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  1. Just checked IA app and they have 2 simple features that made me super mad that d2e doesn't have: -save&exit -restart current mission Tbh exit without saving should be there too but this can be done by killing the app process. At current stage in d2e if you defeat a boss by misclicking or not understanding his ability or something and end turn then your whole campaign is ruined. Unless I'm missin something
  2. Still no save feature. Auto-save doesnt work in many cases for example if you mess up a rule and want to restart the mission.
  3. Worst quest I ever played. I just gave up (2+ hours of fast play). No visible progress made us get gave up as I actually though it was bugged. Many monsters got stuck on the highround as they cant use the ladder which was just ugh.
  4. The most important update would be a nice, normal save feature. Not this bs we have now.
  5. I mean it was said by that dude who leaked the end of 2ed that they will keep selling 2ed for as long as they can. So reprints don't prove him wrong. Why people keep using this argument?
  6. Well there's always games like Sword & Sorcery to check out.
  7. Ikr? They should create a camapaign or a mini campaing for each boxed expansion and just continue to reprint and sell their existing line. And they really should implement a better save/load feature.
  8. RIP Descent 2ed. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1805223/fate-descent-2nd-edition/page/1 The post seems legit. I'm so annoyed, wanted to actually go into Runewars but not anymore. Enough of FFG for me.
  9. Yeah feels really disheartening to paint those miniatures when you feel like a reset is lurking.
  10. I'm getting kinda scared though. No news for such a long time. I check the "news" section daily and nothing new. If they do a 3rd ed and keep overlord I hope they can balance the missions better (or balance them at all).
  11. Thanks! Somehow forgot to check bgg.
  12. Anyone knows what actually changed?
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