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  1. Awesome. The original raider looks like it was super duper inspired by elite dangerous's Anaconda, from the retracting turrets to the cockpit design/placing. I'd kill to get some better turrets for both the raider and the decimator.
  2. And fixed weapons never have a 90% firing arc. Silly lasers, you can't shoot 45% to your right!
  3. I so doubt we will see any new TFA ships for awhile. Probably not much until some new, really useful ships are shown. Things that seem to add value to the game's design space I guess? It's like JJ Abrams didn't quite get how critical new spaceships were to the Star Wars fanbase! (Only sort of sarcastic). Everything we got was either an awesome redesign of existing ships, or variations on boxes, rectangles, and sideways rectangles.
  4. I'm really sorry for being pedantic, but if it's not illegal in the rules, it's not illegal. X-Wing has had more than it's fair share of FAQs where it could have addressed this issue. The fact that it hasn't means that it isn't seen as a problem. That and self contradiction? Cheers Baaa Please be sure to tell every player you play with everything you say here for fairness sake. And so you can stop having anyone to play with, ever.
  5. Lies. Chopper is great. He's like the love child of R2-D2 and HK-47. He's a better Star Wars character than BB-8, in my opinion. He's actually got some...character, ya know? ALSO HE DOESN'T DEFY STAR WARS PHYSICS/DESIGN.
  6. http://imgur.com/a/nMPaD (not sure if that image link will work, will fix if not) I really love the Hutt Cartel scheme (I think that's it?), and I really liked the look of the new Tie's in the Rebels trailer. So, I knocked both things out last night. The repaint Z-95 still needs some work, but I was really happy with how it turned out with just a coat or two and a black wash. I'm very pleased at how close the purple/red turned out. Got a great mix for it that's only getting closer. Not sure what other ships I'll redo in this style. Probably one of anything Scum that didn't come this way. I had gone WAY overboard on basic Tie Fighters when I first started getting into X-wing, so I've got a lot to work with. The best part is I cut the wings off so well I have some very nice panel components to stick onto the Decimator or something to give it a bit of an "edge", literally. Give it some spiky bits n such.
  7. Look all I want to say is: HOLY CRAP the Quasar class carrier is canon!! WOOT. Giant space hangar's are back in baby. Armada's got some delicious new meat on the table for Rebs. That and the old republic cruisers (meh). Cool stuff, really solid trailer. This show definitely feels like it captures a good bit of the original trilogy spark.
  8. Hey quick question - got my raider in the mail today and was very bummed to discover AFTER opening it that one of the little gun pods on the front left of the ship was missing. A swift search through the box confirmed my fear - it wasn't there. (Unlike with one of my corvettes where the turret was just missing in the box somewhere). Sad that neither I, nor the folks at CSI had noticed this before this point. My concern is it sounds like FFG doesn't replace huge ships (totally reasonable), and I'd have to ship it back to my retailer (annoying nightmare). Did anyone else experience this? I've seen this in person a ton at my local store where it's clear bits are missing from models, so it can't be uncommon. Waiting to hear back from FFG, but does anyone know if they have a stock of huge ship bits that they can send out? I read that they have spare turrets for the CR-90, so I'm hoping they have these - though these aren't meant to come off it doesn't look like. Help meee? Edit - Just a reminder: Check your toys out before you open them, and buy in person when you can! It's a hidden perk to supporting your FLGS..
  9. That's putting it.., mildly. It's almost like the design itself was to enable new and ridiculous merchandising opportunities..
  10. Okay as long as the shuttle wings angle out like in that movie still, I'm mostly retracting my complaint. And yeah I can't wait to see more of that deep dish star destroyer.
  11. Man I don't think it does. If it did, then yeah sure awesome Imperial Shuttle 2.0. If those suckers just stand straight up, AND extend? 2goofy4me. And this is all in good fun - just because I don't like some designs doesn't mean it's not totally cool for others to! I will say the new x-wing grew on me, while the new Tie fighter has not. Not that anyone was asking or anything.
  12. To be fair, I'm a big hater of all the ship designs of the prequels, and apparently the new trilogy. They all just look hokey and out of place. The venator looking like Jar Jar was so far too much for me. And Abrams is working hard to make the new tech look distinct. I still can't stand the new rolly-droid. It just feels too zany.
  13. That's the worst looking starship I've seen yet. It's got wings. That open up. Taller. Because reasons. I dub it the sUck-wing.
  14. While this may just be an oops, I've had a number of my flight stands appear poorly manufactured - the peg inserts are set into the plastic at really awkward angles - close to 45 degrees. Wouldn't be surprised if there weren't worse issues.
  15. Well Interceptors don't show up until the second? third? movie. At that point, they had made all imperials the light blue grey color. Only the first movie has TIE's painted grey. I think?
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