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  1. I did see that in the rules but I guess I was reading too much into it. I thought it was saying that you don't move if there is a goal token in your space at the beginning of the move. But it does make sense the way you two explained it. BTW, thanks for the quick replies.
  2. The rules state that the AI moves a number of spaces equal to the ship's hyperdrive value towards the closest goal. But what if the closest goal is fewer spaces away? I know the AI can stop on a planet that is one or two spaces less than the hyperdrive value. For example the starting ship for the AI is the G9 rigger with a hyperdrive value of 6. So it's allowed to move only 4 or 5 spaces to stop on a planet if moving the whole 6 would put in on a navpoint. But what if the goal is only 2 or 3 spaces away? I can't find anywhere in the rules that explains how that works.
  3. If there are any characters faceup in a province but not in play (i.e. still sitting on top of the province card) at the beginning of the fate phase would they be discarded due to not having any fate on them?
  4. HappyDaze I accidently deleted that email you sent me with the contact info for the other guy that wants to do weekends. Would you be able to send it to me again? Thanks
  5. I just saw the flyer/poster at that CSG. I noticed it said the sessions would be from 1700-2200. I would be willing to play but the only nights I would be able to do those hours would be Friday and/or Saturday, and I would have no problem going to St Cloud to play. Saturdays would be better, though. I live about 5 minutes from that CSG, but I work (in Kissimmee) until 230 on Fridays, so that might be pushing it to try to make it to St Cloud by 5 (considering I would want to go home and change and stuff after work). I have plenty of dice and the core rulebook. I also have some of the specialization decks. I don't really use OggDude's character generator either. I like doing it the old school way with pencil, eraser and character sheet. My email is stancfl@cs.com if you want to contact me. That would be the best way to let me know when Session Zero is and what night of the week it's going to be.
  6. Thanks. That's what I thought, but I just wanted to make sure that was right
  7. I have a question that is not very clear in the rules. When resolving the Navigate command and I choose to change speed, would I do that before I set the maneuver tool and use the new speed to set it; or would I set it, execute the maneuver and then change speed, or can I choose to do it at either time?
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