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  1. 69 points? That would mean a potential of 14 attack. It would be unlikely, but anything that can potentially one shot a rebel transport like a death star might seem a bit overpowered ----- Modification: Tractor Beam, decimator only. Reduce the agility value of any ship 1 for as long as the Decimator has a target lock on it. 3-points for the tractor beam. Named Defender pilot PS-7 EPT Ability-Remove a stess token to remove an enemy target lock or all ion tokens Name: Mega Spujito
  2. Death Star. ps infinity. piolt ability u win. poin cost infinity, so that it cant ever be feilded
  3. No it was much more important they spend two articles telling us bad cards arnt as bad as we think. well, some cards have hidden potential, just not on turrets
  4. 300 point game takes 30 min per round .soooo... 120-169 min game
  5. Why is corran flying an X-Wing?
  6. I want more drags. Can anyone point me there?
  7. hahaha now THATS funny!!!
  8. Does the like mean that you like my comment or the book?
  9. Anybody read "A New Dawn?" Great book / . both describe it well. Naughty baby lol
  10. That's much smaller than the SI model. ya, but it cloaks
  11. Thanks Star Brother! I got this one to test the guns quality. I can assure my fellow builders these are very nicely made toys. The plastic is strong and yet very light. I ordered another type of gun already for an absolutly badass Mandalorian Frigate project to go with my Hiss Tank concepts... that thing is going to be sweet. Nerf is nice! Yeah, but MY guns already have a purpose.
  12. No, and... ...definitely no.The Defender's only major flaw is its cost. Who said the Defenders was Flawed, . And the pilot skill of 0/12 is for one defender pilot special abilty is too much but Corran Horn's ability isn't. Interesting. Please explain. A Tie Fighter has 2 lasers and an Attack of two. A Tie Interceptor as 4 Lasers and an Attack of 3. A Tie Defender has 6 lasers and attack of 3. So if the defender has 6 laser why does it only have 3 attack? one ion, one norm
  13. wait, isnt it in another language anyway? Yes, but shockingly some people speak spanish and could translate it if it wasn't so blurry. sorry, i thought it was french, which i know NOTHING in.
  14. wait, isnt it in another language anyway?
  15. i hope it improves the defender...
  16. Semi-necro, but... I don't think that's it. The Avenger hasn't shown up anywhere outside of the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games. The Defender has been in books, there was a MicroMachines Action Fleet model, and there was even a LEGO set made of the Defender (I know - I have one). And both the Defender and the Phantom (which actually has less screen time than the Avenger - by one game) were featured in Empire at War - Forces of Corruption. I think the Defender gets so much attention because everything about it is completely nuts, especially if you're used to the depiction of the ship in TIE Fighter. Heavily-armed, heavily-armored, fast, and maneuverable. The Avenger is no slouch, but it's basically the red headed step-child of the TIE family: Too advanced to be commonly seen in bad guy goon squads (or good guy "commoner" squads) like the Fighter, Bomber, and Interceptor, but not as gonzo as the Defender for when you want to kit out your big bad (or elite good guys) with a ship so powerful (and expensive) that no other starfighter in the universe can hold a candle to it. Ya, the defender is the best tie. Ever
  17. Ion, btl, stress bot. deadly combo, cuz double stress
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