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  1. Currently my playgroup (me as the Overlord vs 4 heroes) is going through this campaign as well and from playing previously I've found that winning the first Quest is a huge up swing for the Overlord (The sun's relic is very powerful on certain heroes) so it seems like you're on the right path! Good luck on future missions, just as a tip as well, it's good to stay away from the quests that give their Ally abilities. Also try and kill them as soon as possible especially if it is Serena... (Free healing is a no-no).
  2. I would like to Beta test when available; Currently I'm using a Google.doc sheet which I made myself similar to something like this to track Campaign / Wins / Exp / Skills etc. But it proves a bit inadequate since it isn't as visual as your website. Looks great so far, can't wait to try it out!
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