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  1. "You should try reading Desslok's OP again before complaining. He clearly states he knows it's a single item." I did read his OP... It really was not hard at all to walk in and ask for the Force Awakens beginner box. You both must have game stores run by idiots. The guy running mine knew exactly which one because i asked for the Force Awakens... not sure where your preceived confusion comes from on asking for the game... And my problem was with the title being: "Having a 4th product line sucks." FFG stated it would not be followed by a new line, which means it isn't a new line. Hell, it uses everything from the previous lines, only adding stats for the new stuff. I get that it's "separate", but not by much. And for $30, it's worth it alone for the dice, stats, and that sweet map.
  2. People need to stop whining about it. You don't like it, don't buy it. Why is that so difficult to understand? No one is walking you to your local gamestop and forcing you to purchase it. For FFG, it's is a great way to get new players to pick it up after watching the movie, maybe hooking them in to buying the other books. That's all, it's not a conspiracy to get your money. $30 doesn't break the bank, it's worth it for the dice, galaxy map, and stats for Phasma and others. A no brainer purchase for me.
  3. You should try reading the description on the FFG website before complaining. Clearly states it won't be followed by a line of books. However, I wouldn't mind getting some source books based on the state of the galaxy with the new movies. They give some basic info in the new beginner box, but it's only a few pages worth.
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