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  1. Weiss is impossible to keep alive in the final mission, even with the pitiful bonus hp. But in Chain of Command he proved insanely tough.
  2. I am baffled that the Imperials won Aftermath, particularly by wounding all of the heroes!
  3. As the imperial player is managing all mission-related deployments I would argue it is his decision. It's also an end-of-round event, which in case of timing issues lets the Imperial player choose the order; this is not the same case, but it is a similar matter of resolving ambiguity. edit: I will say, however, that intentionally abusing this by trying to block that blue square and place Han Solo unfavorably would be... impolite.
  4. Just to clarify, Jan only has two actions that cost strain, which right now are her two starting actions. By comparison, Jyn Odan, also at 4 endurance, has 4 cards that cost strain. I am leaning toward one of two options: 1 Strain: Exhaust this card whenever an Imperial figure deploys within three spaces of a friendly figure. The friendly figure becomes focused. 2 Strain: Use whenever an imperial figure deploys within line of sight of a friendly figure. You may give that figure focus. Option is cheap, but you can only use it once per round. Option two is expensive, but if Jan is unstrained, she can give two folks focus. Thoughts? They're both balanced, I just think she's already got some high strain abilities (hide and insertion), so it's better to give some cheaper abilities too.
  5. 2 strain for LoS would be alright, but she's rather high on strain usage and as a 4 Endurance character (might want to make her side mission reward increase her endurance) she's already got too many high-strain abilities. I'd recommend the lower strain for lower flexibility, though neither version would be overpowered.
  6. Some more thoughts: I don't think having no starting weapon is a good idea; there's no reason she can't have an awful starting weapon, and it seems a little crippling. Early imperial firepower is weak enough to give the poorly armed heroes time to do damage, but the saboteurs are something the imperial player could wipe out. I'm imagining Aftermath, where the idea that you could wound all the heroes seems laughable, but wiping out a pair of 4 hp targets is doable and leaves the heroes with much less firepower to destroy the terminals than they normally would have. I'd say just give her a crummy weapon, like a blue-yellow pistol with nothing but an accuracy surge and pierce 1. I'd reduce the strain cost of Stealthy Insertion to 2. The turn you use it, the ability nets you 1 action, and on later turns the threat should balance against the ally's future actions. Ghaarkan's charge nets you an action (more or less) and costs 2 strain. Precise Strike probably saves you one attack action as well, for 2 strain. Other abilities worth an action are generally 1-2 strain. Hide in Plain Sight: it appears balanced, until you recall that in many missions the imperial player must wound all the heroes, and there's nothing stopping you from using it and resting every turn. In missions like Under Siege you could hold a tile forever with it. How about have it be something like "place a strain token near your figure", this token is removed if you move or attack, an imperial may interact with you to remove it, and you may not be the target of an attack while it's there?" Whatever you do, there must be some way to harm Jan; it should make you harder to attack, not impossible. Divide and Conquer adds complication in that you must track activations of figures separate from their card, and honestly being able to gain tons of delaying-power with it seems like it would lead to very game-y behavior in general. I'd replace it with something else (maybe that bonus move for Stealthy Insertion spawns?) Advance Notice: in my experience players hate trading an action for nothing but focus. Perhaps instead have it be something like "1 Strain: whenever an imperial figure deploys within X (3?) spaces of a figure, that hero becomes focused." This still fits the name very well, removes the slightly clunky requirement that you track last turn's actions, and makes it a bit more attractive to players without becoming too powerful. Emergency Aid: this is similarly a bad deal, it seems. An action for 2 damage healed? I see that it's useful to heal allies that otherwise can't recover, but it's not worth an action. How about have it also remove a negative condition? This flows well with Jan's style; she supports the other figures by saving them the action it would take to remove stun/bleeding at the cost of her own action.
  7. You actually gain an action overall by bringing in an ally with the one ability. I agree that only using the entrance is a bad deal on certain missions; maybe one of her abilities should be to offer the spawned allies a bonus move?
  8. Change Coordinate Attack to be a 1-2 strain exhaust this card ability for Jan that reads "exhaust an ally activation group to have each make an attack... etc." This eliminates a lot of confusion over what sort of action it is, gives it some cost but lets you get the jump on imperials by consolidating two activations into Jan's turn. I get what you're doing with the shared best roll, but as written it's clunky. Why not just give every attacking figure a re-roll, since that's approximately as valuable (little worse on 3-group, better on singleton), and is much less confusing. Or give them all focus before their attack, which is roughly what IA values for giving up the move action it seems. Might want to check the wording on Rebel Troopers bonus for not moving; make sure to specify that they still receive that bonus if necessary when you're using this ability.
  9. That sure makes Fenn's Tactical Movement and Gideon's Mobile Tactician a little less flexible. Tactical Movement isn't a special action.
  10. It's starting ability is just fine, in my opinion. Sure it's not a flat bonus each round like the other two, but a way to guarantee a surge is incredibly powerful. That could mean getting a stun from a Royal Guard, or a Bleed from some Trandoshans. It does suffer until the midpoint of the campaign, I think, as the 1-points are lame and the only good 2-point (failsafe) is only good once the rebels are routinely doing ~5 damage per attack, but the 3 and 4 tiers are crammed with some of the best abilities you can have for offense (and the cloaking is good too). Experimental Arms is definitely hard to justify in the first few missions where you're unlikely to have many powerful units with decent surges, but after the campaign gets going it's possibly the best ability of the 3.
  11. Early on Fail Safe is iffy, but mid-late game it is incredibly good. At around the time the heroes are getting weapon upgrades, they will chew through imperial hp very fast, and trading 2 threat to cost them an extra attack is often worth it for your critical units. Interrupting to move away on their turn is icing; you can sometimes scoot around a corner or further away to frustrate their plans (or escape a second shot to finish you). Keeping that E-Web alive another turn might mean doing ~10 more damage than expected. The royal guard or nexu you saved might apply a bleed or stun at a critical moment. In a game where most of the action flexibility rests with the heroes, I find Failsafe to be incredible for giving the Imperial player flexibility of his own. Arc Blasters are also amazing; a free chance to cost the heroes an action is no joke.
  12. Losing the first mission is generally the smarter play, but I've never seen the heroes succeed at either Fly Solo or Imperial Hospitality.
  13. You can only either be focused or not be focused. There is no stacking. If you would gain focus while already focused, nothing happens at all. When you use focus (attack/attribute test) then you are no longer focused.
  14. Elite Officer is, I feel, not worth it. You need to do so much moving that a normal officer will likely be just as useful, and elite officers in general feel too expensive for what they do; if you don't have a unique character or well positioned heavy hitter they aren't worth it. The unique character on Under Siege comes too late to matter. I like bringing a Nexu. It quickly crosses the distance from the spawn, and can reach far capture points quickly. Another normal officer is also a great choice. It can get the free spawns into the fray quicker, plus it would help ensure your important units go later in the turn and thus have more opportunities to rush undefended rooms.
  15. They have a time-limit (though Last Stand's limit is quite generous), and frankly 6 threat a turn should be enough to overwhelm them if they just hang around resting. If they're running away a lot, use Nexus; they're impossible to outrun, usually take at least 2 hits to kill, and apply bleed. If the heroes play hard to get, just spawn officers/probes for extra actions and keep your beefy hitters ready near their objectives.
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