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  1. In my, won't admit how long, time as DM'ng I have picked up a few things. Related: One is that LordBlades is correct that mid-powered groups are the easiest to DM. A 1st-3rd level character in D&D for instance can die with a sneeze, and you have to be very careful in choosing challenges that won't accidentally TPK. At Mid range, there is plenty of things that will challenge/frighten the players, and plenty of things the players will frighten. The second part is just as important as the first: The players should be allowed to FEEL the power they are accruing(or starting with). . . and if you have a combat leaning party, that feeling of power should manifest in having combats that the players rip through with ease(not every combat mind you). And if my players min-max a shooting ship in RT, they will get the opportunity to own opposing ships with it. We all enjoy the feeling of success, and mastering the rules of the system is a means of EARNING that success. Second: As GM, it isn't my game. I am the host and referee of a social event, not a god deigning to spend time with lesser beings. My goal is for everyone to have a good time, and "Rule 0" is something that can undermine that fun. The rules are the foundation of the evening, one which the story and events are built on. Both the players and the GM will abide by them. If it is apparent that the rules are up to DM whim then that foundation becomes fluid and undependable. The player's ability to act with confidence is undermined. (which already happens to some degree since this world is so far different from their own. Modern settings are easier that way) By limiting myself to the rules (and being a bit flexible when adjudicating on behalf of the players), the players feel empowered, have more fun, and keep coming back. Set the scene, and hands off. If the players kill the big bad in one hit, so be it. (though I may delay the moment of death in order to get all the players an attack; minor fudge they tend to not notice and enjoy more) Many times I have witnessed GMs who didn't realize the only reason the players were having fun was because they were hanging out with friends, and that they were hindering more than helping. Gauging how well the GM is doing can be quite difficult with social games, as friends hanging out will tend to have fun regardless. To bring it back to ship creation: In the 2 games I recently started running(one already going, the other soon to start), Players go through the Warrant & Origin Path for storyline background. .. but PF is fixed at 20, SP at 70, and whatever isn't spent on the ship goes to PF. This allows them the most freedom (both story and gear wise), without the randomness of the Core's system, or the min/maxy of the ItS setup. Max out SP and start with low PF? Peachy, the players get some fun space combats, but hope they didn't choose to be armed with torpedoes. Opposite? Peachy, they will run from space combat for awhile, but . . . etc. etc. etc. . . Teleportarium is a complication though. I'll probably leave it with the once per major encounter thing. If the players choose to have something they only use once in a while that is on them. . . Whenever I've theorycrafted a ship for play (I'm always the GM in RT, so sad ), I've typically gone for the small cheap ship and kitted her out to the nines, figured survival in space trumped all other concerns. Recently however I have been attracted more to the idea of a half-mothballed cruiser+ sized ship which is barely equipped. . . like an Overlord with 2 guns and a couple supplemental components. Not effective in pretty much any way, but would go well with the theme of rebuilding a near ruined House. Call her the House of Usher or some such
  2. Assuming "GS Main Cargo Hold" means a Good Craftmanship hold, with a reduction to the space it takes up, then yes this would work in an Orion. Looks like it comes in at 35 SP as well. . . Be wary with it though. The Bilge Rat and the 3 Luxury Quarters combine to a -12 to Morale. . . you will be capping at 88% and lose an additional 1 due to the life sustainers with every morale loss. This is a ship that runs, and runs well. If all the compartments are taken advantage of that would be a +550 to each trade endeavor. . . just don't get shot
  3. You can't have more than one Hold Landing Bay, it must be installed in the pre-equipped Main Cargo Hold of a Transport. Ignoring that, the Orion ran out of space after the second Luxury Passenger Quarters, and it has more space than the other two ships mentioned. An interesting idea though. Following a similar line of thought with an Orion: (with 1 archeotech from Planet-Bound, or Warrant Origin choices) Modified Lathe Drive; Miloslav Warp Engine; Gellar Field; Single Void; Commerce Bridge, Vitae Life Sustainer, Bilge Rat quarters, M-100; Main Cargo Hold, Luxury Passenger, Munitorium, Observation Dome, Temple-Shrine, Sunsear Laser Batteries x2 With Planet Bound I'm guessing replace the Temple-Shrine with a Teleportarium. A fair amount of bonus Achievement points, a fairly decent punch at a range, coming in at 35 SP
  4. Updated the map. Posted to the Fan Art section: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/174949-unlabeled-koronus-map/
  5. In another thread an unlabeled map of the Koronus Expanse was asked for; luckily I had been working on one at the time and posted the WIP version. . . I'm calling it done, for those interested: http://halffast.dscloud.mobi:5000/fbsharing/e8dBnHWs Variations, Hex Grided and labeled. http://halffast.DSCloud.mobi:5000/fbsharing/1pcecMJq More printer friendly versions: http://halffast.DSCloud.mobi:5000/fbsharing/kxUnNN3y To create these I pulled from all the maps I could find, including SketchesOfPayne's version. The Battlefield was moved to the center of The Maw as described in the adventure "Into The Maw". The other Stations of Passage got a bit scrambled as a result, but seem by-and-large to have an acceptable location. Strictly speaking the Witch-Cursed World doesn't have a star, but I put one there anyway more as a Game Design thing to point players to be able to find it. . . That Black Hole in the Accursed Demesne is pure whim on my part. While digging for descriptions, someone described Kain's Abyss as a stellar nursery. . . didn't make much sense but what the hell. Another description made it out to be some sort of dark rift, so I wound up adding that too. . . figure the Rift made more sense. . . To quantify the distances more clearly in both my mind and the player, I'm working through some home brew rules for Warp Navigation (likely based heavily on Errant Knight's). This is why those Hex grids have been implemented in the variations Most of these systems I had no idea what they were, let alone what color star they should be, so the star colors are mostly random. I'm certainly open to tweaking those, so any colors that should be changed to better represent the Expanse feel free to chime in. Detail wise I think everything significant is in place, but if I missed/misspelled anything I'd love to hear about it.
  6. I had to make my own. . . still working on it frankly. http://halffast.DSCloud.mobi:5000/fbsharing/e8dBnHWs Quite a bit of detail and cleanup left to do. . . but it's reasonably good enough to use. JFlannery
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