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  1. Thanks Im going to put them through an eye for an eye first, I have alot of totaly new players that i have taken through a few missons. And then i tought about starting Horror of hugendal, The gathering storm, and then the witches song, that i do realy looking forward to! And i am going to mix in a set of my own missons in between there
  2. By the way, where do i get Horror of Hugendal? Doesn`t find it anywhere!!! Thanks from the noob
  3. THAT IS THE MOST EPIC ANSWAR EVER GIVEN!!!!!! OMG, i laught alot!!!! Thanks for the most genius answar! "Manling coins are like their words: Never trust them! Use your weighing scales and keep your axe handy."
  4. Hello Im playing a dwarf grudgekeeper, and i have a little bit of problem . Im going after a dwarfen made sword that was taken from a Dwarf lord. And it has a lot of sparkling dimonds a stuff on it. But wat if i can`t find it, if the family has lost it. Wat would be a good payback for the dwarf to get rid of the grudge? Some ideas? As always, sorry for my bad english, norwagen girl
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