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  1. So, here's my take on the "Triple SF Threat". "Quick Draw"- Veteran Instincts, Fire Control Systems, Primed Thrusters, Special Ops Training, Shield Upgrade. "Back Draft"- Veteran Instincts, Fire Control Systems, Primed Thrusters, Special Ops Training, Lightweight Frame. "Omega Specialist"- Adaptability, Fire Control Systems, Primed Thrusters, Special Ops Training, Lightweight Frame. Ironically, I created the list but have never played it. I have a friend who comes over and we play x-wing almost every week, and I allow guests to choose which faction they want to be. Of course, he chose Empire. Now I'm obsessed with trying to take the list down. There's a lot of synergy with the list, and if you get a couple of bad rolls... you're toast. Give it a try. Best regards, Kevin
  2. Where's the FAQ for X-Wing? Can't seem to find it in the forums. I want to peruse it before I start asking stupid questions. Thank you. Regards, Kevin
  3. As far as co-op goes, and I think it would suffice for your age group, you cannot beat "Forbidden Island". "Forbidden Desert" I like a little better, but there are a few more moving parts, and it's a little bit more challenging. Also, "Hanabi" has to be one of my favorite co-op games of them all. It is impossible for one, strong-willed, control-freak, player to railroad the entire game... just brilliant. I would also agree with "Sushi Go", and "King of Tokyo". One of my gaming groups has a 7 year old son, and he's been playing "Sushi Go" since he was 5. My last suggestion would be "Sheriff of Nottingham"- super fun, super easy, and to be honest, is good for the entire family. Best regards, Kevin p.s. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  4. No, Cactus, it was I who got the rule wrong. As the kids like to say these days, "my bad".
  5. Thanks again to everyone who replied. Your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Especially, Klutz. That was the definitive answer I was looking for. Be well. Play hard. Play fair. kevacho
  6. Thank you, "jmswood". And thanks again everyone for your input. Wouldn't be the first time I misread a Fantasy Flight rule. Probably, won't be the last.
  7. My apologies. You're correct "Kraedin".
  8. Interesting. So, there IS a discrepancy. It appears that "dhowtocor" and "thespaceinvader" agree with me, however, "zefirus" and "Vineheart01" disagree. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet in the forums. I'm somewhat new here is there a way to direct my question to "Fantasy Flight"? Best regards, Kevin Play well.
  9. So, an argument arose from my gaming group last night regarding "Backdraft", and his or her stated power. My friends all agreed that I was wrong, and that you add a third, sometimes fourth critical hit die result to "Backdraft's" existing power. I believe you add a critical hit result to the existing two or three attack dice. Anyone run into this yet? And if so, what's the general consensus? "Backdraft's" pilot power is as follows, "When attacking a ship inside your auxiliary firing arc, you may add 1 critical result." Best regards, Kevacho
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