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  1. Well said But I don´t get the synergy between Stele and Colzet. Stelle picks crit that can be flipped down, colzet flips back up.
  2. I second a like that! But lightning reflexes art is better.
  3. Preferably a new sig for me i need one The spam troll has struck again.
  4. Preferably a new sig for me i need one
  5. Preferably a new sig for me
  6. Yup. feel free to talk about anything here.... Yay!
  7. Off the board, right??? Leebo's pilot skill 5, hes smarter then that
  8. A slammin leebo can do the equivilant of a 9-straight, and then a 5 next turn.
  9. I just threw the upgrades on the k, flying miranda. all of the ones except that second laser. that went on horton salm
  10. I think i know the ps 4 pilot for the punishing one (dengar's girlfriend), and the ps 5 for the mist munter is most likley gand findsman, having read tales of the bounty hunters
  11. TheMoonLord

    Wave 8 polits

    So, what do u think the other uniques are for the tie adv. and the punishin' one?
  12. Does his ability have a range restriction?
  13. Please u lucky peeps with a raider or 2, or 3 or whatever. what are the titles?
  14. 2 K-wings and a punisher. Pun for cards, K for awesome.
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