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  1. The idea is that since you are new to the game, formation flying can be a key learning experience. Biggs + Selfless on Horton Salm help keep Luke alive - plus R2! Arvel also assists to trigger Horton's pilot ability with his ability to boost into enemy ships (and shoot them! with -1 agility due to Intimidation). Welcome to the game and have fun! Biggs Darklighter (48) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 48 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 3 Luke Skywalker (62) R2-D2 (8) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 3 Horton Salm (37) Selfless (3) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Ship total: 45 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 4 Arvel Crynyd (34) Intimidation (3) Ship total: 37 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z7XWWW142Y4XWW3WW142Y26X130W138WWWWWY51X122WW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  2. If you like the VCX - you could try something like this: Lando + Nien Numb + Falcon Title Hera + Saw + Ghost Zeb (Attack Shuttle) + Phantom Lando can double action himself or pass the Lock/Reinforce to Hera. Zeb opens up the rear arc but is primarily there as a 3-dice gun.
  3. This. I never considered Kanan being a flexible upgrade in this manner. I always included him just to have the force point for offense. I have found that I only boost with Han from time to time. Thanks for this!
  4. Never even considered Bistan on Han. Seems fun combined with his ability. I definitely enjoy Jake, will have to give him a shot with Han.
  5. Thanks for the responses - definitely gives me some insight that I never considered before. I honestly had to look up when Novice Technician triggers - never realized how critical that timing is compared to Chewy. Basically, I see a few options - either Kanan or EU, no need for both; R2 is better than I have given credit; Trick Shot is probably the better choice for Talent on Han; Falcon title is not worth the points on Han (only reason I included before was for access to the evade action); Jyn and/or Lando seems solid as well. I think I would switch to this version: Han + Trick Shot + Lando + R2-D2 + Engine OR some variation of that. Will have to put it on the board a few times, good thing the Barons league is starting up soon.
  6. So I'm looking into a couple of different Han builds. I have flown him only in the current Hyperspace season - both lists included below are Extended. The idea was to pair him with a mini-swarm of Z-95s, A-Wings or a combination. Han + Lone Wolf + Millenium Falcon + Kanan Jarrus + Chewbacca + Engine Upgrade (111) OR Han + Millenium Falcon + Kanan Jarrus + R2-D2 + Engine Upgrade (112) The first build is my attempt to make Han's offensive capabilities very consistent. The Dice Calculator shows Expected Hits increasing from 2.3 to 2.7 with the addition of Lone Wolf since Han will not need Lone Wolf defensively most of the time. Is Lone Wolf worth the cost for the increased consistency? The other question is how important is R2-D2 - am I correct in assuming R2 would need to trigger 3 times to be worth his cost (very vague idea taken from the cost of Shield Upgrade)? What do you think the best Extended Han build available?
  7. I’ve been successful with (went 4-1 at the Barons Team Tournament): Hera + Saw + Hull Kanan + Ion Cannon Turret + Ghost Zeb (Attack Shuttle) + Phantom
  8. We have created an extras box at our local game store. This way anyone can pick up/leave upgrades as needed. I typically carry between 2-8 of a particular upgrade depending on usage/normative point cost. You can do the same thing for asteroids, other tokens.
  9. Braylen Stramm (52) Crack Shot (1) Tractor Beam (3) Stabilized S-Foils (2) Cassian Andor (51) K-2SO (8) Pivot Wing (0) "Leebo" (81) Contraband Cybernetics (2)
  10. The List: Hera Syndulla (VCX) + Saw + Cassian + Dorsal Turret + Ghost Zeb (Attack Shuttle) + Phantom Cavern Angel X-Wing + S-Foils (x2) 200 points Let’s break down the upgrades: Saw allows Hera to hit extremely hard. Passive modification is always good, especially on a large base ship like the VCX. There are many instances where I found myself using one of my other ships to slow the VCX down via blocking. Without Saw, the four attack value of the VCX is not nearly as potent. Cassian is the MVP of this list. Not only does he allow the dial change ability for Hera in the system phase, but he is crucial to set up blocks or assist with the correct action choice especially against higher initiative pilots. There were several instances where the information provided allowed me to rotate the dorsal turret instead of taking a reinforce based on the maneuver my opponent chose. Typically, I would guess the maneuver that was the worst case scenario based on my selected maneuver. Dorsal Turret is primarily here to set up the double tap out of the rear arc with the VCX. The rear arc becomes potent with a 2-die dorsal turret shot followed by a 3-die primary shot let alone the times you are able to end at range 1 for a 3-die then 4-die shot. The turret also gave me options instead of k-turns for the VCX - I rotated the arc in every game I played to keep time on target. Ghost + Phantom is primarily there for the rear arc VCX attack and I usually only docked Zeb once I knew I would be flying past my opponent. If my opponent is taking shots at Zeb, that is a win for me. He’s the cheapest ship in the squad and has the ability to dock once he takes damage or if he has multiple locks on him. He provides an easy screen to slow the VCX down when needed. Let’s talk about the VCX: Hera is my favorite character so it is an easy choice for me to put her on the table. However, her ability is so good especially in combination with Cassian and her initiative 5. The ability to range control when needed by taking a 1 vs. 2 straight allows her to enter positive engagements where often there is only 1 ship returning fire on her. Her ability also allows her to avoid blocks following the first engagement as well as giving her the ability to adjust her arc slightly by changing to one of the bank maneuvers. Her ability is completely undervalued in my opinion. Obstacle placement: During the tournament over the weekend, I chose 3 of the medium sized asteroids to give me an idea of how well I could maneuver the VCX. I’ve been flying this ship for a long time but found that the smallest asteroids would probably be the better call in this build. I want to avoid debris clouds to keep Hera’s dial open and I’ve found that gas clouds tend to help my opponents more than me. The benefit of the larger asteroids is the ability to cut off attack lanes and attempt to funnel my opponent into a certain location. The benefit of the smaller asteroids is that I just generally have more space to maneuver the VCX. Without post maneuver repositioning, the VCX relies on obstacle placement to be correct to avoid situations in which I have to make a suboptimal maneuver to avoid them. Typically, I set up the asteroids much in the way a player flying a Tie Defender would. I wanted to create 2-3 lanes that I could use for k-turns or to hard turn around the asteroids to get the rear arc shot. I usually place the obstacles on my side of the board so that I know how fast I need to go to get past them. Set-Up: Typically I would set the X-Wings in the middle of the board spaced between a 1–2 maneuver template length apart. This gave me the ability to overlap their firing arcs but slow roll, using the 1 straight or banks followed by barrel rolls, until my opponent committed to a lane or at least to a general area of the board. I would set up the Attack Shuttle towards the middle as well, close to the VCX that I would set up at an angle in a position to fly straight through an asteroid lane. I would usually set up the Attack Shuttle to barrel roll in front of the VCX, slowing it down and allowing me to have a better grasp on the area of the board that the initial engagement would occur. Overall, the tournament went well for me as I went 3-1 losing to my buddy that I came to the store with. In that game, he caught one of my x-wings out of position and was able to destroy it before I could get the rest of my squad into position. I told him once we started the game that something did not feel quite right, that I had made mistakes in the asteroid placement/set-up phase. This was also the only game in which Hera died. I got her jammed into a space where I could not get out of between an asteroid and a debris cloud with no turn options as well as no k-turn option. Long story short, the VCX is a solid ship that people need to be looking more into especially with the recent point reductions. Let me know if there are any tweaks you would make to the squad, etc. Thanks for reading!
  11. I’ve done something similar with this by using a Squad Leader Phoenix A-Wing which comes in at 34 points. I like the idea of AP-5 as well - Jyn Erso crew does open up potential for Luke defensively. You can also do Zeb in the Attack Shuttle - leaves 1 point for Crack Shot on Wedge/Thane. This does not allow the double modded Wedge shots though. I’ve also run Wedge + Luke + Garven + Jake but found that Garven’s ability did not synergize well with the way I flew the squad. Super fun squad - you can check out an older Biophysical article in which he talks about a similar squad before the last points change. Thane’s ability is solid when he is unmodified - makes his attack potentially meaningful even without tokens.
  12. I flew this squad this week at our meetup: Hera (VCX) ; AP-5 ; Sabine + Composure (Tie) ; Rex ; Ezra (Tie) This allows Hera to have double mods with AP-5 coordinate. My opponent went for Hera first so I was going reinforce + focus for her actions. Took a hull breach from a debris cloud and it went downhill for Hera. However, it took multiple turns to take her down. The Ties were solid in regards to not taking damage but also lack the offense needed without Hera.
  13. 🤫 shhh Don’t tell anyone the Ghost is good.
  14. I’m a Rebel player for the most part. It’s tough for me not to put Hera or Luke into a squad since those are my favorite characters. I have dabbled in Resistance, First Order and Empire as well but have not found the list building as enjoyable. Resistance may see more play from me with the Transport being released. I have not picked up my Wave 4 stuff yet, and typically build with the cards and not with a squad builder (except to confirm points) so I’ve yet to start building for Resistance.
  15. Most of the time for me, it is testing out cards/ships/pilots that I’ve yet to try. I usually change lists from week to week with a goal to try some of the underrepresented cards. I tend to want to know why something is considered ‘bad’ and see if I can find a combination that makes the card/ship shine.
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