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  1. I aggre. The part of the reference says: A ship with at least one tractor beam token...
  2. 24pts minimum, most likely. PS3 generic, no EPT, 24pts (miiiiiight be 23, but so far they've done 1pt/1PS for the Scum EPT generics) PS5 generic, EPT, 26pts PS6 4-LOM, EPT, 27pts PS7 Zuckus, EPT, 28pts And yeah, the Mist Hunter was always sort of fugly, FFG absolutely saved the sculpt. My prediction bieng that 4-LOM will have no EPT
  3. what are those? What did they turn out doing?
  4. Wave 7: Want K-wing (is awesome) and punisher (upgrades and ohh fcs) Wave 8: Want scum ships. no to the rest. They look cool.
  5. Hmm didnt think of distribution did they? HAHA.
  6. Yeah, by far my favorite character on the show. Also a, no THE pilot, and kanan's love interest. If she dies, hes goin like anikian because of padme. Kanan could die tho.
  7. Yeah, it might have acctually made to affect the meta! When it wasnt fat that is... Well, hello new spokesperson to fattness! Yaaaaaay.
  8. TheMoonLord

    Black Eight

    Yes; click the link to the wookie.
  9. TheMoonLord

    Black Eight

    Odd Ball squadron, Z-95, ps 5, EPT.
  10. The latest FAQ has the tactician as LIMITED. This means that the triple or quadruple stress yv-666 builds ARE NO LONGER LEGAL(only with tactician)
  11. I personally think that LFA should be a mod so that FCS can be equipped. Also, what about unique pilots?
  12. My favorite model in this scen is probably the YV. looks cool!
  13. Yes, ashoka and rex, and then another clone in that first picture appears to be like, the clone that dave filloni liked. i think thats it. i cant remember the clones name tho.
  14. Yeah, a comedian, Amy Schumer .. she did a photo shoot in slave leia costume in bed with R2 and 3PO.. lfl and disney were not amused.. but.. they can suck a bag of rocks.. the painting forum was the one I gravitated to most and we gripped for over a year to get it put up.. now due to "internal concerns" they arbitrarily shut it down.. we wanted that so we didnt have to scroll through the crap to find all the cool repaints and mods.. this is a **** move and a WTF moment.. its BS... Lame and poor decision making FFG... bad form here.. bring back the painting forums... COMPLETLY aggreed. If everybody likes the soursce post maybe ffg will do somethjing. YAY.
  15. Well, if you like 'em better, you should definitely go for it. I don't think it will be bad build, but you are giving up the K-wings unique action (most of the time). the TLT gives you at least one three dice attack at all ranges, and if you want to maximize that turret, I suppose recon spec is the best way to modify your shots (or sometimes have a focus for defense). You'd really want to stick that ship at range three so you get the bonus defense die and your opponent doesn't. True, AND AS THE DIAL SHOULD BE QUITE SLOW, THIS MAY OR MAY NOT BE EASY.. sorry. caps. and im nto lazy to rtype this
  16. hm yeah, ill give him VI and call the build Y U KILL ME?.EPT droid will be reserved for Marksmanship..."Focus + TL all three shots?!" "FIRE EVERYTHING!" mmm YEAH.
  17. thats why im not puting advanced slam on it. An i like k-wings better, and the rec give modified dice for BOTH attacks.
  18. I like this. its like a lighter version of the shark-ship dude
  19. The amount of colourful language in that subforum was getting out of hand. Right. Only the ships should have been colored.
  20. Just hit me. EM and cluster would go great on this ship.
  21. hm yeah, ill give him VI and call the build Y U KILL ME?.
  22. Well, if i want to include a cheap K-Wing in a list, my default would be a generic with TLT and RecSpec. Is this a good build or no?
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