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  1. Link to the rules themselves: Sector Fleet Rules
  2. Doth mine eyes deceive me? An Armada article? Truly?
  3. Occams Razor isn't the correct principle here. The razor is that you select the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions. We already know that rules are changing. It's no longer the fewest assumptions that there will be no further rule additions or changes other than the ones they have already described. We really don't have enough information at this point. There is plenty of time before Q1 of 2019 though for FFG to answer all of our questions. TL;DR - Assuming nothing added isn't Occam's Razor, but assuming rules are going to change and not wanting to speculate about how is something different. #pedantry
  4. Between 2 braces, 2 redirects, more shields than you can shake a stick at, and 22 hp I think you'll be fine even if your opponent rolls 2 accs.
  5. Strategic Advisor is "Large Ship Only"
  6. ECM doesn't matter as much when you have redundant tokens for each defense token.
  7. Also, liaisons are as OP as they were with Tarkin. AKA you're already sinking a ton of points in so you're not gonna want to spend more on the liaisons.
  8. Maybe he died of happiness? He last logged in Tuesday lol The day before the music played again.
  9. Does @cynanbloodbane know yet? Where are you my fellow SWM20 adherant? At last we shall have our revenge.
  10. Moreover, vindication at long last for the MIA SWM20. Long live the SSD
  11. God that is a gorgeous model.
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