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  1. Who discovered how to find, process and designed the technology to burn fossil fuels? Who invented aerosols? And split the atom to create nuclear power? I'll tell you who. Them pesky scientists! Blame them for everything. I accept no responsibility for my actions. I only pulled the trigger, they made the gun!! I assume you're joking here, but as a scientist I find this opinion hilariously ignorant. You see it all the time in movies where the scientist is either a moustachio-twirling evil villain or a blundering idiot. Often both. but hell, its true
  2. 1, cuz i hav no money. like the ps 3 tie tho, gonna be fun
  3. I also used outmanuver, can be deadly with inertial damps. useless against any deci other then kenkirk tho
  4. ive extensively used b with hlc, but IT NEVER MISSES. use a c/d list, or use a because IT NEVER MISSES
  5. or a doomy oiccun. gareenteed crit and 1 dammage
  6. two patrol leaders with gunner, tactitians and a bomb. made that up just for this. eat it
  7. two eggboxes, and maybe some more upgrades. theres my ideas. lolol
  8. I used kenkirk with determination, isard, gunner, and the rebel captive. 57 points, i had a defender that DIED, so 43 points... a tie swarm or a doom shuttle, or both. there.
  9. now all they have to do is make a missile action card tie only lol
  10. yes. HELL yes. The X-wing also has an astro, where the b-wing can get a crew... for a 1 point mod. why not just bbxxz? please? compromise?
  11. Sigh. X-wing my second fav reb ship, after the k-wing. but i'm imperial, so oh weell
  12. EI is unique. can't have it twice. also, what purpose does it serve, exactly?
  13. nah, ion missles better because insta ion and dammage
  14. also extra munitions and bomb loadout... just now saw that one fail
  15. all uniques with adv. targeting computer... yeah, BOOM. bout a 150-ish points left for the raider.
  16. Then u could have an adv. tropedo shot AND a range one primary.
  17. Thats because its one of the ion missiles. not much damge commaped to assult missiles
  18. Boba + Glitterstim? That's gonna be the equivalent of two 3 die attacks, target-locked and focused, or 5.625 damage expected from the two attacks. From this we subtract Boba's natural damage while target locked and focused, and have 2.8125 bonus damage from Cluster Missiles (at Range 2). This actually means its just under the efficiency of a 3 agility Proton Rocket without double-action, and more of this damage will be mitigated from any other missile, due to being two attacks. However, it's still a combat step in which you've launched, on average 5.625 damage at your opponent, which is devastating for all but the nimblest of foes. Sigh. Now i want a cracks fighter
  19. double deci. IT WILL KICK YO OPPONENTS BUTTs
  20. yes, that is *the* Ig-killer
  21. I kinda like this. I don't like the fluff, why would only PS 3 or lower ships get this. I don't see any negative effect. Why would the other pilots not want it. Also, when testing new prototypes they don't give them to inexperience pilots they give them to more veteran pilots. How about this: X-wing Heavy: 0 Points Replace Torpedo slot, with this card Add +1 hull to your X-wing or X-wing Heavy: 0 Points All 3 turns count as red Add +1 hull to your X-wing This allows you to gain the +1 Hull for free, but not without losing something. Soo, kinda a little bit like bomb loadout here?
  22. Sooooo, i was wondering what some of the best card combos are! I came up with fel and ptl (it even rhymes!), tarn and an r7 astro, ptl and adv. sensors with a green manuever, and godhali with opportubnist, and a blaster. What do u peeps have?
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