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  1. What are the attachments you run at the moment? Is Raiment of War your go-to for Wiglaf?
  2. Sorry, you replied before I could correct the typos. Yes, I meant without Steward and Test.
  3. Yes, I wasn't offering, yet you thought I was and took it rather poorly. Correct. First, sorry if I did hurt your feelings. You are doing well. And thanks for the responses. But you have to see that your experience is just one of many. I am sure there are hundreds of people who can come up with a deck that beats them all, and have probably done so. The community here is so small, it should not even be considered a sample. Again, by that I do not want to diminish your deck-building prowess. I just feel there are so many ways. I for myself do not play all the quests, but my winning ratio is similar to what you have provided. I can hardly remember losing a quest, yet alone twice in a row. That said, I see beating all the quests (even the most specific ones) without ever changing a single card is a great success. And I congratulate. Still, when I glanced through the deck, there was nothing new to what had been in such a deck years ago, perhaps safe the Harradrim and the two heroins, who certainly seem a great pick.
  4. here you go, Wiglaf straight in... what say you, one copy?
  5. Ok, not sold on Meneldor. Unique, yes, but I see three copies of the Haradrim twice there. I gather they are the pillars of sorts. One question repeated, what do you think of errata Boromir in a Deck to Rule them All?
  6. Hmm, I would not think you as someone that cannot take criticism well. I was not critiquing, just stating a bit of disappointment from the lack of innovation of the deck. In fact I said: I understand the reasoning behind it. And I read the description. It is just that I expected something a bit new. And I thought you had had more than one deck that beat all the quests before. Perhaps I am wrong, but this One Deck to Rule Them All has been flying about for years now, no? Or you mean, now that there are more quests than say two years ago, this changes? Interesting what you say about Eowyn vs. Gandalf. I think you might be right, the early +9 is priceless. On the other hand, it might even go Gandalf, Elrond, Eowyn. I had been playing Gandalf, Elrond, Glorfindel before switching to Spirit Beregond as the last hero. The deck is good, but I am sure there are quests so threat punishing (though I have not played them), that the starting 37 is too much to beat them all with such high percentage as your line-up have produced. Though I often stay at around 38 with the deck (and sometimes lower having one copy of Greeting, as you do).
  7. And yes, as the wizard says, could be interesting with traps and locations, you can always stretch the deck-building with two decks, as they do not have to do everything each.
  8. Yes, I think they would in a way do the same things: you know Damrod is great for traps and card-draw, and Haldan for card-draw, too. I imagine for Haldan to be efficient, you want at least 12 attachments for locations (only a guess), and Damrod likes to have something like 14 traps, perhaps. You can do less, naturally, but I find it cool when you can rely on having traps pretty much every round. So, I would not put those two together. I really feel like Spirit might be a good second sphere for Haldan. And maybe even Tactics because it seems Woodmen will not be great at defending.
  9. Thanks. It is good to hear the quest is manageable with so many cards from the early days. Huge congrats. Looks like a very clever deck. Now, who would you pick instead of Aragorn, in general for this deck, if you had to do another Lore hero. I never build decks with Aragorn or Frodo because of the saga.
  10. Wow, have not played a 3-player game in a while. I am mostly doing 2-player games (even alone). Tried a real solo for some twenty games the other week and was almost shocked how much easier those are in general. I know there are quests still every now and then that may be punishing for solo player, but the LotR saga (which I play predominantly) was on average so much easier solo, much more predictable. Anyway, I have never even tried Dol Guldur nightmare solo, I remember that was the quest almost impossible solo in the core set days. I think I only beat it once then. So I am sure it must be some deck to do it, even now with the card-pool.
  11. Yes, most of the options now matter only when the location is in the staging area, but that is not a problem. You use the benefits (little they may be in case of Power, etc.), and once you travel and explore, you reap the fruits of Haldan's ability. I hope we get a lot of support for this, as for now though, I think it makes Elf-stone a very good option: more so in combo with Woodmen's Path (I gather it will have 1 questing point even with the Stone). Mathom is another good candidate, even though it is off-sphere. I still feel Spirit would fit Haldan well, unlike Leadership which would provide Ranger's Provision...
  12. PS. Meneldor can come straight into your deck, replacing Trackers, for instance. I like the Trackers, quite sentimental about them, but Meneldor would feed EotMM, and be cheap with Eowyn, too.
  13. I see the reason behind this: another ultra powerful deck, but this one is far from something new, as a Gazer/Vilya deck has been floating about since 2012, and there seem to be no new tricks, beside Eowyn and Arwen being superb heroins. I feel Gandalf/Vilya could be even better, but I have not the numbers to support the argument. I appreciated more the ideas like Everything Costs 2 (felt really fresh), or even the Boromir turbo. Do you think Tactics hero Boromir can still be in a deck to rule them all after the errata?
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