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  1. So to bring this back to the original question: Should accuracy dice count when attacking a named squadron?. I currently vote yes. Without the risk of an accuracy dice taking scatter put of play howlrunner simply is OP and Luke with his five hp and two brace can survive a great deal of attack runs against a gang of TIEs. The defense tokens and an extra depth to the named squadrons that makes going after them as much of a risk for the attacker as the lose of points is a risk for the defender. Just my two cents.
  2. I have been struggling between Rebels or Empire and right now I am only leaning towards Empire because the guy I play with the most is leaning towards the Rebels. I think people under estimate the TIEs when paired with Howlrunner. 4 blues and 1 reroll...can't beat that.
  3. What we need is a laser pointer setup on a base that can be used to measure for ranges. It is a real pain to measure through a bunch of squadrons.
  4. Ended up still getting it from Amazon. For only 7 dollars more you can't beat two day shipping. Now I will say Cool Stuff Inc does have the best prices on Wave 1 pre-orders.
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