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  1. Don't think so. It's a Scum card. You could just have Saska Teft to get the scum card into you Rebel deck.
  2. I just played at the Regionals in the UK, I don't think anyone had any difficulty in building the maps in less than 10 minutes. Some people had map tiles pre-organised into the 3 that would be used, some had a more free-form approach. In the campaign only the Imperial player sees the map, so it's all on one person to build, in skirmish both people can help construct, so while one finds tiles the other player can start assembling the map.
  3. Just realised this write-up I posted to BGG could also fit in here: Early in the morning on the 29th of May I set out from the wilds of Shropshire to the second city. Arriving in good time to register early in the morning and be the first one in the Marquee to start the day's combat. My Team IG-88 Elite Trandoshan Trandoshan Elite Nexu Nexu Devious Scheme Command Deck Blaze of Glory Ferocity Celebration Cripple Price On Their Heads Merciless x 2 Dirty Trick Strength In Numbers Close The Gap Counter Attack To The Limit Rally Element of Surprise Take Initiative I knew in advance my team was going to be quite soft, especially against Imperial teams, having lost several times to an Imperial team of my own design. I wanted to play with the merc's in the tournament for the fun of it. The main aim of this deck is getting close and burning through an opponent's command deck, which happened occasionally. Round 1 - Leave No Evidence My first opponent was a Rebel team (Solo, 2 x Sabs, 1x trooper, Gideon). My best response to this mission is f*** white dice, as out of about 7 attacks on Solo 5 resulted in a dodge being rolled :cry: I probably moved my units forward too deep into the fray too early, and they were quickly torn apart by heavy fire from the Sabs. The day was off to a bad start with a loss to someone playing skirmish for the first time :shake: Round 2 - Close To Home Everyone who won in the first round was guaranteed to play a winner.... except my opponent who got to squash me :soblue: I looked at the activation heavy squad and I suspected I was going to be in trouble (2x elite E-web, elite royal guard, 3 x officers, 2 x probe droids). I knew I would be a target to the e-webs as soon as I opened the door, so delayed for as long as possible in the first round. I attacked a probe droid early on with my elite nexu, taking it down to 1 health, but failing to get the kill. The elite nexu didn't last long in the open after that. And as I suspected soon after opening the door the e-web started to tear through my trandoshans. Greatly outnumbered in activations it didn't take too long before my opponent won with points gained easily from objectives with his greater numbers and wiping out my weaker units. Round 3 - Lost Knowledge Next up I faced a Royal Guard Champion team (RGC, royal guard, imperial officer, elite stormtrooper, stormtrooper). Knowing I was squishy to Imperials I was nervous to start off with, my opponent moved his champion in to brutalize my elite trandoshans, who fortunately survived the attack. I then pounced my nexu next to the champion, fearing his white dice I focused my attacks on the stormtroopers to whittle down the champions health with cleaves. I then blasted the champion away in the next round with my elite trandoshans and having the initiative. My opponent managed to remove one of the tokens for objective points, but I quickly whittled down his troops until he only had 1 trooper remaining, the trooper tried valiently to gain some more points for his side, but was quickly wiped out by IG-88 for my first win of the tournament. Round 4 - Raiding Party I forgot to take a photo in this round, so can't remember my opponent's team. I know it was rebels with Skywalker, but can't remember the rest of the details. I didn't advance my nexu as quickly as possible and used IG's ability to select dice to take pot-shots from a distance. I managed to take out most of the Rebel scum quite quickly leaving me with 4 units to take out Skywalker, which they promptly did to take me to 2 wins. Round 5 - Smuggled Goods With 2 wins I knew I needed a win in this round to have any chance of progressing, again I faced and Imperial team (royal guard champion, 2 x officers, stormtroopers, royal guards). This was not a good mission for me, my opponent used his officers to advance the royal guards towards the objectives, then used the royal guards speed to quickly remove the objectives, taking out a few of my units on the way for a win with the first activation of round 3. A quick and anti-climactic loss to put me out of the tournament and into 22nd place overall It was a great experience to get a chance to play skirmish against a wide range of people, and I had a great time with my squad, especially the joy of having nexu pounce everywhere Hopefully the upcoming expansions bring out something that make teams other than imperials and rebel sabs a bit more effective. I'm looking forward to trying again next year.
  4. I don't know, the gun is sticking in the person, it'll be pretty hard to miss when your gun is actually attaching the barrel to your target. Probably why the second attack has to target the same figure.
  5. I think there were 30 in the tournament with 2 people who hadn't showed up. My merc list limped to 2/5 wins. I wasn't near the top and decided to wander round the trade halls after I got knocked out. Most of the top 8 seemed to have Imperial teams, RGC was very popular.
  6. I was just sorting out my set after the weekend and found that I have an extra map sheet from the Darth Vader expansion, is anyone misssing a sheet?
  7. They all have washes, some I just washed lightly which might be why they don't look washed. I might try my soldiers from XCOM next and play around more with washes on them.
  8. I think they were the 3rd last things I painted so my technique had improved by the time I got round to them.
  9. Obi-Wan is defeated and withdrawn from the board. The Rebels decide the cost in threat is too high to redeploy him as an ally in later missions.
  10. Gaarkhan Gideon Argus Mak Eshka-rey Fenn Signis Jyn Odan
  11. Rebel Troopers Rebel Saboteurs Chewbacca - the model I'm least happy with, may revisit at some point Han Solo Luke Skywalker
  12. IG-88 Nexu Trandoshan Hunters
  13. Vader Imperial Officers Stormtroopers E-Web Engineers Royal Guards Royal Guard Champion
  14. I was inspired to paint my set by watching Sorastro's videos, and then decided to jump ahead and extend to the rest of the set. Rebels Imperials AT-ST Weiss Probe Droids
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