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  1. I'M SO LATE. But, there is an illicit in the resistance expansion that is large ship only and gives slam. Nothing else known yet, but possibilites include Firesprays, IG-2000, and the new falcon. 

  2. Start a rage thread if there is no X-Wing news, start a rage thread if they announce wave 9 without gunboat, start a rage thread if they don't have an E-Wing in rebel aces 2. If all of these criteria are met, I will rage because they made me completely happy, or because the announced wave 9 and not aces or vice versa. So, I want to fly a ship with rage on it as well. gonna try out that Rex build with it soon.

  3. In my opinion ( and that of my fellow players ) TB are a very, very good upgrade to x wing. At first it was viewed with suspicious eyes...catch the enemy with a TB and... Boost???

    After many games they have proven that they are ok. Not.overpowed but change the way you must fight. Many PS 3 Interceptors in my hands ended over a rock, laughts and very tricky. In a IG 88 simply SUPERB, Ions + TB are tons of fun. A weapon that is really.dual purpose. This turn pull the enemy to aid your wingmen. Next turn, push the target to help your friends.

    I am so sorry that the G-1a is only mediocre. Perhaps I am an Heretic, but we equip the Mist Hunter limited title on every G-1a and it works OK.

    So, if you have no experience with this, proxy and give it a try.

    It works the best on VI titled Rexler or Vess. Rex has high PS and a second attack, Vess has Mods for both attacks and is easier to build around. 

  4. Can we pause the hostilities for a moment and truly admire the deci/raider hybrid above. That thing is beautiful and needs it's own ship design/stats.

    YES, PLEASE DO SO. i would give it an extra attack in the front arc and 2 more hull, and maybe a boost? Mini-Boost? IDK, but it sounds cool.

  5. I still don't get why Integrated Astromech is X-wing only. In one fell swoop, it could've boosted X-wings, Y-wings, and E-wings. Maybe they didn't want to make TLT spam even stronger?

    No. It is because that was the X-Wing fix, and giving it to the rest makes it even more unviable.





    Then they shouldn't have send an albino bus to come pick me up.

    I imagine the outcome of Endor would have been a lot different if more people had that mindset
    It's an older ship sir, but it checks out.
    Is this racism to ships? ...?

    Not quite, racism but in fact its "ageism."

    Darn, imperial ageists!



  7. Honestly, if FFG is going to show any ship any love, it really should be the ship that's the name of the game - the X-wing.


    The E-wing can really languish in back-burneristan for all I care (as could the TIE Defender have done).


    Without X-wings, this game just seems less Starwarsy than it used to do, which is a shame.

    They have given the X-Wing enough love. They released the E-Wing and literally just forgot about it, but the X-Wing has extra content.  

  8. It's a great upgrade, but not on expensive low ps generics that move first and get arc dodged.

    Same reason you don't take ATC on generic advanced.

    I do... 


    EDIT: Need to fly a bunch of these with Vess.

  9. :>8(_)8<: 

    If you can break my little enigma code above ... you'll figure out what I want to see in the box.


    I will argue though that there will be at least 1 OT ship in the box. X or Y as A and B don't really need the love. Y's have their turrets at the moment sooo fingers are crossed. 

    thats an x-wing!

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