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  1. sappidus

    X on cards

    The rest is good, but the boldfaced part is untrue, no? Like when you Vilya a Stand and Fight off the top of the deck: it doesn't mean you can put into play a 6-cost Beorn in your discard pile. FAQ 1.40: 'Unless specified by a card effect, or granted player choice, the letter "X" is equal to 0.' EDIT: The RR has a new additional clause: 'For costs involving the letter X, the value of X is defined by card ability or player choice, after which the amount paid may be modified by effects without altering the functional value of X.' So what @Rouxxor said is a little more true than I said, specifically in the X cost situation. I don't think this changes the Vilya/Stand and Fight interaction, though, as Vilya ignores costs entirely—this doesn't give you a chance to choose X at all, thus defaulting it to 0. Interestingly enough, the new RR clause also helps to cover something like Hail of Stones, which says "Exhaust X characters to…" Even though X is not explicitly "granted player choice" in the card text, the clause is a cost involving X and therefore covered by the RR addition. Good job, Caleb!
  2. sappidus

    Knife-Work and Ranged

    No. But this makes me think of a related question: 2-player game with A & B. B has been targeted by Knife-work plus the kicker. A has an engaged enemy. Now A declares an attack against the enemy. B joins in with a Ranged character. The enemy dies. Does B draw a card? Knife-work is worded "…each time he attacks and destroys an enemy this phase." Does this apply: * to B's character, in which case has he should draw a card in the posited situation, or * to B the player, in which case he did not declare the attack, so arguably he shouldn't draw a card…? In other words, should the "he attacks" be interpreted as "he participates in an attack" or "he declares an attack"?
  3. …sorry, couldn't resist. [from CotR's April 1 Facebook post]
  4. I just tried a new one, and it seems to be working. On that note: it's awesome! This is going to make my new campaign so much easier to keep track of.
  5. sappidus

    The Wizard's Quest: Gen Con event

    Anecdotally, there are those in my group, including myself, that will be happy to take the competitive encounter deckbuilding for a few spins, so count us in that 0.1–10.1%!
  6. Full rules here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/8e/3f/8e3f6062-43ad-4a24-a5e3-1c61312500c7/the_wizards_quest_rules.pdf This seems super-neat. And Woodland's Realm was confirmed by Caleb to be the Fellowship event this year, so as you can see from these rules, we'll have a bounty of customization available to us this year.
  7. sappidus

    Recommend this game to me?

    Before the buying guide proper here, Tales from the Cards has a lucid explanation of how the boxes/cycles are related: https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/new-player-buying-guide/
  8. sappidus

    Na'asiyah's weakness?

    Yes. This is how I inadvertently beat Raid on the Grey Havens the first time I did it.
  9. sappidus

    Dale deck

    I have a weakness for situationally useful events myself, so I'm empathetic with this viewpoint. This is getting away from the OP, but does anyone have a nice Scout build they like?
  10. sappidus

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    I was making a comment about the unlimited recursion that the Record attachments enable—unless I am missing something, you don't have those in your fellowship…? Also, I was making no claims that Seastan invented anything specific, just an implicit little joke that he's taken an idea to a point that may attract the eye of SauronImeanCaleb. As for your fellowship, I confess that I do not see how it fits together into a loop. I'd love to understand it! Then I can joke that you screwed us with an erratum too. (To White Council, perhaps?)
  11. sappidus

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    The previously-documented unlimited event recursion was one thing, but now Seastan is going to earn us all Record attachment errata, heh: "…Then, remove Tome of Atanatar [et al.] from the game."
  12. sappidus

    New Blog

    Wandering Took's ability is good for activating Tom Cotton's for a little longer, as well as keeping Raise the Shire powered up. (If he's Raised into play, you can trigger him sometime between his attack contribution and the end of the round.)
  13. sappidus

    The Withered Heath preview

    You think 35+ Dale allies are coming?! Oh wait, maybe you meant alphabetically. Beornings still beat them out, though.
  14. sappidus

    Knight of Dale actions

    Coward Action. It's coming, I swear!!