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  1. Well, page 60 is titled "Stormtroopers" and up to page 63 it shows stat blocks for; Stormtroopers (Minion), Stormtrooper Sergeant (Rival), Cave Trooper (Minion), Range Trooper (Minion), Sandtrooper (Minion), Scout Trooper (Minion), Shoretrooper (Minion), Snowtrooper (Minion), and Swamptrooper (Minion).
  2. Range Troopers are minions, as are Shoretroopers.
  3. Agreed. Especially in Allies and Adversaries (the same book) Ewoks are listed as silhouette 0 and are pretty much the same height as Jawas.
  4. Does anybody else's copy Allies & Adversaries show that Jawas are not silhouette 0? Table 6-6 on page 212 of the Edge of the Empire Core Rule book states that they are silhouette 0, but my copy of Allies & Adversaries doesn't show their size.
  5. Thanks @Nytwyng Unfortunately the option to "Remove" is grayed out. I suppose these entries are protected.
  6. Hello All, Is there a way to completely remove the Unofficial Species Menagerie from the character generator? I know how to "uncheck" it under sources allowed but I want to completely remove it so myself or my players don't see it as an option.
  7. Hello! I've run about two campaigns with my regular group. Both campaigns, the group tries to keep the obligation down as low as they can. They have no use for it despite my efforts to try and incorporate it into the story. They would rather be poor or find other methods of obtaining what they seek than use Obligation as a resource to pay for things. They want to be those do-good criminals, which is fine. As long as they are happy, I'm happy. I'm starting a new group, new players. Some of them have never played before and I'm about to introduce to them the mechanics of the system which includes Obligation. My Session: 0 will go over Obligation and give them a chance to tie in their Obligations or not. For this campaign, I do intend on showing them how Obligation is used and I'm more than certain that one or more of them may use it as a resource. I've always been curious though, since my time as a player has always been rare and I have no examples of how other Game Masters use Obligation, has anybody ever applied or "inflicted" Obligation on their players? For example, say the characters have successfully concluded an adventure. Unfortunately they didn't defeat or bring the crime lord they had to deal with during the course of the adventure to justice. I determine that the crime lord could be a recurring villain later on down the road and his anger towards the players has him take out a bounty on each of their heads so each player takes 5 Bounty Obligation. The players now have an enemy that pops up every now and then getting in the way until they deal with it one way or another. Subsequently, would just applying 10 Bounty Obligation to the group as whole if 5 per player seems like too much? I don't want to drown them in Obligation or make them feel like it is more of a burden than a storytelling tool so I intend on using it sparingly. The book doesn't mention it used this way, unless it is in another part of the book that isn't titled "Obligation" and I missed it, so I'm curious if anybody has used it like this and what were the results?
  8. I noticed when trying to create an encounter with through the GM Tools that if I select a minion and try to increase the count, it will not save the number I specify (I've tried increasing it to 2 & 3). If I add a second minion group, it will allow that minion group to increase beyond one but the first group remains solely at a single minion and still won't save after being adjusted. Edit: I just tried adding three individual groups, updated them all to 3 minions each. Two of the three updated fine, the third remained at 1. The difference between this time and previous attempts is that I didn't add on to an existing encounter.
  9. My players decided to choose the "Firespray" as their starting vehicle. With a party of four, they are commenting on the lack of personnel quarters on the Firespray and inquiring about removing the prison cells from the ship. Has anybody else done something similar?
  10. I made my own, a backwater planet of scum and villany. Gave it some history and an assortment of NPCs with plot hooks. Everything turned out pretty well to be honest. The players really liked it because while it was a world they had no knowledge of from the Star Wars universe, it still felt like Star Wars,
  11. On page 47 of EotE Core Rulebook, it states that a droid player character can choose to have his equipment built into his body. Now is there a limit to how much equipment can be installed? Does the equipment count towards his encumbrance? He has a cybernetic limit, but is there an equipment limit?
  12. If a group of minions do not have the skill listed, do you upgrade the dice like normal? For example, a Stormtrooper has Athletics and a Brawn of 3. A single Stormtrooper would roll 3 Ability dice. A group of three Stormtroopers would roll 1 Ability die and 2 Skill dice following the rule that minions gain 1 rank per each minion after the first. So if a Stormtrooper does not have Vigilance or Cool on his list and a group of three Stormtroopers needs to roll initiative, do they follow the same rule? If not, would they just roll their ability dice without ranks. For example, do they make a single Cool roll with 1 Ability die for his Presence or a single Vigilance roll with 3 Ability dice for Willpower.
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