be correct: it provides a match.
  2. Barad-dur timing

    End of refresh phase triggers must happen before end of round triggers, I believe. This is why you literally cannot grief someone by Desperate Alliance'ing them Erestor in the refresh phase, even if they wanted to be griefed.
  3. I thought it would good to share this Q&A I had with Caleb… Something seems curious about it to me. I'd been wondering about playing Erebor Guard off the top of the deck using Gandalf's ability: can you trigger the EG's Response? How exactly does it play out? Explicitly, I asked: 'Can you trigger the Erebor Guard's Response (lowering his cost) if you're playing him off the top of your deck with hero Gandalf? The possible issue is that, even if considered part of your hand, the Erebor Guard is still the top card of the deck, so does triggering his Response discard himself but still work? Does it discard the two cards below him? Can you not trigger it at all? If you CAN trigger it, when do you decide on whether you even want to trigger the Response? Gandalf's passive ability "instantly" turns the top card of your deck faceup, so perhaps I would use that information to decide whether I want to use the Response or not, if the timing allowed for that.' The answer:
  4. Errata the quest card to say, "…each Nazgûl enemy in play (that is not engaged with a player) engages that player." Errata the Black Rider to have the passive text, "Black Rider is considered to be in play."
  5. Oath of Eorl

    Another Oath of Eorl question! Players A (first), B, C (last). C plays Oath of Eorl. Now he declares a ranged attack against an enemy engaged with A. Can A's characters join in on the attack? Can B's ranged characters join in on the attack? A reminder on ranged (Core p. 24): There doesn't seem to be any provision for #1 to be true—A is not declaring the attack—but how about #2? C is declaring an attack, so the boldfaced text might lead one to believe B's ranged characters can participate too. But perhaps the underlined text prohibits it after all, somehow. Thoughts?
  6. Heavy Stroke: Azain Silverbeard: Can the damage dealt by Azain's Response be doubled via Heavy Stroke? I'm inclined to say no, but I am curious to see what others think.
  7. Oath of Eorl

    How does this card, uh, work? What I mean is this… Let's say we have players A, B, and C. The normal attack order is this: A resolves enemy attacks B resolves enemy attacks C resolves enemy attacks A resolves player attacks B resolves player attacks C resolves player attacks We can abbreviate this as Ae, Be, Ce, Ap, Bp, Cp. If C plays Oath of Eorl, does that change the order to Cp, Ae, Be, Ce, Ap, Bp? i.e., does the effect simply move that player's attacks before all other attacks in the combat phase, and the order of everything else is undisturbed? (This would be like reading the card as "you attack enemies before resolving any enemy attacks.") Or is it Ae, Be, Cp, Ce, Ap, Bp? (This is reading it as, "you attack enemies before resolving your enemy attacks.")
  8. Topmost Chamber

    I'm not sure this is relevant—besides revealing cards, the placement of progress via questing is the most confusing set of rules to me—but I'm sure we'll all welcome seeing THIS thread again:
  9. 1 hour from this post. You may find this link helpful:
  10. Digital Card Game Announced!

    I'm probably not the right person to ask for impressions of the stream, as I was too busy frantically trying to type out a play-by-play for Discord. But in this short interregnum before the next stream, since people seem to be hungry for more info and the vid is apparently lost to the ether, here is what I said on Discord. While I was doing my best, the following should not be considered cold, hard fact as to what happened; indeed, I wonder whether it is even prudent for me to post this, but here it is regardless. (Lightly edited for spelling and a couple of factual mistakes.) sappidus: 'Today's stream is going to be just a basic overview of the game.' sappidus: He's Luke, the community manager at FFI. sappidus: talking about the niceness of the LCG model sappidus: Main menu now on-screen. sappidus: cute little pop-out animations in the menu interface sappidus: 'You can spend real-world money on most things… or Valor. You can definitely make your way through the whole free-to-play game without spending any money.' sappidus: diving into a game now sappidus: map a la the Fellowship playmat art, but printed on a scroll sappidus: Quests are "episodes" within a campaign. sappidus: 1st campaign: Adventures in Wilderland sappidus: 1st quest: Passage Through Mirkwood sappidus: Voiceover is the Cate Blanchett-alike from the trailer. sappidus: 'I'm sure this is going to be incredibly familar to anyone who has played the card game.' sappidus: Blade of Gondolin: +1 :attack: sappidus: Imladris Caregiver: Arrives: Heal 1 dmg from a character. (I think) sappidus: Arwen hero's art is the objective ally's. Yeeeaaahhh. sappidus: Enemies and objectives in single Sauron row. sappidus: He attached the Blade to Gimli. sappidus: A little gold icon popped up above his head. sappidus: Sentinel being depicted by a green glow. sappidus: Cards still have traits. sappidus: Vigilant keyword: don't exhaust after 1st attack. sappidus: 'Everything is pre-alpha' caveat sappidus: Aragorn: Super Power: Spend 1 resource to ready Aragorn. sappidus: super power = once per round sappidus: Arwen: Upkeep: Heal 1 damage. sappidus: Gimli: some crazy stuff lol sappidus: Advance Warning: Exhaust the next enemey that enters play. sappidus: Watchful Eyes objective has Threatening: increases threat 1 per round while it's in play sappidus: Self-Preservation: heals 1 dmg/upkeep sappidus: Galadhon Archer: Arrival: deals 1 dmg to an enemy in play sappidus: One of the enemies got an enemy attachment sappidus: So questing is like attacking objectives with willpower. sappidus: It's all interleaved in the adventuring phase. sappidus: Feint: Reduce a non-unique enemy's :attack: to 0 until the end of the phase. sappidus: Exhausted characters turn B&W. sappidus: He finished the last objective, so the quest moves onto the next location automatically. sappidus: Another voiceover 'cutscene'. sappidus: lol, the "hero caught in a web" picture is really pretty graphic sappidus: Sneak Attack time… sappidus: didn't catch what exactly happened, lol sappidus: Have to attack webbed Arwen to free her. sappidus: Seems like enemies still in 'staging' if you complete all objectives will negatively impact your threat as you move on. sappidus: There's a start of round card draw. sappidus: Ithilien Lookout exhausts an enemy on arriving. sappidus: Ending the quest now. sappidus: PC/Mac are the only announced platforms, but definitely looking around. sappidus: 'making things more digestible but still really challenging' sappidus: Favor cards: 'to make sure the difficulty of the game stayed intact while still making the game accessible for new players' sappidus: Most of the time you'll be earning them (as opposed to buying them, unless you want to.) sappidus: Most of the time, you should be able finish a quest without using any favor cards. sappidus: (subject to feedback during development) sappidus: 'We're hearing the request for 3/4 player' sappidus: 'I can't discuss pricing. We're still deciding on basic amounts.' sappidus: Founders' Packs will be at 3 tiers of pricing, though. sappidus: 'Put it on your Steam wishlist to get updates.' sappidus: 'Expect Q1 2018 for early access' sappidus: 'There might be tie-ins for the physical game in the future' but just for cosmetics, it sounds like. sappidus: 'This is NOT the heralding of the end of the physical game' sappidus: 'We want [digital players] to understand that there's a whole other world out there, a whole different level of complexity.' sappidus: (referring to the LCG) sappidus: 'We're definitely looking at other FFG games to see how campaign structures can be successful.' sappidus: begging for early-access to get more feedback, ha sappidus: sounds like they're serious about engaging the community sappidus: in a more official capacity than FFG historically has been sappidus: might do alt-arts at some points, but never mechanically specific cards earnable through $ only sappidus: still haven't decided how Valor cards will actually, well, work sappidus: New packs will be released on a 'seasonal schedule'. (not like 4 seasons/yr, though) sappidus: 'Pretty big card pool available at launch.' sappidus: They've talked about Sauron mode! But can't really comment. sappidus: Easy/med/hard differences are mostly in what Sauron can play against you. sappidus: Not quite like Nightmare (with its new cards). sappidus: The AI is 'interesting and unique, and something we're really proud of'. sappidus: Not just a copy of a human player. Will go into detail in a future blog post. sappidus: Another stream on Thu 1pm. Expect biweekly streams. sappidus: Other guests. You'll be excited, especially fans of the tabletop game. sappidus: Seastan was name-checked during a question, heh. sappidus: more verbiage about open communication sappidus: And we're out.
  11. Digital Card Game Announced!

    Countdown timer:
  12. Time for a new forum game?

    Just wanted to say that I'm really amused by this idea, and plan to get around to trying something in this style after all my local Fellowship stuff has wrapped up.
  13. While this is not technically an ad hominem attack, it veers close enough to one that I feel disincentivized to pursue this discussion further.
  14. I am obviously not FFG/FFI, but presumably they are thinking of appealing to a different (read: bigger) audience than the passionate tribe of players that are deeply into the physical card game.