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  1. Im, like, one of the only people who acctually like x-wings here, lol
  2. mmm fun. put an EU on him just... CUUUUUUZ
  3. Has anyone thought of the K-Wing as a rebel benefiter? I mean, REALLY. stop complaining
  4. well, i suppose my fav pilot compettitively is a delta with an ion. best 33 points ever
  5. welllll put on an x-wing for fun lololo
  6. ummm... right now Tarn with R7 astro. as good of a synerygey as fel and ptl, 2nd fav
  7. CALL THE BOMBERS or the punishers... (eggboxes, what ever)
  8. Now... what if it really did have a cannon upgrade? Ive never seen the (formerly) interdictor, so this ship has always been the punisher to me.
  9. Rookie-R2-D2 Rookie-Proton, munitions Blue-Ion Blue-flechette cannon Thats a 100
  10. Was playing star wars commander... EVENT REWARD WAS A DECIMATOR STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy thats my favorite ship
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