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  1. Hello, Forgive me if there is a better place to post this. I just got this game and I am looking for anyone around the Sacramento area who wants to get a game in? Thanks,
  2. Thanks for your comments. I went ahead an bought it becuase like was mentioned above 40 bucks for those ships seems like a good enough deal, even if I don't use the 3rd Victory Star Destroyer a lot.
  3. Hello All, So I bought the Armada Starter when it came out and have played a few games with it, but didn’t want to buy a second because I am planning on buying all of the ships once wave 1 comes out because of the additional cards. I see that CoolStuffInc has the starter on a one day sale today for cheap and I was wondering do you think, because I am planning on buying all of wave 1 anyway, that a second box would be a waste? I was going to pick up an additional range ruler and more dice, but if I get a starter I won’t need to so some additional savings there. For people who have played more games or larger point games do you see a point when you would run 3 Victory Star Destroyers or 3 of either of the Rebel ships at 300 points? Thanks for any help you can provide,
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