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  1. More than one army sounds like you simply let another player use one of them? Go find a relatively easy rule set to lure new players or existing players in. You could even try to streamline the old ruleset so you can teach a new player. You could easily use those miniatures for other games too, just like I've been talking about. Hail Ceasar, Kings of War Historical (includes fantasy elements!), various Osprey rulesets, Warhammer Historical, Saga, Sword & Spear (fantasy book out there now too!), etc. The list goes on. There are rules for pretty much every game mechanic itch. Sure, this could take some effort or force you to try and interact at the local game shop, but it sure beats quitting or complaining!
  2. Thats why there are plenty of games out there for ffg to take inspiration from. Both warhammer and 40k alone have 8 different editions each. Heck, I just played a game of Rogue Trader a few weeks ago. People develop way too much tunnel vision when it comes to miniatures and rule sets.
  3. You might be misunderstanding. The post is just showing that people can use various rules and/or for substitution until ffg decides to make the game. Or possibly if people don’t like the game when they release it. Options, options, options.
  4. Starting out, it's usually two factions that are supported. In the case of L5R, you'd simply base it on some sort of regional conflict. It would basically include everything you'd expect in a starter product: some leader dudes and some units of generic guys to form a basis of an army. For factions, depending on the rule system, I'd rather see a clan pack include four different characters that each represented different strategies for a player but also to appeal to a wider amount of players in that clan. This would also help to limited the number of kits needed to be released per faction. All of this is completely dependent on scale, rule system, pricing model, and so on. Actually, I think the Saga rules by Gripping Beast are perfect for a skirmish scale game and actually fits well with some of the themes. Warlord Games also put out a Samurai game not too long ago and is worth taking a look at for potential models.
  5. Really the game just needs to be a very small scale skirmish game: a samurai (I.e. player proxy) and a few small units of other groups. This would solve the problem of a huge miniature line and it wouldn’t necessarily compete with their other lines either.
  6. Zero Unicorn favor points? I just feel so bad for the clan. Time for a clan redesign.
  7. I always think of casual miniature games as something easy to put onto a table, has few necessary models/terrain, and doesn't necessarily care about the meta. Of course, the rules of the game are very important too. That being said, Legion isn't the best casual choice as it can take some time to deploy armies and set up the board, needs far more miniatures/terrain than other FFG games, focuses on the hobby aspect with painting, and actually has more of a rules hurdle than other games right now. Armada is honestly a better game to look into. If you're not a competitive guy, the whole meta shouldn't be a problem. Don't really worry if a choice isn't as good as others. Instead, focus on fostering that casual experience with other players.
  8. The expansion gives me the excuse to use L3-37 and see the droid die again. And again. And Again. Everyone wins!
  9. I’d be perfectly fine with getting rid of the edge issue if FFG got rid of it from their other Star Wars miniature games too. Alternatively, there could be a simple rule of moving back onto the board required the unit’s next activation (i.e. like the rapid reinforcements card but when the order came up rather than eot). With climbing, the issue seemed to be based on the usual terrain people use. But, yes, the current rules can discourage climbing. This can be fixed with either redoing the rule or simply adding an upgrade that is better than climb gear.
  10. Realistically it would probably be a three person crew but since we only saw two troopers use it in episode V...
  11. I really like that Laser Cannon for the rebels. The range of 4 really makes all the difference between the two new units. AND it isn't cumbersome!?
  12. I've been using the figures for other games recently, like Rogue Trader, Rogue Star, old Necromunda, and a sci-fi version of Saga. It's not that I don't like the current rules but the game can feel way too tedious at times.
  13. FFG doesn’t have a large foothold in the board/miniature market in Japan? If they do, show the game off and teach people! If they don’t, then teach the game to as many people as you can!
  14. I do like the stronghold but the whole pump looks like a trap for certain players. The unbowing is interesting enough of a bonus to play around with the card. Love that Aramoro is in the pack but his art is a bit too silly. The fact that Kage is present in the pack is just icing on the cake.
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