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  1. He's only the best pilot because Vader died.
  2. TheMoonLord

    The illicit.

    I'M SO LATE. But, there is an illicit in the resistance expansion that is large ship only and gives slam. Nothing else known yet, but possibilites include Firesprays, IG-2000, and the new falcon.
  3. *Clap. Clap. Clap.* Will you be playing movies on your phone?
  4. Astral plane shenanigans. How bout dat?
  5. Start a rage thread if there is no X-Wing news, start a rage thread if they announce wave 9 without gunboat, start a rage thread if they don't have an E-Wing in rebel aces 2. If all of these criteria are met, I will rage because they made me completely happy, or because the announced wave 9 and not aces or vice versa. So, I want to fly a ship with rage on it as well. gonna try out that Rex build with it soon.
  6. It works the best on VI titled Rexler or Vess. Rex has high PS and a second attack, Vess has Mods for both attacks and is easier to build around.
  7. YES, PLEASE DO SO. i would give it an extra attack in the front arc and 2 more hull, and maybe a boost? Mini-Boost? IDK, but it sounds cool.
  8. No. It is because that was the X-Wing fix, and giving it to the rest makes it even more unviable.
  9. Another rebel squad- 2x Blackmoon E-Wings with targeting astro and FCS Luke Skywaker-R2-F2, Predator, and integrated astro. Enjoy.
  10. Corran Horn is (really) good. By far and away my favourite Pilot. Don't leave home for a competative game without him. (Hahahahahahaha) Say WHAT now?
  11. I imagine the outcome of Endor would have been a lot different if more people had that mindsetIt's an older ship sir, but it checks out.Is this racism to ships? ...? Not quite, racism but in fact its "ageism." Darn, imperial ageists! True.
  12. They have given the X-Wing enough love. They released the E-Wing and literally just forgot about it, but the X-Wing has extra content.
  13. Not sure it's racism so much as prejudice against ships which suffer from a physiological lack of melanin. Either way, for shame DarthEnderX! AND BACK ON TOPIC! Seems like someone's done an origami XG-1: And credit to the creative individual who made it here Well said, and the oragami looks nice.
  14. Congrats to the oldest thread still on the top of the forum! Yaaaay!
  15. I do... EDIT: Need to fly a bunch of these with Vess.
  16. I imagine the outcome of Endor would have been a lot different if more people had that mindset It's an older ship sir, but it checks out. Is this racism to ships? ...?
  17. Has anybody tried FCS? Seriously, that seems good.
  18. GIMME YO SQUADS. Here is mine- Ethan Abat- fcs, ta, and some 2 point thing. 2x ps 1 generic- fcs and ta.
  19. What happens when Boba Fett causes you to remove a card like Chardan Refit or the X/7 that would bring your squad point cost above max?
  20. Rexler Brath- PTL, HLC, Tie MK. 2, prockets, T/D title just for fun.
  22. Now I'm even more tempted to bring them back... HOW. Just, HOW. o.0. CRAZY good!
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